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This show is awesome. I started listening to this show in early 2021. This show has turned me onto many bands including, Starz, Angel, Piper, Trigger & Thin Lizzy to name a few. Thanks BJ for that.
Great podcast - Please come back
One of my favorite music podcasts. So much great music in past episodes. I recommend checking out any episodes available... Pagliaro, power pop, Cheap Trick, Soul Asylum, Wildhearts, so many more. BJ is incredibly knowledgeable about the music he is passionate about and makes for a great time listening with some laughs
One of my favorites
Learned about so much good music from this show. Please come back
An Opinion
I feel like BJ is one of the hardest working podcasters out there. He does a lot of research and brings up things that I haven’t even heard of before. Sure I don’t agree with all of his opinions or musical taste, but every time listen I learn something new. Thanks for making a rockin’ podcast.
Anonymous guy with an opinion
The pretentiousness of the host and co-host on the Limp Bizkit episode is nauseating. People like different music, so many shots taken at other bands. Music hipsterism is passé, it was popular in the early 00s, do better.
Just started listening to your podcast. I’m 64 year old woman who runs and takes me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing!!! Great running music 🎶
Greet Pod!
BJ does a great job. This podcast has introduced me to a ton of good music I never would have come across otherwise. Lots of cool info from BJ too. The guy does his homework.
Great podcast with diverse topics!
I loved the Motley Crue series! Perfect timing with the release of The Dirt. I’m a big fan of the Crue but can appreciate all the opinions! So many other awesome bands covered in this podcast! If you’re any kind of a rock and roll fan this is for you! Keep up the amazing work!
If you Love music , this is the place to be
BJ not only puts together a podcast but research, fact checking and being fair and having an opinion that he can back up with reasons why he has this opinion. Goes in deep with bands that people have heard or maybe something under the radar, all episodes are worth consideration if Rock music is something that is part of your DNA. Especially love the album retrospectives and AOR ok , and of course the worst of....
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Terry Means
Rock and or Roll Rulz
I know I just used “Rulz” but really BJ’s knowledge on the source is spectacular even if he is a little dry at times. The trips through the music are some of the best I have come across and he never seems to have me beat which means I alway get a few new things to listen too. Great job looking forward to listening to more!!!
fan for a few years
Been listening to RAOR for a few years now, really enjoy BJ and his love for music.
My Favorite Music Podcast
I particularly loved the Kinks, Stiff Little Fingers, Hootie and the Blowfish, and the whole Iron Maiden series - not to mention the music from 80s films. BJ knows music and his podcasts are amazing. He got me into Cheap Trick, Crowded House, now Steve Earle. An excellent podcast with cool music, great guests and real discussion about music and songs.
One of the best - a Must Listen for any Music Lover@
I am a longtime listener of this show and I HIGHLY recommend this show. If you've got a real love of rock & pop music, this is the show to tune into. Deep dives on all kinds of bands and songs, subjects and topics all relating to the music we love. It's not slick & over-produced, no annoying chatter, just a serious music fan sharing his music collection & deep knowledge with music fans like us. I listen to quite a few music-related podcasts, and this is probably my favorite show. In fact, it inspired me to start my own podcast. Check out the show, listen to multiple episodes, you'll love it.
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I Love This Podcast!!
I am a regular listener. I enjoy it, and I think BJ works very hard to bring this podcast to his listeners. He has introduced me to quite a few "new" bands that have been fun to find more from, and his deep dive podcasts are often fun and informative. Keep it up!!
Mark Putnam
Deep knowledge of Rock and or Roll
I recently found this podcast by doing a search for Motley Crue. I was pleased to see that BJ did a deep dive into the bands history and Discography. I am 48 years and Motley is one of my favorite bands based on a handful of albums and some great material. But I have also been annoyed with some of the bands music. While there was some harsh commentary, most of it was warranted in my opinion. This series got me to go back and listen to about 20 older episodes. I have been impressed with BJ’s deep musical interests. He brings on good guests who also have deep musical influences. Keep up the good work dude. Your pod is great!!
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Walter 1971
Zero music knowledge and terrible audio quality
Just discovered this great podcast
Been listening to some of the old eps on Van Halen, Kiss, grunge, hair metal, power pop, Def Leppard. Loving everything I’ve heard so far. Any chance of an album by album review of the Judas Priest discography?
I came here for the goo Goo Dolls episode
It was a pleasure to hear people talking about the early records with such love. I’m so shocked at the lackluster response to SuperStar Car Wash and A Boy Named Goo. I think SSCW was definitely their peak and We Are The Normal is incredible. Can’t believe you guys think Two Days In February is more honest and emotional than name. To each their own but there is a reason so many people connected with the song lol it’s a masterpiece. Totally disagree, for me the band gets better and better and I embrace they want to evolve and do new things. But also respect some people want the same old, same old, personally the first 3 records don’t do much for me but glad you guys gave the bad some attention.
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James Tillotson
The finest of all the music podcasts!
I have come to believe that Rock and/or Roll is the best place to reminisce with the music from my youth. BJ has eclectic tastes, a wealth of knowledge and at times shocking opinions that shake the foundations of my fandom. Who else can do an equally fine job with John Prine and Motley Crue? No one! I hope some day he tackles the career of Dylan.
Zach the kILllEr 5000
Top Drawer!
Just discovered you have your own podcast (after hearing you on the Cheap Trick pod)- very happy I did. Great stuff- I feel your admiration of both 80’s pop metal and power pop lines up with my own. But, was the “The Hunter” not in your Dokken top 10!? Best pre-chorus and guitar solo in their discography. Cheers!
J Fortè
One of the biggest music gurus.
