Ride or Die Podcast
Ride or Die Podcast
Pru and Waldorph
Ride or die is the result of a series of poor choices that's led to this: an episode-by-episode examination of Supernatural, hosted by Waldorph and Pru. Join us each week on our death march through the CW cult classic -- and remember, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole.
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 20: Carry On
This week all cars go to heaven, we kill the bis, not just the gays, and even if this episode was good for us, this season was irredeemably bad. Your favorite hosts are together again with that good loose energy to discuss the wtfery that was S15E20: Carry On
Nov 25
1 hr 39 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 19: Inherit the Earth
This week, we're honestly not sure what happened. Sam was sad, Jack is God, and we're pretty sure no one on the writing staff knows what omniscient means . S15 Shenanigans – Ep 19: Inherit the Earth Recs: Pru - Chinese Hikaru no Go Waldorph - Schitt$ Creek
Nov 18
1 hr 34 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 18: Despair
The energy in this episode is W I L D, but that's okay because this EPISODE was wild, and possibly tailor-made for waldorph's particular brand of perversion. Sam's dick curse holds true, Castiel breaks Dean's heart, and we're in the final THREE EPISODES of Supernatural. Anyway buckle up for S15 Shenanigans – Ep 18: Denial Recs: Take care of you and yours, and then get back out there and fuck shit up.
Nov 8
1 hr 43 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 17: Unity
Can SPN's final season come back from this? Sure! Is waldorph just hate watching at this point? You bet. This episode had a lot to be mad about so join us for Ride or Die - S15 Shenanigans – Ep 17: Unity Recs: Pru - Yuru Camp Waldorph - Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Nov 4
1 hr 34 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 16: Drag Me Away (From You)
Mark it: this is the episode that finally broke waldorph's carefully cultivated optimism. This episode features questions about bodysnatching, the words, "Be mad about this with me", and a lot of yelling about what the fuck is going on with Dean Winchester set to the backdrop of a nothingburger episode. Recs: Pru - Wee! Grocery Waldorph - Soft & Chewy Gingersnaps (https://sugarspunrun.com/soft-chewy-gingersnaps)
Nov 2
1 hr 6 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 15: Gimme Shelter
This week, your cohosts continue their streak of ghoulishness, Supernatural decides to go full body horror and we wish they'd let the crossroads demon tag along on the case of the week on Ride or Die - S15 Shenanigans - Gimme Shelter! Recs: Pru - Frugal Fit Mom (YouTube Channel) Waldorph - Aliton Embroidery (Etsy Shop)
Oct 29
1 hr 22 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 14: Last Holiday
This week the energy is WILD, we get into a discussion about what the flaw of this podcast premise might be - is waldorph actually just terrible at recaps? On the show, Sam and Dean get the bunker up to 100%, Dean has to talk about his feelings TWICE, and Jack is having a Bad Time this week on S15 Shenanigans – Ep 14: Last Holiday Recs: Pru - Instant Pot Waldorph - Among Us
Oct 26
1 hr 30 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 13: Destiny's Child
This week had Pru demanding to know if this was all one episode, finally finding out what a Grigori is, and Waldorph crying at the end because she's a goddamn sucker. Recs: Pru - Ghost Town Living (youtube channel) Waldorph - A Business Proposal (webtoon, Tapas App)
Oct 15
1 hr 20 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 12: Galaxy Brain
This week, Pru thinks the Lance of Longinus shows up (it doesn't), Waldorph shares more horrifying stories from her farming childhood, we reluctantly talk about Supernatural, and everybody can have a little ghoulishness--as a treat--on S15 Shenanigans – Ep 12: Galaxy Brain Recs: Pru - Yashahime; Jujutsu Kaisen (Crunchyroll) Waldorph - Enola Holmes (Netflix)
Oct 8
1 hr 37 min
S15 Shenanigans – Ep 11: The Gamblers
Buckle up because this episode has Roman goddesses, budgets, hustling pool, eating hearts, and family reunions facilitated by Death herself on Ride or Die S15 Shenanigans Ep 11 - The Gamblers Recs: Pru - Spiritfarer (Nintendo Switch) Waldorph - rearrange your furniture
Sep 30
1 hr 29 min
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