Rob Has a Podcast | Survivor / Big Brother / Amazing Race - RHAP
Rob Has a Podcast | Survivor / Big Brother / Amazing Race - RHAP
Survivor, podcaster and creator of RHAP, Rob Cesternino
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Sell out
Rob, great podcast….But I’m sure you recognize how lame and cringy that show is now…serious question, when did you turn into a lame Howard stern?
sean ryan Q
My everyday companion
Love the amount of content that Rob and the gang put out. A great balance of lighthearted and thoughtful! The entire RHAP and Post Show Recap umbrella is fabulous and the perfect companion to any television viewing experience. Keep up the great work, Rob-io!
Special Forces Worlds Toughest Task
Best Special Forces Podcast around but the best team.
Favorite podcast - Amaze-balls
Rob puts eliminated contestants at ease. His analysis with former players is intellectual and entertaining - GREAT lineup of guests every season. I'm also a big Nicole fan. Thanks Rob & Nicole!
Get Thee to a Punnery
Rob never misses!!
Genuinely single every podcast is witty, intelligent, and hilarious, without fail! Rob is the best podcaster in the game and the empire he has created is incomparable!
The Real Love Boat
Hoping that The Real Love Boat gets a season 2 so that this podcast continues! I love the RHAP survivor coverage, but The Real Love Boat really is this podcast network’s finest work; I spend an hour laughing so hard while listening each week.
Best Podcast network
Amazing coverage of my favorite shows and RANNAP is genius.
Stan Leearry King
Love this podcast
Scott Porter was an excellent guest. It would be great if Jeff Probst listened to his Survivor ideas. I agree completely.
Rob as a host
It baffles me how Rob is the host. All I ever hear him say is Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Like he doesn’t even listen to the others on the pod or he’s busy doing something else so that’s his response.
The Real Love Boat
I enjoy your podcast even more than the show! Literally have me laughing out loud sometimes!
Questioning mom
Not Fun and Not Funny
This show has gotten too preachy, I rarely listen now. What they did to Kyle was inexcusable, and cringeworthy the way he just wouldn't let it go. The guest hosts are not even close to what Brent was.
Devine Ms D
Best Real Love Boat Podcast in the World!
Not only hilarious and entertaining, but surprisingly educational. I now brush my teeth twice a day every day of the week! Clean teeth are no longer limited to just weekends. People at work will now come and talk to me face to face. That’s all thanks to you three! Keep up the great work.
The Real Love Boat Recap
I would never be unwell after listening to this podcast. Rob, Jenny and Kirsten are hilarious and there truly is sustenance behind the mics. 5 stars!
I like Rob & Jenny…and I Can Not Lie
Please oh please let The Real Love Boat be the new weekly Rob/Jenny podcast. I have missed hearing them weekly. If you are wanting to know if there is a better podcast duo out there...don’t ask!
Pajamas 2
The Best Love Boat Pod Around!
Need all three of you back each week. This was so much fun! #bigbootyjudy
Never thought I’d give RHAP anything but 5 stars but here we are (this is for BB content)
I never thought I’d leave anything but a 5 star review for anything RHAP. I respect what Rob has created so much and have been a massive fan for many years. I support his content in so many ways (likes, comments, views, financially, etc), but these past couple years have been BAD in terms of the Bb coverage. And I’m being very generous here in my number of stars and the verbiage I’m using. Ever since bb23, what used to be at least a semi-unbiased podcast about the big brother game itself and the houseguests, is now something different entirely. The podcasters they have on every BB show have the EXACT SAME opinions. The “more woke”, the more podcast time they receive. They all have the same favorites and regurgitate the same talking points. That’s fine for BBTwitter, but it alienates a very large part of their fan base (RHAP and Big Brother’s fanbase) because not every fan has these same opinions. The way they talked about/portrayed the Kyle situation rubbed a lot of people the wrong way & I know for a fact turned them off to RHAP for the remainder of the season. The way they put Taylor on a pedestal where she could do absolutely no wrong EVER also didn’t sit well with everyone. They did the same thing with Tiffany last season. In the past, you could at least count on Taran and Rob to be unbiased in their coverage on the pod, but now Taran has drank the koolaid and joined the herd. Rob still remains the consummate professional. While trying to meet a diversity of race quota like cbs is doing after being accused of having too many white male podcasters on their shows for years, they somehow course corrected WAY too far in the other direction. RHAP should also consider trying to meet a diversity of thought quota as well to balance the scales. Talk to super fans who love Big Brother but also don’t worship at the feet of what BBTwitter swears by, and have those ppl as recurring guests on the pod. A debate and back and forth is not only fun and entertaining, it’s healthy. It makes the listeners more engaged if they feel like they aren’t the only one who thinks like them and aren’t alone in their thoughts. I’m sorry this is long but I’ve been wanting to say this for 2 years now and I REALLY hope something changes because I can’t support RHAP anymore if it continues down this same path.
