Rock's Backpages
Rock's Backpages
Mark Pringle, Barney Hoskyns, Jasper Murison-Bowie
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They are all vastly informative and entertaining.
All topics discussed come from a wide variety of popular music and the hosts are informed in giving their opinions, if not already informed through first-hand experience and/or memory. Sensitive, thought-provoking discourse on the subjective nature of music, culture, and taste. They value writers and critics whose work has influenced other writers and critics with respect to writing style and personality— more so than writers who sought to uncover objective truth (and those writers are still seeking, the ones still alive anyhow). A must-listen for aspiring musicologists and music journalists.
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Kevin A. Jones
Very informative and fun!!
A podcast any fan of music should listen to!!
Wait Asec
Learn so much
It's like an education on rock, through the ages (starting around 1956). Barney, Mark, and young fellow Jasper, and their various FANTASTIC guests go into spontaneous but remarkably erudite (for rock) discussions about all the stars across popular music who touched or crossed paths or who were squarely the movers of rock through the ages. They remind us that rock journalism was once a relevant activity that helped congeal a culture of musical appreciation largely a thing of the past, sadly, today. So if you want know who did what, who wrote what, and what today's popular music means, or doesn't, from within a context of the overall genre of rock and its various popular music influences, from R&B, Soul, Jazz, and everything else, then the RBP Podcast will leave you wonderfully fulfilled, educated, and perhaps left with a hope that the future will learn from the past, and modern music will once again be a force for thoughtful change in attitudes and a relevant commentary on society, and not just a place only for three artists to make money. Well, check it out, and see what you think.
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BIG ups
Has slowly turned into a can't miss, note especially the Joy Div episode with Jon Savage, whose book earns the word definitive even though there's not such thing. Hearing all the great JD records again with new ears. TR
A Deep Dive Into Joy Division
RBP's Hoskyns & Pringle and author Jon Savage have created a podcast about the history and legacy of Joy Division that I found both enlightening and entertaining. Their discussion is not without humor, despite the band's tragic denouement, and Savage brings acute insight to the group's evolution (which he witnessed first-hand) and its lasting legacy. This was my first RBP podcast and I certainly will tune in for more.
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Andy In Brooklyn Heights
A well-informed music podcast
Mark and Barney are engaging and well-informed hosts. I enjoyed their back-and-forth about the annals of rock’s history, particularly their thoughts on Radiohead. Their distinct opinions provide a balanced take on each artist. Highly recommend for all music fans, past and present.
John Mendelsohn + podcast
Quite a wonderful discussion about the "glory days" of rock criticism, and how time heals most wounds.
Mark Leviton