Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon
Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon
Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon
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Rockin w/Mitch Lafon is a good day
Welcome back Donnie Vie to the show. This was a fun interview because Donnie seems very content, happy and positive about himself today and the future. The music world needs more Donnie Vie music and he has certainly written enough songs to describe him as a genius.
Califas Tejano
Mitch is a hypocritical, two faced bald midget.
John E Light
Mitch Rocks Rock Talk!
Every episode is full of something cool. In fact, some of my favorite interviews were with artists I wasn’t a fan of. Mitch interviews all the players - not just the bands, but the producers, the managers, the writer, as well as the bands. In fact, it’s thanks to Mitch that I have become a fan of some of his guests. Take Mitch’s wherever you go! Mitch rocks Rock Talk!
Getting Us Through The ‘Rona!!!
At the onset of the global pandemic, Mitch hinted, with much frustration and what sounded like a major case of burnout, that he was gonna slow down with his podcasts! As Coronavirus put a halt to the world, Mitch has actually upped his output and the quality of his podcasts and guests (already a high bar) have increased greatly! Thanks so much for keeping us entertained during these crazy times, Mitch!
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Is anyone a better interviewer?
If you’ve not listened to Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, please scroll through his huge catalog of work & try one! He is the BEST interviewer that I’ve ever listened to...Just No One better! He can get information just by asking the question that gets the response which gets the listener on-board. He makes me curious if not flat out interested in whatever guest he’s featuring. First Rate!!
Mitch is the Man!
This Clevelander has been listening to many of Mitch’s podcasts lately. This would’ve happened without the current world situation. What I like about this podcast are the random guests Mitch has on. I may have assumed he was more pigeoned holed, but as I scrolled through his episodes I saw a nice diverse list of guests. The John Colla & Jon Farris episodes were two recent favorites that I checked out. And hearing Brian Wheat OG Tesla just now was great to hear! I usually tweet Mitch a nugget of info from the episode I recently listen to under @17kandles LoL
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Forget Eddie Trunk
Mitch asks really well researched and insightful questions, and importantly doesn’t interrupt the people he’s interviewing. Love technical depth he gets into without getting boring. Not to put down Trunk, but wish he wouldn’t make it all about him.
Love The Show
Mitch always has wonderful guests and his interviews are enjoyable. I love any podcast that deals with rock music and this one is always a great listen.
Good interviewer
Mitch does good interviews. And he wins bonus points for his lack of obnoxious demeanor which seems to be problemmatic for other rock podcasters.
Cldye's dad
Great stuff here!
Mitch loves music and loves interviewing people who love music. Don’t let any reviews sway you otherwise. Mitch talks to the here and now and the then and when and treats them all with the same love and respect. He’s top notch and so are the interviews. Even if you don’t know the band there’s always a good insight into the industry. Thanks Mitch for all you do.
Finn or Frame
Don’t waste your time.
Boring podcast with a vanilla host. He only asks the more generic questions that most fans know about. Such a boring and safe podcast that leans to heavily on the fake poser rock and hair metal.
Great guests, horrible interviewer
Mitch might very well be the worst interviewer I’ve ever heard. He interrupts his guests, doesn’t seem to listen to them or brushes off what they are have just said and moves on to the next topic, he stumbles over his words, and seems to have extremely poor conversational ability overall. He comes off more like an overexcited & whiny star struck fan boy than a professional. He also starts almost every question with “talk to be about this” or “talk to me about that” which I find incredibly annoying. However, he does manage to get great guests on this show and has good knowledge on his guests and seems somewhat prepared which I appreciate. Overall, I would say that there are much better / more listenable rock music podcasts out there.
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Mitch Rocks!
I first heard Mitch on Three Sides Of The Coin. When he left I sought out his interviews and have been enjoying them ever since. He is also very attentive to his listeners. I’ve had questions for him from time to time and he ALWAYS gets back to me in a timely and thorough fashion. I hope to get to Montreal soon to meet and buy him a beer. Long may you run, Mitch Lafon.
John from Wyncote, PA
Mitch is great!
I have been listenting to Mitch for years and he never disappoints! Great interviewer with a unique connection to the artist that show's in the conversations they have. Do yourself a solid and add this to your favorites and listen weekly.
The best rock podcast!
