Reptile Room Podcast
Reptile Room Podcast
Andy Rea, Riley Jimison
Welcome to Reptile Room Podcast! We seriously appreciate you coming along with us on this new podcast adventure. Your host, Riley Jimison is a zookeeper, reptile nerd, and podcasting junkie! Your co-host, Andy Rea is your basic 'ole boring family man that loves reptiles and is a podcasting newbie. Together we will be adding some new flavor to the reptile podcast scene by incorporating friendship, different life experiences, reptile education, and opposing opinions! Together we sincerely hope that we can relate to the many different types of reptile keepers out there by offering great conversations that will lead to other conversations with your friends. Help us spread the word of this new show by sharing over the various social media platforms! If you have any topic ideas please email us at
Episode 9 - Reptile Room Essentials Part 2 w/ Ryan Presto
1 hour 51 minutes Posted May 6, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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    This will be a follow-up episode to Episode #2 to continue the discussion. We are joined by Ryan Presto who utilizes a variety of tools and tricks to manage his animals as well.