Road to Carthage: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast
Road to Carthage: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
This eight-part miniseries from the Joseph Smith Papers explores the history of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in 1844, focused on the historical events that led to the assassination of the two men and the aftermath of that tragic event.
Episode 8: A Conversation with Dallin H. Oaks and Richard E. Turley Jr.
In this episode, President Dallin H. Oaks recounts his experiences and discoveries researching the legal history of the events surrounding the martyrdom. President Oaks and Richard E. Turley Jr. also reflect on the historical and spiritual legacy of Joseph Smith. Guests: President Dallin H. Oaks, Richard E. Turley Jr.
Jun 21
Episode 7: A Conversation with M. Russell Ballard
In this episode, President M. Russell Ballard discusses the historic and spiritual legacy of Joseph and Hyrum Smith from his perspective as an Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and as a descendant of Hyrum. Guests: President M. Russell Ballard
Jun 20
Episode 6: Knowing Brother Joseph Again
This episode explores the history of Carthage Jail, how the building became a historic site and how its meaning has changed to visitors over time. The episode also describes ongoing efforts to preserve and share Joseph Smith’s history. Guests: Emily Utt, Hillary Kirkham, Matt Grow, Elder Kyle S. McKay
Jun 19
Episode 5: Mourning Joseph and Hyrum
This episode details the return of Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s bodies to Nauvoo, the mourning of the Saints and their efforts to memorialize their fallen leaders, questions of succession in church leadership, and the settling of Joseph Smith’s estate. Guests: Sharalyn Howcroft, Jenny Reeder, Jeffrey Mahas, Matt Grow, Elizabeth Kuehn, Richard E. Turley Jr., Hillary Kirkham.
Jun 19
Episode 4: The Martyrdom
This episode describes the legal proceedings in Carthage, Illinois, on June 25, 1844, and the mob’s attack on Carthage Jail and murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith two days later. Guests: David Grua, Richard E. Turley Jr., Alex Smith, Brett Dowdle, Elizabeth Kuehn
Jun 15
Episode 3: Leaving Nauvoo
This episode explains the origins of dissent in Nauvoo, rising tensions in the region following the Nauvoo City Council’s suppression of the Nauvoo Expositor, and the events that led Joseph and Hyrum Smith to travel to Carthage, Illinois. Guests: David Grua, Alex Smith, Richard E. Turley Jr., Brett Dowdle, Elizabeth Kuehn, Matthew Godfrey, Brent Rogers, Jenny Reeder
Jun 14
Episode 2: Appeals for Help
This episode reveals the various avenues to protection that church and civic leaders in Nauvoo explored, including Joseph Smith’s presidential campaign and the Saints’ petitions to the United States Congress. The episode also considers Joseph Smith’s religious teachings in 1844. Guests: Christian Heimburger, Jessica Nelson, Matt Grow, Adam Petty, Chase Kirkham
Jun 13
Episode 1: Mobs, Elections, and Kidnappings
This episode reveals how the violence Latter-day Saints experienced in Missouri during the 1830s informed the way they designed safeguards for their rights and lives in Illinois, and how the implementation of those safeguards led to the formation of the Anti-Mormon Party. Guests: Matthew Godfrey, Alex Smith, Jeffrey Mahas, Brent Rogers, Elizabeth Kuehn, Christian Heimburger, Adam Petty
Jun 12
Episode 0: Series Introduction
This introductory episode previews the limited-series podcast on the history of the 1844 assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in Carthage, Illinois.
May 29