Road To Ripped
Road To Ripped
Greg O'Gallagher & Christopher Walker
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Serious results
Like these dudes say the long way is the short way. Stick to whatever program your on and you’ll see results. I’ve done afl and now I’m on WSP. I’m literally switching gyms next month because my current gym doesn’t have dumbbells over 95. I never ever thought I’d be the guy using the heavy dumbbells. I’ve always said look at those d bags and their heavy weight. Now I’m one of those d-bags! Serious gains without gaining weight. Looking forward to new podcast next year. I re listen to all the old ones when I start to slip in motivation our need to hear a pretty spot on Owen Wilson impression. Thanks for the info Guys!
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Honest, Concise, and Informed
My boyfriend and I love this podcast! Greg and Chris are amazing. The information that they provide is from true studies and they aren’t just spouting scare tactics. It’s all about mindset, and they have put their minds in a place where they can really meet us where we are. I have seen so much improvement in my state of mind since starting to listen to this podcast. Keep it up guys!
This is a great podcast. These guys share really good information in a really funny and relatable way. They feel genuine and are good at what they do. The intermittent fasting thing is working for me as well, I’m losing weight daily which is very encouraging. Another thing, these guys have this amazing sense of wisdom that usually comes with people that are in their seventies. Every episode I notice this manifested in something they say, really cool. My only critique (and I get if you can’t change this) is the way Greg talks sometimes. If you didn’t know his stuff worked already you’d think he was selling you poison. Alright alright, that’s it. Good job.
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This is amazing!
Thank you Christopher Walker and Greg O’Gallagher!! So many of these podcasts are on point, great information. I’ve been listening to them on off day cardio, and I look forward to every episode! (Greg, the walken is on point.)
Warrior Shred + Truthnutra
I’ve been following Greg for a couple years and have really enjoyed his Warrior shredding program. I found Chris within the last year and absolutely love Cortigon and Testro-X!
The best
In is for sure the best helth/fitness related Podcast !
These guys are the best! There is REAL, life changing information on this podcast and I would say subscribe as soon as you can! I love Kinobody and I love TruthNutra!
Awesome Podcaat
Huge fan of what Greg does. Purchased the WSP a few months back and love it. Following on IG and the podcast is something that I highly recommended. I listen to the podcast when I go for a walk and it is something that I really enjoy and look forward to. A lot of great topics are covered not just in the health and fitness world but also other important stuff that we all deal with. Five stars!
David Lundquist
Boom Shakaloom
Enough said.
I love these so much
I really enjoy the character you guys bring! Hilarious but so confidently serious with the facts. Everything the road to RIPPED podcast speaks really helps me relax and think about reaching goals without distractions. 💙💯😎 Boom SHACKA loommm
Great stuff
The value in this material is crazy; what's crazier is it's free.
Super motivational
Going into week 8 on the warrior shred program and I like to saturate myself in motivational context. This podcast provides me with just that. Keep them coming boys!
Road to ripped review
Very informational and entertaining. Great way to start your fitness journey and build a knowledge base
These guys helped me change my life since 2012
Heard them on the AOC podcast and will forever be on debt for all the knowledge and value they spew out. Truly inspirational and helped me up my fitness game to whole other level. Thanks Greg and Chris!
Great Advice
Chris and Greg both have wealth of knowledge and have the results to back it up. Great sense of humors too. Well worth the listen.
Bad Robot 23
I love these podcasts and Greg’s plans! I have been following for years and have really taken my Fitness to another level! Keep up the work bro!
Great podcast
I love it! I’ve watched Greg’s YouTube content for a while now and I love having that knowledge on the go now as well with this podcast
Great info
I have used the aggressive fat loss 2.0 with great success, the podcast are just another tool in your toolbox to continue to get fit. Thanks!!!
There's two Roads. Which will you follow
There are two Roads in front of you each diverging from the other. One is a paved downhill walkway with ADA approved hand rails and a slope of only 2%. It leads down into a valley covered in trees where light still penetrates, but the view is only 20 feet in front of you. The other road- Well that's not really a road. It's a Mountain facade with crumbling rocks that can, and will fall down any second now. It's a hard climb. It takes dedication, constant self motivation and a willingness to put in the hard work to reach the mountain peak. There are many people in front of you that have come to this intersection and choosen to take the easy path into the valley. Some have attempted to climb this mountain, but to no avail. Sure there are some at the top admiring the Gorgeous view of the valley bellow. From high above they can see their journey and watch as others strive to reach this mighty summit. It was gruling but satisfying, and the view from this heigth is breathtaking. So that's it. 2 Roads. Will you pick the road to apathy and walk down the well graded path surrounded by the masses, and be just another sheep. Or are you looking up at that mountain saying "Not only Can I climb that, but I Will climb that Mountain!" If you choose to take the path less traveled, and climb this mountain there is someone who can help you. His name is Greg O' Gallagher. And he took that gruling path to the top and now he has a Road that helps you get to that beautiful mountain view. And That. Is the Road to Rippedness.
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Love the program
This man has been working non stopped a great man in the fitness industry
Kinobody program
Kinobody has changed my workout life, in regards to my gains and weight loss. I’ve never been able to lose weight before kinobody and with such an against the grain philosophy it’s worked like clock work!!