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Michael and the money $5K
Hi - Thinking - Angela is the one getting the checks for the 90day episodes. I am sure she is getting paid a lot more than $1000 per. I would bet she is holding the money THEY both are due, since she is in control of it. So Michael asking for $5K is probably a portion of the money she has received from TLC. the $ she is spending on the body makeover. I love your show!!!!!
Big Brother coverage is rough
All of the 15 rotating guests have the EXACT same opinions on EVERY cast member. If you ask a challenging question you will be shouted down and labeled something bad. Bullying echo chamber.
Disappointing… Still
I’ll continue to beat the drum that there needs to be more diverse hosts. I’ve enjoyed the Claim to Fame coverage but the experience would’ve been richer if the hosts didn’t continue to discount the identities of Black contestants’ relatives or possible guesses. It’s unnerving. Over the years I’ve stopped listening then come back and I’m always disappointed. It’s an ugly feeling being constantly disregarded because a host us unfamiliar with the value of minorities. “I know Jesse Jackson from an SNL parody”. Blacks in American culture is still a big joke here, unfortunately.
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“May you find yourselves the bulls eye of an easy target, may you be publicly flogged for all of your bad choices, and may your noses be rubbed in all of your mistakes.” (movie toast) You are on a public platform & have a responsibility NOT to be a bully. Mental Wellbeing should always be the foundation that grounds you & your reporting should balance positive & negative & remain neutral, rather than piling on & burying people! 🙈🙉🙊
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Stop degrading Joe Anglim. He’s got a beautiful, happy, healthy family and life. It’s sick to bash him for his personal beliefs, and you look jealous Rob.
Probably too late…
This is a great companion to arguably the best reality show in a long time. I love the details and the enthusiasm and most of the time I am with you guys. I am voting for post show interviews!!
Just Rob and a bunch of hypocrites trying to convince people they care about mental health and sexuality but fail to recognize and apologize for making fun of others for mental health issues. Do not listen.
Something great that turned into garbage
I started listening to this podcast in 2011 and it was absolutely fantastic. It slowly got kind of got worse and worse until it suddenly went into absolute garbage in 2020. There really is barelyv anything of value left in this husk of a podcast network. It's the sad reality.
Etrian Adventurer
Love your podcasts, all of them. And thank you for continuing to cover the masterpiece that is Claim to Fame, what a great gift that show is!
Keep it Coming
The Claim to Fame podcast is so entertaining! Great commentary and laughable moments from Rob and Jenny. Will definitely listen for more.
Claim to Fame is so much fun!
I absolutely love this show and the commentary Rob and Jenny provide! They offer a great mix of humor and detective work. I can’t believe they don’t know who Kai is though. WARNING SPOILERS! She is definitely related to Tiffany Haddish. Tiffany wore a white halter dress to multiple events (including her SNL monologue) to “get her moneys worth” out of the dress. She’s also known to eat pickles with candy as a weird snack.
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Kimbo niiice
Claim to Fame Pickle!
I have a theory! The pickle is for Whoopi! She had a quick scene on Little Rascals where they sing a song about having a pickle! Love the podcast! Obsessed with all Rhap shows!
Kassidy&her son Otto
Love Rob and Jenny
Love this show, podcast and guessing with you. I think Dominique is Al Sharpton’s daughter. He spoke at the original Million Man March in 1995 and 25th anniversary in 2020, has always had a mustache and I think he would be considered provocative.
The Best Current RHAP Podcast?
