Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast
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Great for over all knowledge
We are about a year out from starting our rental income adventure. Most podcasts I've tried to listen to are about selling methods. They sounds more like a sales pitch and the instagram version of investing in rentals. This podcast is great bc you hear from regular and super investors. What works for them, how they started, how they maintain, obstacles, etc. Keep it up.
Variety lots of info
Dan is very entertaining to listen to and gets to the nitty gritty with his interviewers. I love be variety of topics discussed and it has helped expand out investing to new levels.
Great Content
Dan does such a good job covering a variety of topics. His guests offer awesome advice too! I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about REI!
Love this show!
I love the show and feel that if there is something I want to know then all I have to do is have a listen. It' relevant info for anyone considering rental income!
Extremely Informative!
The Rental Income Podcast is packed with content! All aspects of rental income are covered in depth with the great guests Dan brings on!
ST Rappaport | LifePix
Great show!
Love the hosts and the guests they bring on!
Tons of incredible content!
tommye w-c
Jumped on recently to just check this out, now I’m addicted
I’ve been on the fence buying properties to rent for a while now. This podcast is inspiring to finally just jump in.
This podcast is essential for rental investors! Amazing information and super fun!!!
Excellent and informative!!!
I love listening to this podcast. Enjoying all of the content! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
breathwork practitioner
Must listen! I love how real it is and it helps you remove all the guess work, because it's packed with helpful information!
If you’re a snake, this podcast is for you!
If you’re into destroying local culture and community, then dive right in!
critical bur
Encouraging, realistic
I appreciate the optimism and realism of this podcast. Rental properties are a great investment strategy, and it’s great to have a podcast that is it based on ordinary people‘s experience and not false hope hype!
Giving me the confidence I need!
Wow, I’m learning so much from this podcast and starting to get the courage to get into this market. Thank you!
Sarah Lakhani Groen
Great content
Really enjoyed listening to this podcast! Since we own a couple rental properties, this podcast gave me some great ideas on how to increase my rental income overall. Very interesting!
Navigating High School
If you want to learn about generating income through property rentals and about investing in real estate, this is the podcast you want to listen to so that you can learn from those being successful and avoiding the landmines.
Stay out of politics
Stay out of politics idiots
Love the interviews
Getting insights from several people that have had success gives great nuggets for everyone.
Great Show For Real Estate Investors!
As a real estate investor and landlord, I'm always looking for tips and tricks that I can use to maximize my opportunities. Dan has a way of making even difficult concepts easy to understand, like tax code! Keep up the good work! I'm hooked!
Mitche Graf
Such great info!!!!!
Dan gives listeners a birds eye view of the in and outs of renting properties. He interviews people who give you a true picture of what it takes to a successful investor who rents properties.
Ad platform for Ridge lending
I’ve learned a lot in this podcast, just wish they would stop flogging the same lender at the beginning and end of every episode. Makes me want to Not borrow from them.
Best landlord interviews!
I’ve learned so much from other landlords in these interviews. I own 10 rentals myself and have taken a lot of advice from these people. I’ve listened to every interview on this podcast and look forward to hearing new ones each week. Thank you for providing such great interviews!
Awesome Content from Dan!
Tons to learn here! Must subscribe!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Great Show Dan!
Really appreciate all the good info!
Jodi Santo
Great Podcast
This is a great Podcast for anyone interested in rental properties from the newb to the master. Dan is a really nice guy and provides material for all listeners! Highly recommend
Aiello Rome newyork
Great podcast!
Great podcast that gives you real life scenarios and ideas! Very informative!
austin shreves
Positive, honest idea-sharing
I love this podcast because the hosts and guests talk about not only victories but also struggles. There’s loads of practical, boots-on-the-ground advice all with the message over-arching that this a tough but worthy pursuit. The host just seems so compassionate. I love listening to these conversations.
Great Content
Loving the information on how to make more money from rental as I'm transitioning some of my investment properties. Will listen to more.
The Hosting Journey
Great Content!!! Tons of knowledge easy listen
Most podcast bore me or have a-lot of fluff. Also in the real estate space people try to pitch all kinds of things to buy. This podcast has interviews with real estate invetors who actually own property and are practicing now. From a small time investor to apartment complex. You can learn a ton from this ! Love the host
smithey boy
Great content, annoying host!
