To Be The Man
To Be The Man
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Garbage. Another trash Flair pod
It’s embarrassing at this point. I almost feel bad for Conrad for having Ric as part of his family.
Save money with Conrad
This guy can save you money five stars
Can’t stand the old perv. Too full of himself to enjoy.
Can’t stand the old perv. Too full of himself to enjoy.
Give it up
Flair needs to quit trying to do podcasting. He’s started and stopped many times in the past, and it’s just not for him.
Todd Crow
Ads 🙄
There are infomercials shorter than one ad on this podcast. I get needing ads but do they have to be so long. I just heard a 5 min ad about a razor.
I really enjoyed the stone cold episode, the magnum ta story was unbelievable.
Another repeat
I love the nature boy but I would like new content not retread material. I hope Ric is well but I am unsubscribing.
Good stuff
Love listening to ric flair’s stories! He has truly lived.
Much improved podcast
Ever since Conrad took over from Mark Madden, the show has gotten a lot better. Conrad doesn’t interrupt the Naitch like Madden would and it’s a easy show to listen now.
Conrad is garbage
And so is Flair. I’d nail Charlotte to the bed though, Woooooo!
The man!
What can you say. Ric is the goat and his stories are so fun to listen to. 5 stars for The Nature Boy!! Whoooo!
They call him..ROBO
Legend…but sad
I’m a huge Ric Flair fan. This podcast is unbearable. Where all of Conrad’s podcasts are insightful, researched, and well thought out, this podcast seems like an hour that he is just contractually obligated to do. This is an hour of Ric Flair saying how great he is, if you don’t agree with him you are wrong, and it’s more of just listening to Ric Flairs ego. It’s sad to hear someone I looked up, sound like this… I almost feel we are in a front row seat seeing the end of Ric Flair.
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Much Better Since Host Change
This show was almost unbearable when Madden was the host, now that Conrad has taken over, the show is way better. Natch is still Natch, either you love him or you don’t. If you are in the former, give this show a listen.
hard to listen
i tried to like this podcast. i like ric and i like conrad. i’ve watched wrestling for years and was hopeful to hear some good stories. i can’t get through an episode. the laughing at everything gets sooooooo old. and if there’s a train of thought on episodes it derails somewhere in the first 5 min. i will stick with other wrestling podcasts where the host/cohost are coherent and maintain some semblance of dialogue.
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Show has gotten a lot better since Conrad took over as host. Ric stays on topic a lot more than he did with Maddon. Only thing I don’t like is sometimes Ric keeps going on and on about today’s wrestlers instead of the subject matter
Ric needs to go away
He tarnished his legacy, and Conrad is too greedy or stupid to realize it
Ric has no recollection of anything.
This show is just awful! They review the current product which there are 100 other podcast to do that already. he has a little recollection of anything that has been discussed. honestly, I’m embarrassed for him
The best podcast Conrad has by far, Flairs wealth of knowledge is incredible
top notch wrestlecast
love this show so far. great stories laughs couple great convos lately including Bret Hart. Really like that every episode isnt a deep dive into one past PPV like the other Conrad pods tho Im glad to have those here and there here, too. Love to hear the takes on current wrestling happenings etc
A lazy money grab
Another horrible podcast designed for Conrad to exploit his rambling father in law for advertising $
Does that make sense?!
Does that make sense?! Blah blah blah, does that make sense?! Flair needs to be coached better for this show to be good. He says “does that make sense?” after every single sentence and it’s annoying. 2 stars because Conrad still does a good job.
As incoherent as ever
Oh well
Yawn Fest
Just a bad show. Flair can barely talk. Feels like it is just the same shows from the early podcasts. Everybody sounds like they are going through the motions. Listening to the same drinking stories we've heard scores of time is not my bag.
Ragna Jock
Quit laughing at everything you say
Love Ric, but God please stop laughing after everything you say. Your one of the greatest wrestlers ever, but a comedian you are not
LA or Bust
I listen to most of the other adfreeshows podcasts and this one you should probably drop Connie. Ric hardly ever lets anyone complete answers and half the time will even answer the question himself. We all love Ric Flair but an hour and a half of putting yourself over is just a boring listen, try 83 weeks or WHW for something fun.
Bryce Goddard
Great podcast! Nature boy is my favorite wrestler of alltime… glad he got The podfather on board. Such a good podcast. God bless Ric Flair!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!
Metal chic 4 life!!!
Nature Boy!
Great To Hear You Back On The Radio Ric Flair! Keep Up The Great Work! Your My All Time Favorite Wrestler! Glad Your Still Here! ✝️
Carlos Roman Jr!
Mark Madden is waaaay too loud, super annoying
Mark - turn down more mic input level!!! You say your voice is loud, so adjust the mic! I’m 7 episodes in, but it’s so annoying listening to your voice!!! MARK - STOP YELLING YOUR RUINING THE PODCAST!!!
Travel long Joe
Constructive criticism
I started listening to the previous podcast with Mark Madden and Ric and really enjoyed the show even though Mark was wayyyy to loud and hard to listen to. When listening to this new podcast, unless you are watching it with video it is hard to listen to due to not seeing the matches you are describing and there is alot of dead air while your commentating on the match, and the show drags and I lose interest. Its just my opinion and you can take it for what its worth, but I cant listen to the podcast in its present format. Good luck to Ric and he is truly a legend.