BJ does a stellar job covering just about every aspect of Rock and/or Roll music. No sub-genre lays unturned as he breaks down and informs us about many facts we never new. And his music collection seems to have no limit by having a huge variety including unreleased tracks and demos. This guy knows his stuff and there is something here for everyone. Keep up the great work👍🏻
This is it!
The quintessential podcast for music geeks. This guy goes deep and knows his stuff. So many great episodes. Great mix of music and talk.
Podcast for (good) music lovers
Episode 137 - 1969 is what got me hooked. BJ has great taste and opened my eyes to a bunch of lesser known tunes. Great podcast!
Great Show!
Great Show with lots of minutiae behind the songs. BJ connects about artists you love, reminds you of ones you loved, and introduces you to ones that flew under your radar.
This is not a Podcast. It's a GOD CAST!
I love this show. It makes me all giddy and happy. Thank you DJ for giving me the fix - Dr.Fukkalicious
Black Sabbath Rules
Awesome, informative, fun, all of the above
You could'nt get a more informative podcast when it comes to Rock and (or) Roll BJ is a rock and Roll book of knowledge thank you
ROCK 101 because face it, most of you need it. As a lifelong musicologist, I feel that I always know more than most but I always learn a thing or 12 on EVERY episode of Rock And/Or Roll. My hat is off and I am barely worthy sir.
I want his record collection....
on second thought, I'd have to add on to my house! So knowledgable on all types rock.
Great Show!
Dennis Talbott
Great stuff
Love this show. Listen to every episode as soon as it's released!!
Love from Talk Toomey
Rock and/or Roll is great. Check it out!!!
Tallk Toomey
Definately not a lemon!
Great show, very entertaining, all over the place, and love it!
Great show!
BJ has a great show going here. I look forward to seeing what the next topic will be. And that T Rex episode was awesome!
D.L. Dustin
Love this show! A+ from me...
Fantastic Deep Dive Into Music!
Incredibly in-depth, well-researched show that gets into the nuts and bolts of how it all works. And don't forget the No Shame episodes. Lots of entertainment!
Decibel Geek
this guy knows his music and plays good stuff c u at rock n pod
BJ is the MAN!!!!!! You MUST give this podcast a try!
Man...I thought I knew a lot about music, but BJ puts me to shame. He is a TRUE MUSIC historian. I am getting my music education thru every episode. The No shame episodes are really cool and my favorites. The other refreshing thing is that BJ isn't afraid to share his REAL opinion. Give this podcast a try! What are you waiting for? Keep up the great work! Sonny Pooni
My Favorite BJ!!!!
Great topics, great host and great guest co-hosts!!! Especially those guys from The Rock & Metal Combat Podcast!!! 5 stars 2 thumbs up!!!
Great show!
Wonderful podcast! The "Reluctant Host" has an incredible knowledge of music and provides plenty of educational information. I especially enjoyed his multi-part Def Leppard series. Also, one of his favorite bands is Cheap Trick--sweet!
If you want a lot of content then subscribe
The host puts a lot of content and you do end up learning something. Sometimes there is a podcast (Unchained Melody) that can have too much content but there are mutiple ways provided to contact the host.
Deluxe Legend
My Favorite Music Podcast
The extent of BJ's Rock music knowledge is amazing. He covers it all. Hard Rock, Power Pop, Classic Rock, AOR. His episodes might focus on a genre, a time period or maybe a specific band. I especially like when he rates the albums of a featured artist. He plays a lot of songs but also offers up so much history and so many facts. It's really great and I can't recommend it highly enough!
This show is fantastic!
If the idea of a great song gets you excited, you're gonna love this show. If you appreciate the craft of songwriting, you're gonna love this show. If you can appreciate some big dumb rock 'n' roll, you're gonna love this show. If you like a good story or a strong opinion you're going to love this show. If you miss your old friend with the great record collection, you're going to love this show.
A smart and humble take on many avenues of rock and roll. It always makes me reconsider records I would have passed over in the used bins.
listening in the car
Deep Cuts
BJ is spot on with all these differently themed shows. His personal stories that weave into the band or era that he is talking about adds another layer of interest. He definetely knows his stuff!
The Music podcast you're looking for
If you've been scouring the internet for the perfect music podcast you can stop now. You will get different types of music and interesting topics all given to you by the great BJ Kramp.
American Kankles
The Best Music Podcast out there
The Def Leppard and Iron Maiden series were outstanding !
I love this podcast. He takes you back to a time when music wasn't instantly available at the click of a mouse. You used to have to listen to the radio, go out to live shows or try to find records at the record store. Since music wasn't so easily accessible, there were tons of awesome bands and songs that didn't reach the mainstream popularity and get the recognition they deserved. A lot of those bands aren't around anymore and you still can't easily get access to their music. This podcast lets you listen to some of that great music that otherwise would be lost forever if people like BJ weren't playing them for us. In addition, he also goes through albums of some great popular bands that we all know, but probably only for their main hits that are played on the radio. I like episodes these because they open your eyes (and ears) to the fact that these artists have so many more awesome songs besides the ones you hear on the radio. I've listened to a ton of episodes over the past year or so and I don't think he's played a song I didn't like.
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So Good It’s Overwhelming
Every episode is so packed with great music and information, it’s overwhelming to take it all in in one sitting. I have to listen with a notebook handy.
Just discovered
Great podcast all around--the music and the host. Adding it to my rotation.
Highly Rated - The Podcast your Mother warned you about
Ken Mills from The PodKISSt/Zilch Monkees Podcast & Cheap Talk here. BJ does the show he always wanted to hear. Full of facts and passion, "Rock and/or roll" is a podcast made for people who love music. Even on topics I am not sure I would get into, somehow BJ delivers shares and educates. Highly Recommended. His other shows he hosts are worth checking out as well. PODKISST APPROVED!
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