Listened to my first podcast (#264) and the content material is great and the host Dan asked good questions. My biggest critique is that Dan cuts the guest off early every time, CRINGE! Please let your guest finish their thoughts and don’t feel like you have to inject every single time. When listening to a podcast I’m more interested in hearing the guests experience and story rather than your commentary. Hope you can take this as constructive criticism and make improvements. Thanks for your efforts.
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kiwi goose
Listening to Dan’s podcast every week!
As a first time investor, who is looking to buy my first non primary residence property, this podcast has been very helpful in getting started ! I have listened to over half of the episodes and hearing so many different opinions and ideas has definitely given me great tips and advice. I love that Dan and his guests speak about relative content and don’t spend their time talking about “ how you can get rich “. Instead they discuss strategies, experiences, and talk about some of the do’s and the do not’s of investing.
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This is awesome!
As an investor in real estate, I love love love this podcast! I shared it with my friends who are also in real estate. The stories and lessons learned are absolutely invaluable. By having conversations with different landlords from different areas of the US, you can definitely find a story that fits your localized area. Great flow and bite size episodes. I hit subscribe on this one!
Cliff Duvernois
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as a landlord, or just getting ready to purchase your first rental property - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Dan does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving rental property portfolio, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Dan, host of the Rental Income podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
My favorite
This is my favorite REI podcast because it’s the perfect length for my commute (20-30 mins) and packs a powerful punch in that time. I hope to be successful enough to be on this show one day!
Great information!!!!
Excellent format clear and concise information without all the small talk, and corny jokes like other podcasts.
mister jay jay
Great ideas and tips
What eye-opening tips and practical ideas. Keep them coming, Dan. All the best in 2020.
Bill Ringle
All your rental homeowner questions answered!
Practical tips shared every episode. Love the interviews to hear everyone’s personal stories and lessons learned. What a valuable show!
Gretchen Schultek
Great Podcast!
Love the guests and interviews. Dan does a great job and I learn so much!
Very Valuable
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2016. I have learned a ton! The length is perfect for the drive to work and the interviews always give me a new perspective.
Great Podcast
Enjoyed episode 227. Treat the renter as an employee. Spot on. Always valuable information on the podcast. Thanks Dan!
Good information 😀
Great information. Questions were perfect, very informative. I’m interested in renting rooms, like owning a boarding house. So if you know someone who has experience in that, that would be awesome. Keep em coming lol
Great info!
I really like how Dan interviews his guests. It’s as if they have been longtime friends. He makes the guest comfortable and the guests share a wealth of information for beginner investors like me. Keep up the good work!
Informative and Inspiring Real Estate Stories
I love this podcast! Host Dan Lane, an experienced and passionate real estate guru, sits down with real estate experts from a range of backgrounds to share practical tips, advice, and inspiration for real estate investing. Whether you’re new to real estate or highly experienced, this podcast will educate and motivate you. It’s as great as a real estate course! Five stars, highly recommend you learn more about this industry with Dan!
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Ashley Catherine
Great show!
I am wanting to get into the rental game and came across this show. I am olny a couple episodes in but great information.
I have to move out of california & get rentals
Episode 220 with Nathon Miller was a real insightfull conversation. Crazy how your guest saw and made a great oppertunity from a recession in real estate. look forward to downloading all your episodes
A MUST When Investing
If you're looking to learn about real estate this is the podcast to listen to. Very informative host and every episode is jam packed with actionable steps.
Real Estate Journeys Podcast
Valuable advice at all investment levels
Rental Income has inspired me to buy my first property. The sound advice from multiple landlords in so many different circumstances has provided me with information in one place. From mobile homes, multi-families, single room rentals and how to manage the investments. Dan is so engaging and has such diverse guests and I learn a different perspective each podcast. Thank you Dan Lane!
Good but room for improvement
Dan asks leading questions, making interviews somewhat predictable. He’s also not super tactful when it comes to talking about lower income tenants (should probably work through or hid his obvious biases). Great guests and topics though.
Fantastic podcast for anyone involved in real estate or interested in making money from real estate.
Jason A. Duprat
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