This is by far my favorite RHAP podcast, right now (along with Talking with T-Bird). I always enjoy Rob and Jenny’s rapport, but the speculation and discussion is genuinely fascinating for this show. I was watching the latest episode and thought about pausing for the word clues, but knew Rob and Jenny would go over it in depth so I didn’t. I think Vannah White is an interesting guess for Lark. It definitely could be, but I’ve been leaning toward Brooke Shields. As for LC, she does remind me of Octavia Spencer, but Lawrence Fishburne is a good guess. The age gap is odd, like you said, if she is his sister, but not impossible. The Prince for Dominique idea is also plausible. I am sticking with Steve Harvey since he has been at some high profile funerals, like Bernie Mac. The old Hollywood speculation for Pepper got the gears turning. I saw someone else comment Dean Martin on here and that’s also what I was thinking. Keep it up. The listeners can tell you’re enjoying talking about this. It’s been great.
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Self ProClaimed Stan
In this house we stan Rob & Jenny and Claim to Fame! The dynamic between Rob and Jenny is nothing but fun. And the show is really good! Who knew?! Exit interviews would be an amazing addition! I can’t wait to find out more about the famers along with you guys.
Keep em coming
I love all the show recaps. I’m really enjoying the Claim to Fame recaps!
Podcast Perfection!
In a summer full of trash tv, Rob & Jenny’s coverage of Claim To Fame is pure gold!
Claim to Fame
Love hearing the theories for this under appreciated gem. I know you all mentioned George Clooney’s tequila brand during the second episode when it comes to the agave plant, but this wasn’t mentioned. Did you know the company is co-owned by Cindy Crawford and her husband 🤔Maybe Lark is related to Cindy Crawford.
Claim to Fame is Great!!
What a fantastic show and I’m loving the podcast. Please more claim to fame, even though Rob must be a Jets fan which is why he is so bitter over the ol gunslinger. #BrettFavreStan #Cheesehead #PackerBackerForLife
Kimber Karma
Went political
I always loved Rob because of his a-political stance. I just unfollowed the podcast after rob and Akiva 183:dual intentions where an idea for a podcast was Rob and Akiva rewrite the constitution. Rob made a joke “Rob and Akiva rip up the constitution”. I know Akiva does not hide his leanings but always appreciated Rob staying down the middle. That ended and so did my subscription.
I had no doubt the podcast with rob & Jenny would be amazing but the show is amazing too?? these two are the perfect people to talk about this show and so glad they’re Frankie stans (Jonas, not grande) like me!
Claim to Fame podcast
Really enjoying the podcasts on Claim to Fame. Must have exit interviews! Pooya and Liana were a perfect addition this week.
Claim to Fame
This episode was hilarious! PLEASE GET EXIT INTERVIEWS!!!
Claim to fame
Lonnnnng time listener of nearly every RHAP show. Keep the claim to fame coverage coming!! I’m having so much fun watching the show and my favorite thing to do after watching tv is to hear what Rob and other pod friends have to say! Jenny and Rob, you should do a video version!!
For Jenny and Rob
As they say in my country, WE NEED MORE JENNY AND ROB!! Doesn’t matter the show, I’m here for it!
Can’t stop, won’t stop! Please J&R….I want some more :)
Claim to Fame Recap
I really enjoyed the Claim to Fame recap that Rob and Jenny did for the first episode and would love if they continued to recap the show!
Maxwell’s Phone
Excellent podcast
Rob works hard and you can hear the professionalism in his podcast. The podcasts are fun! There are so many so if you don’t like one or it’s a show you not interested in there are many more to listen to. Love RAANAP and more claim to fame. <3
Claim to fame
Absolutely love the claim to fame pod!
The best podcast ever
Love the podcast. Love the coverage of Claim to Fame. Best way to endure the commute.
We want more! We Want more!! Jenny and Rob are LoL funny. More.
In this house we stan Rob, Jenny, and Frankie Jonas
Updating my review to show Rob and Jenny my support of continuing the Claim to Fame coverage. Give the people what they want!
Give Jenny a bone!
Keep up the claim to fame coverage please. Let’s give Jennie a reprieve from the garbage television she’s had to endure this year. The next garbage show will soon be out, I am sure. Let’s help her have an easy breezy summer. Then on to the next Milly Gang and Edge lords & ladies unbeloved show
More please
Only checked out Claim to Fame because of RHAP recommendation. So glad I did, and I need Rob and Jenny’s recap to add to the fun.
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