Road To Ripped
Road To Ripped
Greg O'Gallagher & Christopher Walker
Join Gregory O'Gallagher, founder of Kinobody and Christoper Walker, co-founder of Truth Nutra as they explore topics like workout myths, nutrition, supplementation and getting into shape Hollywood-style.
S02E16: The Gut Health And Probiotics Episode: How Healthy Is Your Gut?
How important is your gut health to your overall wellbeing? Well, new science has revealed that your brain and your gut talk directly to each other - which means that your gut health can literally impact your brain and cognition, but there’s more… Your gut directly (or indirectly) impacts all major systems and processes in your body. When your gut is healthy, you feel energetic, alert, mentally sharp, and have great digestion. Poor gut health can lead to lethargy, poor digestion, a weaker immune system, and increased cortisol (your stress hormone). One of the best ways to improve your gut health is by consuming more probiotics in your diet (or through supplementation). In this episode, we talk all about probiotics and why you need to know about them, including the top 5 foods you can eat to get more beneficial probiotics in your diet. You’ll learn: Why you need to pay attention to your gut health How you gut talks directly to your brain - and why an unhealthy gut can be the root cause of so many issues Probiotics and why you need them (including some of the most probiotic-rich foods you need to be eating) The Paleo diet: is it necessarily a bad thing? The one probiotic we recommend for improving your gut health (especially for men)
Jan 9, 2018
26 min
S02E15: How To Bust Through A Fat Loss Plateau
In this episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, we talk about a huge issue a lot of people experience: a weight loss plateau. This is natural and something everyone experiences at one point or another in their journey… And the thing is, this plateau usually happens just before you see your abs at 12-15% body fat. In this episode, we discuss why this happens, and some practical strategies to help you overcome your fat loss plateau and finally see your abs. You’ll learn all about: The “whoosh effect” and why fat loss isn’t always linear Why you get stuck and how to bust through the plateau quickly If you should adjust your calorie intake when you plateau If you’re stuck right now - or want to prevent getting stuck as you start cutting - then this episode is one you can’t miss.
Jan 2, 2018
16 min
S02E14: How To Free Yourself From A Victim Mentality & Live The Life You Want
Do you know anyone who seems addicted to being a victim, negative about nearly everything and acts like the world is conspiring against them? Or what about someone who’s overwhelmingly positive, who faces and overcomes challenges and seems to always find a way to succeed? The difference all comes down to mindset. If you’re not experiencing the results you want - in your life, in your physique, in relationships… It’s your own mind that’s usually what’s holding you back. Adopting and perpetuating the victim mentality is a choice - which means it can be a choice to rise above it and take charge of your life. In this episode, we talk about how to take responsibility over actions and by doing so it allows you to live your life to the fullest.
Dec 26, 2017
44 min
S02E13: How To Increase Blood Flow & Circulation Naturally
In this episode, Greg and I talk about improving and optimizing your circulation and blood flow - particularly important for men in the areas that matter most. We discuss: What poor blood flow comes down to Some possible causes of lack of libido (and what diets exacerbate this issue) Why you need to optimize nitric oxide production Why varicose veins form and how to get rid of them The top natural ingredients that help increase blood flow and circulation
Dec 19, 2017
20 min
S02E12: How Zach Ditched The Bro-Science And Got Shredded By Eating More & Working Out Less
Zach from the Kinobody team joins us today to talk about his dramatic fat loss transformation… Following a bad breakup, Zach got a wake up call when he realized he was an unhealthy 250 pounds - and decided to make a change. Spinning his wheels and unable to see lasting results following the standard “bro-science” programs - eating small, frequent meals and working out 5-6 times per week doing crazy drop-set routines - he stumbled upon Kinobody from Greg’s Youtube channel. Putting his skepticism aside, Zach tried the Kinobody approach… In just over a year, Zach went from a chubby 250 pounds to a shredded and muscular 185 pounds - and has kept the weight off effortlessly. Learn how he did it in this episode, and how you can start enjoying life while seeing the better results than you ever thought possible.
Dec 12, 2017
20 min
S02E11: The Restaurant Survival Guide: How To Eat Out While Staying In Shape
Eating out at restaurants can be undercover diet bombs, but a handful of tactics that we talk about in this episode will ensure you keep the damage to a minimum to stay in shape regardless of where you’re eating. After all, you don’t have to sacrifice your social life just because you’re on a diet or trying to get into shape.
Dec 5, 2017
26 min
S02E10: The Secret To Networking & Building A Rock-Solid Social Circle
In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a better social circle full of people that inspire you and lift you up so you can accomplish more and have a more fulfilling life. Some things you're learn in this episode: How social circles can impact your life (for better or for worse) Some of the opportunities that building a social circle can lead to (and why you should care) The secret to building a network that adds value to your life (this is the most important thing you can do when it comes to networking)
Nov 28, 2017
39 min
S02E09: How To Master Your Dating By Becoming More Likable
Nick Kozmin joins us again in this episode of the Road To Ripped podcast… We talk all about dating and strategies for becoming a more engaging, likable person that women want to date. Nick used to spend tons of money out, between clubs and bars, until he learned the methods he’s going to share with you in this episode. You’ll learn: How to develop a connection with attractive women Why so many guys get stuck with the whole dating scene and how to stand out in a positive way A few easy things to do to enhance your likability (and build rapport with women faster)
Nov 21, 2017
35 min
Special Message: Black Friday News!
Hey Road To Rippers! We've got some exciting news for you about Black Friday this year... We've been getting tons of questions about what Kinobody and Truth Nutra are running for specials for Black Friday, so we decided to record a quick episode to let you know what you're in for. This is super time-sensitive, so make sure to listen right away...
Nov 20, 2017
3 min
S02E08: How Nick Built His Ideal Body While Running A Successful Company
One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is carving out the time to stay fit and healthy from hectic 70+ hour work weeks. In this episode, we talk about how you can build the lean and muscular body you want around the time you have - and a protocol that doesn’t involve spending hours in the gym every week. You’ll learn: How minimalism training will enhance your work output every single week How to ensure you make progress in the gym month after month Some tactics to increase mental energy, focus and willpower so you can perform at your best every day Whether you run a business that requires high-level thinking and performance all day, or you simply have a hectic life between work and family, this episode will help give you the tools you need to get fit without being a slave to the gym.
Nov 14, 2017
33 min
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