Roll For Wenches
Roll For Wenches
Roll For Wenches
A DnD podcast currently running our motley group of characters through the Rage of Demons storyline.
Episode 82: The Gallery Of Angels
The wenches get some angel feathers.
Mar 13, 2020
57 min
Episode 81: Big Boi Battle
The wenches deal with a behir. **yes, polymorph is only for beasts but whatever. we're breaking rules in the name of having a good time**
Feb 14, 2020
43 min
Episode 80: Gash
The wenches civilize a gnoll.  Stealth update. Game mom has no discernable schedule anymore.
Jan 31, 2020
58 min
Episode 79: Giant Hut
The wenches are not Temperance Brennan.
Dec 20, 2019
49 min
Episode 78: The one with the Beholder Fight
The wenches murder a beholder.
Dec 6, 2019
51 min
Episodes 77: Eggs
A new and different egg means Maria wants to eat it.
Nov 15, 2019
41 min
Episode 76: Overground Foodies
The wenches tell a little white lie.
Nov 1, 2019
36 min
Episode 75: Lizardmen
The wenches don't want to be eaten.
Oct 4, 2019
34 min
Episode 74: Into the Wormwrithings
The wenches go on a fetch quest. 
Sep 20, 2019
1 hr 2 min
Episode 73: Vizeran DeVir
The wenches find an adultier adult.
Sep 6, 2019
24 min
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