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5 Stars
Conrad with another W
Love the show!
Entertaining and fun to listen too
Taylor Maed
Grateful for the change
Really glad Conrad tagged in. Madden was terrible and I was about to give up on it. Really digging the watch-a-longs. Good luck, Champ!
Howie Feltersnatch 69
Thank god
So glad Conrad jumped in to save this show. Madden yelling into the mic was awful and made this show intolerable. Conrad does a much better job keeping Ric on track and on topic.
Flemish Pops
Was up guys
Ric the goat of wrestling. Love hearing his options on things. Hard to believe he knows a lol about sports . Figured out his fav nfl team is whoever wins the super bowl . Lol I’m joking. Who would know he loves hockey . Born in Memphis tenn. southern man at his best. When ric soeaks I listen cause what comes out is gold
grown man41
Viva Conrad!
I’m glad that the Alabama Dream is back as cohost.
Mike Parker35
Rainbow haired slobs took my 5 star review down
The leftist commies hate madden and free speech. FJB
This shows gonna be trash without Mark. Ric can't even hold a straight thought half the time. At least mark was able to somewhat keep him on track.
Flair needs to fade away
Great podcast if you like Ric pumping his daughter and Roman Reigns tires…other than that you’d be surprised how much Ric hates almost everything else other than Randy Orton. Guy hasn’t heard of most of AEW despite telling Mark he watches it every week. Completely pathetic how out of touch he has become.
Ric is THE MAN, but Mark Madden needs to turn his mic volume down!
Wooooo Nation Uncensored is arguably the greatest wrestling podcast out there. Ric Flair’s charisma, unique insight, laugh out loud sense of humor, and crazy road and in ring stories never get old. Unfortunately, the fly in the ointment of this otherwise outstanding podcast is that for whatever reason, Mark Madden refuses to listen to the listeners begging him to turn his mic volume down. He tries to downplay this by saying that’s just the way he talks. While I’m not convinced Mark is incapable of talking more quietly, again, the solution is very simple. Just turn your volume down! Even worse is that the commercials are somehow twice as loud as MARK is! I love this podcast and I’m not trying to rag on Mark at all. He’s professional, extremely knowledgeable, and always asks Ric the questions fans want answered. The problem is that between turning the volume up when Ric is talking, turning it back down when Mark chimes in, and then turning the volume down even further to survive the commercials with any semblance of hearing left, is absolutely exhausting. Please Mark... For the good of the show, consider putting your ego aside and just mix the sound so everyone’s volume is at least in the same ball park. It’s a really basic thing that would improve the show tremendously.
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Ric’s the GOAT! Mark Madden turn down your mic!
Turn Mark Madden’s volume down!!!
Ric Flair is my all-time favorite. I was pumped to see him come back to the podcasting world… but good grief, mark madden? This is like having Norman Bates care for my mother. I don’t get how a guy that has spent his entire career in the radio world, doesn’t get how bad the audio of this show is, and further, he doesn’t seem to understand it’s HIS fault! I honestly feel like I’m sitting in a hotel room on the middle bed, Mark is on the bed closest to the door, and Ric is in the bathroom. I can barely hear Ric, and all I can hear is Mark screaming and interrupting the guy in the bathroom. Please fix this. I’ve gone 16 episodes waiting and hoping y’all would correct this on your own. This morning’s episode was torture, turning the volume up, turning the volume down, going to work deaf, and feeling like Madden is screaming at me all day.
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Expected better. Wooo he's drunk again
Of all the pods from washed up real wrasslers, I expected more reflections and inside career stories from lil Richie rather than constant plugs for Charlotte (while ignoring his less successful dead son) and reviews of last weeks AEW tv show. Even a dope like Marty Lundy tells better stories from the highlights of their careers. All the hair dye, STDs, shots to the head and possibility of one more contract finally zipped his mouth to reveal nothing. Come on Natche—tell all (or something) for fans that supported and followed your career. Woo Time for these pigs to denounce McMahon and their support for white nationalist Donald Frump. The color is on your hands. Conrad is also a fat rip off artist
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Just Great!
I could listen to the Nature Boy read the phonebook! I love stories from the old days of Pro Wrestling. I grew up watching the AWA in the 70’s. If you like Pro Wrestling you will enjoy listening to this.
Love the podcast, sometimes feels like I need to attend a AA meeting.
Not a man
Squandered millions, cheated on all his wives, boorish drunk. False humility. Proud of his despicable behavior. Shut up and go away.
Tally uh oh
Please stop yelling
Great podcast ruined by the host’s inability to not yell. He thinks he’s the star. Quiet already
Great Shows
I am not a big Madden fan but the interaction between him and Flair is gold. So entertaining. Great job by both.
Great mix of eras
Always starts with Ric’s comments on the current product, and then a lot of classic wrestling history. The Man still hasn’t been beaten!
I tried so hard but mark madden is the worst and you have to keep your bad on the volume and raise it when ric talks and lower it when mark YELLS. no topics just talking in circles every week. TRASH
Madden…calm down
Love the show, but Mark….it’s not a radio show…take the volume down…put the coca away…!
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