Robert Cabral's Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast
Robert Cabral's Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast
Robert Cabral
Canine Conversations tackles just about everything dog related: dog training, dog health, owning a dog, dog behavior problems, competitive dog sports, what to feed, rescue dogs, shelter dogs, talks with other dog lovers and so much more. Hosted by Robert Cabral, master trainer and behavior specialist. Robert has trained and worked with thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels at shelters throughout the US. He has also trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs worked with countless family dogs with clients and has shown dogs in AKC, IPO, Mondio Ring - covering obedience, protection, conformation and more.
Episode 63 - Multiple Dogs in Your House
If you're thinking of adding another dog to your household or having issues with the dogs in your house, this podcast is for you. Brought to you by my friends at Visionary Pet Food: Use this link for a discount off of your purchase:
Nov 12
30 min
Episode 62 - Words We Choose
How is our communication and what comes from it?  This relates to our interaction with dogs and with people as well.  A bit of a different podcast to start with, but it will all make sense - Just listen along!
Oct 29
28 min
Episode 61 - Conversation with Belgian Malinois Breeder Tasha Mesina
The Belgian Malinois is one of the most magnificent breeds that is often misunderstood.  This podcast addresses some of the most common questions and is a great conversation with a good friend of mine.  I think you'll enjoy and gain some great info in this podcast!
Oct 15
45 min
Episode 60 - The Best Worst Pet
I had a pet bird for over 30 years, a decision I regret every day...  Why?  Why did I find it so cruel?  What did I learn from my mistake that I think is so important to share with you?  I hope you'll listen to this podcast and come away with a better understanding of what being a responsible person to your pet means.
Oct 1
32 min
Episode 59 - Caring for Older Dogs LIVE
Caring for senior dogs is a privilege and in this episode I talk about many of the considerations. This episode was recorded LIVE from a youtube LIVE Video. for all the best online dog training lessons.
Sep 18
34 min
Episode 58 - Online Puppy Scam
Buying a puppy online is generally not a good idea.  There's a host of reasons why and I address them in this podcast.  Also, there are several scams that are commonplace and you should know about them.
Sep 3
29 min
Episode 57 - Why Don't People Train Their Dogs
It's a fact that most people never even do ONE training class with their dog, yet expect the dog to know what they want or understand what they are asking.  In this podcast I address what I think are the reasons for this dilemma.
Aug 20
36 min
Episode 56 - Doing Right Isn't Always Easy
Putting a dog down for aggression is a tough choice, especially if it never did harm to you.  in this episode I tackle the tough choice to do the right thing in putting a dangerous dog down.  This comes in response to an email that I received from a viewer.
Aug 6
35 min
Episode 55 - Getting the Right Dog for YOU
The decision to get a dog is not an easy one and it should be taken very seriously.  In this podcast I talk about some things to consider when getting a dog.  When is it right to get a rescue, a puppy, an adult dog.  What are you up against?  Make this decision carefully...  You're in it for about 10 years.
Jul 24
42 min
Episode 54 - Saving Shelter Dogs and Bound Angels
There are countless thousands of dogs killed in our nations shelters every year,  In this podcast I address what I've seen, executed and learned from working in animal shelters with dogs over the last 12 + years.  My experience is quite unique in that I've taught canine behavior from an unbiased, balanced training approach and saw the results first hand. I've helped large animal control agencies and small shelters move toward higher placement and lower killing.  This is BOUND ANGELS!
Jul 17
39 min
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