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Chatting with producer Chuck Alkazian
47 minutes Posted Jul 5, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
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By Vlad, Rock At Night Detroit
Interview: Music Producer Chuck Alkazian of Pearl Sound Studios--Metro Detroit
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In some ways, producer Chuck Alkazian is like the “Zelig” of modern day music in Metro Detroit, having worked with a wide array of artists and genres spanning Soundgarden, Pop Evil, Eminem, Madonna, and even techno legend Derrick May. But he’s no anonymous background figure—he’s built many relationships by personally understanding and motivating each of his clients, both famous and inspiring.
Rock At Night had the opportunity recently to chat with Alkazian, who regaled us with his philosophy on production (hint: It’s the song that matters) and entertaining stories of artists and friendships that endure as long as the memorable sonic moments he’s conjured in the studio.
Join us for a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation.
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