Rise of the Demigods | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Rise of the Demigods | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Aram Vartian
Rise of the Demigods is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast set in the world of Godsfall. Join us as four young demigods face training and trials in the divine halls and magical valleys of the Temple of Udea.
Pride Week MASKS One-Shot "Prometha Unbound"
An 80's alien, a kind-hearted cyborg, a mysterious hellbeast, and himbo-hulk seek to make their mark on Halcyon City in our Pride one-shot: "Promethia Unbound"
Jun 16
3 hr 12 min
Let's Kill the Dean
Our young demigods pull together, gather their alliws, and return to the Temple of Udea to take out Dean Mordock.
May 31
2 hr 11 min
Back to School
The players make a pact with the Aarakocra and lead a small army to take on the Temple of Udea
May 3
1 hr 56 min
The Dawnbreaker
As the players learn more about the threats that face them , they make plans to return to the Temple of Udea and deal with Archon Mordock.
Apr 5
2 hr 1 min
Wrath of the Gods
The young demigods deal with an out-of-control Virok as raw power explodes in the horizon.
Feb 23
1 hr 59 min
Hell or High Water
In the aftermath of killing Reil, the young demigods reassure one another as they prepare to face off against a much bigger threat.
Feb 16
2 hr 29 min
Death of a Demigod
Our crew wrestles with the choices they have made as we say goodbye to a Demigod.
Feb 9
2 hr 18 min
Hard Choices
The gang struggles with issues of life and death as they try and decide what targets to purse next.
Feb 2
2 hr 3 min
Battle For Besa
The players defend themselves against assaults from all sides as the Seekers try and return them to the Temple of Udea.
Jan 12
2 hr
2019 PAX U Panel
The cast, special guests , and friends of Rise of the Demigods took the stage at Pax U in Philadelphia to talk about Guiding Queer Narratives in TTRPGs
Dec 14, 2019
1 hr 3 min
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