Retirement Talk for Boomers, Seniors, and Retirees
Retirement Talk for Boomers, Seniors, and Retirees
Del Lowery
Retirement Talk is a weekly podcast intended for seniors, boomers and retirees. We will examine all aspects of retirement: actions, ideas, memories, and plans. We will consider travel, life goals, family, community, exercise, relocating, housing, continuing education, friends, health, and end of life issues.
882 Kicking Back Without Guilt
My education and culture have taught me very little about the benefits of sitting still. Many of us approach retirement with the idea that we must keep busy. We must continue to be "active" and for us that means moving or traveling.
May 19
8 min
880 Meaning & Purpose
"Individuals who have a strong sense of meaning and purpose generally have better health, recover quicker from illnesses, and typically live longer". This is a quote from one of the many health newsletters we receive. It is a publication from the Wellness Council of America.
May 12
8 min
879 Using Your Hands
That’s the thing about working with your hands. When you finish the job you can run your hand along a smooth surface, take a picture of it, sit on it or put things in the drawers. You can even show it to other people and bask in momentary praise. It’s real.
Apr 28
7 min
878 What Now
Years ago I came across some happiness advice that has never failed me. I liked it because it worked for me and I loved the name of the originator, Baruch de Espinosa: or, Spinoza. "Spinoza knowza", I used to tell my philosophy students.
Apr 21
7 min
877 Look Around
I knew that if I stayed there just a bit longer I would become the evening meal of some carnivore. Considering the absurdity of life I thought about it. Then I moved on. Hope is something else that is in our genes. All of our ancestors possessed that gene as well as the one that told them to look around.
Apr 14
8 min
876 As We Age
Health issues become more and more personal as we move into and through retirement. Our interest and attention become very relevant individually. They have a way of grabbing our attention.
Apr 7
6 min
875 The List
Retirement is a time when a list might be as important as ever. As we enter the latter stages of life our time becomes more important. That is why we have a tendency to slow down. We don't want to rush life.
Mar 31
8 min
874 Continue Dreaming
Maybe retirement is the time to become a magician. Or whatever else you dreamed of when you were a child. Or whatever you dream about now that you are retired. I'll bet with just a few years of practice most of us could learn to pull rabbits out of hats.
Mar 24
7 min
873 Pick A Fight
"Picking a Fight" is not something our parents told us was a good thing to do. Perhaps we need to rethink this advice. Retirement might be the perfect time to look around and pick a fight with some bully.
Mar 17
8 min
872 Vacations
A good thing about vacations is that it shines a new light on the life we now live and the life we may want to lead. We can lay out plans, read travel logs, browse book stores and magazine racks, and have something to dream about when we take our afternoon nap.
Mar 10
7 min
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