Restored: Helping Children of Divorce
Restored: Helping Children of Divorce
When your parents separate or divorce, it hurts. You feel alone and uncertain of how to deal with it all. If you feel that way, the Restored podcast is for you. On it, we feature expert interviews and stories that offer practical advice on how to cope and heal after the trauma of your parents' divorce or separation, so you can feel whole again and become the person you were born to be.
#113: A New Therapy to Heal Trauma | Dr. Christopher Genn, DPT
Trauma, such as your parents’ divorce or extreme family dysfunction, doesn’t only affect your emotions. It affects your body too. It quite literally has physical effects. In this episode, Dr. Christopher Genn, a physical therapist and expert in applied kinesiology, explains how our bodies respond to trauma and how we can heal. Plus, we discuss:A new therapy to treat pain, trauma, and even rewire bad habitsThe story of a girl enduring her parents’ divorce who became physically debilitated How we often lie to ourselves about our families, parents, and past - and why that’s a barrier to healingSchedule a Consult with Dr. GennGet the Course: Broken to WholeVisit Dr. Genn’s WebsiteShownotes
Jan 2
1 hr 21 min
#112: The Best of 2023: Restored Podcast Highlights
In this episode, you'll hear highlight clips from the podcast in 2023. This episode, and the entire podcast, will help you heal from the trauma of your parents’ divorce, separation, or broken marriage, so you can break the cycle. If you’re new to the podcast, this is the perfect way to sample our content and learn how it will help you. If you’re a longtime listener, this is the perfect episode to share with someone you know who needs to hear it.Restored’s WebsiteShownotes
Dec 19, 2023
35 min
#111: The #1 Lie About How Divorce Affects the Children | Cody
There’s an extremely popular lie about how divorce affects the children. In this episode, we discuss that lie with my guest who is an only child from a divorced family, plus:The loneliness, addiction, and social problems that stemmed from his family’s breakdownThe anger and even hatred he felt toward his parents and how he feels nowA unique thing he and his wife did before they were married to strengthen their relationshipGet the Book or First Chapters: It’s Not Your FaultGet the FREE Guide: 5 Tips to Navigate the Holidays in a Broken FamilyShownotes
Dec 7, 2023
50 min
#110: 10 Ways to Make Therapy Fail or Succeed for You | Clare Eckard
If there were 10 things you can do to make therapy succeed (or fail), would you want to know them? I know I would. In this episode, a therapist joins us to share those tips, plus: The goal of therapy and the temptation to idealize healingA tool for dealing with troubling thoughtsThe struggle to put words to your own emotions and experiences of brokennessIf you’ve ever been to therapy and it hasn’t gone well or you’re considering therapy but you’re unsure how to make it successful, this episode is for you.Schedule a Free Consult at St. Raphael CounselingFind a Restored CoachHow Restored Has Helped You?Shownotes
Nov 21, 2023
58 min
#109: 5 Tips to Navigate the Holidays in a Broken Family
If you’re from a broken family, the holidays often bring more stress and challenges than joy. After my parents separated, I faced these challenges:A sad, pit-in-the-stomach reminder of my parents’ split and my family’s brokennessPressure to choose between parents and balance time amid many eventsA misled desire to make everyone happy, especially my parents, often at my expenseMy emotions or other people being in control instead of meFeeling alone and uncertain of how to deal with it allIf that sounds familiar, this episode is for you. In it, you’ll get 5 tips to navigate the challenges and hopefully, even begin enjoying the holidays again. Using them won’t make your holidays look like a Hallmark movie, but they will improve the experience by putting you in the driver’s seat.Get the FREE Guide: 5 Tips to Navigate the Holidays in a Broken FamilyShownotes
Nov 7, 2023
20 min
#108: It’s Not Your Job to Parent Your Parents | Ashton
If you’re from a broken family and you’ve struggled with OCD, relationships, overthinking, and filling a parent role for your siblings or parents, this episode is for you.In it, Ashton shares how her parents’ divorce has affected her and her relationships. She also talks about what’s helped her heal and even offers some advice for you. Take the podcast surveyHow has Restored helped you?Shownotes
Oct 24, 2023
39 min
#107: Forgiving Someone Who’s Hurt You | John O’Brien
When trauma occurs, it causes you to ask big questions. That’s where my guest found himself after being brutally attacked, almost to the point of death, by people he was trying to help. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of the attack, plus he answers:Has forgiveness been difficult for you?Why forgive? What are the benefits? What happens if we don’t forgive?How do you forgive someone who has hurt you?Take the podcast surveyShownotes
Oct 10, 2023
1 hr
#106: Healing Sexual Brokenness: A Resource for Men Struggling | Steven Motyl
When you’re struggling with unwanted sexual behavior, asking for help is terrifying. The struggle feels so shameful and admitting your weakness feels humiliating. As a result, most men stay stuck for years and years. Thankfully, there’s a way out. Asking for help from the right people is the key to overcoming shame, humiliation, and unwanted behavior. Today, a coach specializing in helping men break free from unwanted sexual behavior joins the show to discuss: Is freedom even possible? Why do men deserve that freedom?A valuable for you or men you know strugglingStories of transformation in the lives of the men he’s coachedAdvice and encouragement for any man struggling right nowApply for Freedom CoachingGet FREE Mini-Course: Why You Feel BrokenListen to the Series: Healing Sexual BrokennessShownotes
Sep 28, 2023
54 min
#105: Healing Sexual Brokenness: A Resource for Women Struggling | Rachael Killackey
If you’re a woman that struggles with unwanted sexual behavior, you are not alone. The myth of porn, or even lust, being a male problem is just that - a myth. More importantly, healing and freedom are within reach for you. In this episode, brave author and speaker Rachael Killackey shares her struggles with unwanted sexual behavior and a valuable resource for women struggling, plus:The emotions that sexual struggles brought into her lifeHow she found freedom and helps other women now, tooHow you should respond if you have a relapseBuy Rachael’s Book: Love in Recovery: One Woman's Story of Breaking Free from Shame and Healing from Pornography AddictionJoin a Magdala groupListen to the Magdala PodcastGet FREE Mini-Course: Why You Feel BrokenListen to the Series: Healing Sexual BrokennessShownotes
Sep 12, 2023
54 min
#104: Healing Sexual Brokenness: Why is Our Culture So Sexually Broken? | Christopher West
Our world is very sexually broken. The examples are endless: Pornography use, sexual compulsions, addictions, hookup culture, paying for sex, infidelity, sex trafficking, and much more.But how did our world become so sexually broken? That’s the topic we tackle today with famous author and speaker Christopher West. If you’ve wrestled with sexual brokenness or noticed an ache inside that you that nothing seems to fill, this episode is for you.Image 1: Three ChoicesImage 2: Wall Unity CrucifixBuy Christopher West’s BooksListen to the Ask Christopher West podcastGet FREE Mini-Course: Why You Feel BrokenListen to the Series: Healing Sexual BrokennessShownotes
Aug 29, 2023
51 min
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