Mitch is at his core a fan of rock and metal and that comes across in his interviews. Very knowledgeable and gets his great lineup of guests to give you insights into their past, present and future in a way only a true fan of the genre can do. Rock on!
C'est bon! Magnifique!
Mitch is a fantastic interviewer and approaches each interview with great knowledge and passion. His interviews are also very timely with artists who have new music to promote. His latest interview with Michael Schenker is probably the best interview I've ever heard with Michael. If you care about rock music, this show is a must listen for you. Even if you are not familiar with the artist or are a fan of their music, Mitch makes it interesting and may pique your interest in that artist. Give him a listen!
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Okay, now I almost like Mondays
I look forward to this podcast every Monday. Mitch's interviews are always interesting and I appreciate the way it makes my Monday morning commute to work a little less depressing. I listen to the podcat on my way to work, then I work on a playlist for my commute home based on the conversations. Thanks to Mitch for the continued good work!
Chuck Elhead
On a Roll
You never stop my friend - slam dunk after slam dunk - look forward to many more - CHEERS - 'The Mooger Fooger'
The Mooger Fooger
Love it 🤘
Great diverse guests and topics. Mitch has relationships with tons of music folks. Also Mitch always responds to twitter questions.
kudos mitch
one of my fav podcasts, you keep it professional unlike some of the others i follow that waste half the podcast with inside jokes that we dont understand . nice job mitch
The Best, Bar none
If their is a better rock journalist, let me know who it is. Mitch asks the questions you want the answers to from your favorite artists. If you are like me, someone born in the 70's and a fan of great melodic rock. Mitch is without a doubt your go to guy for the best interviews and rock news. I am not a fan of artists who don't feel the need to continue to make new music. My favorite aspect of Mitch's show is he puts a heavy emphasis on that. Mitch also makes himself very accesible on social media. You never get the impression he is full of himself like some of his peers. Numerous times I have interacted with Mitch discussing opinions on various topics. Like I said, the best BAR NONE!!
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Michael Street Charlotte, NC
It's Good
When Mitch gets cooking on an interview it's great. The news stuff with the guy from Firehouse is OK but the This Day in Rock/This Day in Metal from a recent episode seemed misplaced. Mostly, I just want to hear Mitch get into an interview. Two voices, one show. The rest can go. Wish it were on more than once a week.
Love Mitch,Great interviews and he is not afraid too ask the tough questions keep up the good work brother!!!
Marc Alden Taylor
Who Is This Guy?
If you love super long interviews with people no one has ever heard of, then this is the show for you. Production value is poor, get ready to ride the volume control as the show goes from soft to load to softer to load again. Sorry Chris, I tried, wanna like all the Jericho shows but this one is not for me.
Very informative!
Mitch Lafon is a class act. This is evident with his podcast "Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon". He always has excellent guests and while he treats each guest with respect, he is not afraid to ask tougher questions. These questions are not in an ambush sort of way, but in a "just wanted to set the record straight and it's all good" kind of way. I recommend this podcast. One of the best around!
I'm really trying to like this podcast
...and I should, because Mitch Lafon interviews tons of cool artists, especially those who weren't given much of the spotlight. Overall he does a very good job interviewing the artists; but there's a couple of things that stick in my side when I listen to this podcast. First, he needs to get the names of the bands correct. If you're talking to someone about their band, you can't screw up the name of the band; that's just bad journalism. Also, if you're talking about an artist who went solo and you mention his/her former band, know what band it is. It's the age of the internet, it's not hard to find out where they came from. Second, he needs to learn the correct pronunciation of the band/artist/band members he's talking to; and when he's corrected by that person, he needs to correct himself. It's high arrogance to keep mispronouncing someone's name after you've been corrected by that person, or a person who's been in a band with them for 10+ years, or someone who has produced one of their albums. If you're trying to help an artist get a little more of the spotlight, it's an incredible disservice to provide incorrect info about them. There's lots to like in this series, but there's no two ways about it: Mitch Lafon needs to do a little more homework before his interviews.
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T after D
Mitch RULES the ROCKwaves !! Great in-depth interviews with awsome new bands to ROCK Gods! All entertaining and chock full of Rock 'n Roll stories, rumors and tall tales. ~TOP NOTCH! :)
Jim Koch Design
Another great Jericho network hit
As a huge rock fan, this kind of inside interviews is just what the doctor ordered. Two episodes in and I'm hooked. Ready for next Monday ready
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