Great information
Love all the great info and how it is presented in a relaxed fun way.
Greek God Program
I have been hooked on the Greek God program for a few months now, and love the reverse pyramid method. The workout has been a bit repetitious, and could use a revamp that doesn’t cost additional money.
Greg and Chris give such great advice on this podcast! I always listen to them when driving or just going on my cardio walks. It’s amazing they can give away such intelligent advice on such a variety of topics! Keep up the great work guys!
Great program
Been on warrior program for 3 weeks. I’ve been getting stronger and losing fat at the same time. Best bang for your buck. Greg knows his stuff and makes the process enjoyable.
I've completed the superhero program of knobody and have been following you guys for over a year. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the content you guys are putting out. I appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to help everyone achieve their most optimal wellness. Thanks again and I look forward to watching more of your guys' podcasts.
Bought the warrior shredded program a few months back but within the last 3-4 weeks I have been strict with my lifts and my diet and I have gone up in strength and loss fat already. Down 2 pounds, and am at 35lb dips for 5 already after never doing dips. Listen to the podcast about what foods to eat to boost testosterone and so I have been adding onions and garlic to almost all my meals and feel like that is helping the strength gains
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When I first stumbled across Kinobody, I thought the only way to get ripped was to spend hours on end in the gym or at home killing yourself, doing workouts and programs like P90X, refusing to eat fat, and drink multiple protein shakes a day. Boy was I glad to hear differently, thanks to Greg’s programs and to this podcast for reinforcing that recently. This podcast does a great job of putting to death the myths of the fitness industry and motivate you to live a life where fitness is not an all-consuming nightmare to push through everyday, but a background companion to a life lived to the fullest. Thanks Greg and Chris!
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Very good info. Podcast are on point
Mr PatrickStar
Great podcast
Really cool dudes who make a great podcast and seem to have a lot of fun doing it.
Excellent and informative!
This podcast is full of incredible and useful information in not only fitness but all aspects of life.
Best Podcast ever
If you want to live a full life and look great whie doing it you need to listen to this podcast
No BS approach to Fitness and nutrition
Have been subscribing to both of these guy’s programs for years and they are amazing. The intermittent fasting and minimalist training style and strength focused approach is life changing. Chris really opened my eyes to a lot about hormones and both him and Greg offer great action steps to take. Very practical and they work well together. Fun to listen to as well and well worth multiple listens.
Review by Jase
These podcasts, are very informational and helpful, especially when you take in the information and actually apply it amazing work Greg love this just liken I love. My kinobody program I got from you keep up great work
Happy lifting
Been on GTP for awhile now and love it. I have gone down many fitness paths only to find dead ends. Greg's programs really pave an open ended road that allows you to become the best version of yourself. No lies, false promises, or expensive "superfood" fat burning magic powder. Work the program, listen to the advice, and thank the creator for your hot new bod. And now you can have a whole new level of access with the podcasts. Listen to it, your body and mind will thank you. Bring on the learning.
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This is one of my favorite podcasts!
Sheriff 11
dope podcast
This podcast channel has awesome content and without a doubt will help anybody looking to begin a new fitness journey. The topics they talk on aren’t just bro science BS nonesense, they’re backed up by scientific studies and they also practice what they preach. I’d recommend this to mostly males that have struggled in the gym and never seem to reach their ideal body comp. because they’ve been listening to the wrong information for years.
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gunther goonther
Big Change
My Body And Workouts has changed drastically since following Greg on YouTube
Great podcast
This is a great podcast that helps me to get going in the mornings
That guy6969697
Great information/ Programs
Been on the Greek God Program for 3 weeks so far and love the progress I’m already making in regards to strength. I am excited to continue this program and see myself progress. Again this is some of the best information I have invested in as far as fitness and motivation.
Vastly Informative
I’ve learned so much from RTR and the Kinobody podcast! Loved the episode about foods that kill testosterone. Only wish the podcasts were longer!
He really knows what he is talking about! The results are amazing and he is really easy to listen too!
I just like the clarity of the info you guys give. Nothing crazy to understand it’s all straight forward and easy to do.
It’s been about 4 months since I started the warrior shredding program and if anything the podcast enhances the experience.
Love the workout, kinobody is the real deal
Solid information , learning more than just fitness😌
Alpha Aesthetics
Love me some Kino
Really do enjoy the podcasts! There is a good amount of rambling and off topic talk but it makes it more of a fun/genuine conversation. The advice given is easily applicable to life, at least for me, so I’m really looking forward to what’s to come from you guys. Keep em coming!
Top notch Advice and Info
Been on the AFL program for some time and I’m loving the results I’m seeing. Greg is on point with his advice and training. I've come to love the kinobody podcasts; Great knowledge, Great advice. Fun to listen.
Great info
You guys tell it how it is and not many people do that. Definitely going to get some octane and might even try the sleep one when they release.
Great podcast !
Just listened to the new season of road to ripped podcast with Gregory and Chris . Very relatable and inspiring words. Anyone looking to improve themselves in certain areas in life will benefit from these powerful topics . Great sense of humor on the podcasts there’s never a dull moment between these two 😂👍🏼
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