Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast
Inspiring interviews with landlords who are generating passive income by investing in real estate. In each episode, we talk to guests about how they generate cash flow with their rentals, and issues they face with property management, and managing tenants.
She Built 2 Rental Portfolios - One For Cash Flow & One For Appreciation With Tiffany Dumond (Ep 314)
Tiffany shares how she built two rental portfolios, in two cities with two different strategies.She owns rentals in Chicago that she bought for cash flow. After building her portfolio in Chicago, she moved to Texas where she had a harder time investing for cash flow, so she started buying single-family home for appreciation,
May 11
25 min
How To Net $5K/Month In Rental Income (Without A Lot Of Risk) With David Stafford (Ep 313)
David wanted to build a rental portfolio, but he didn't want to take a lot of risk.On this episode, we talk about how he slowly built a portfolio of 21 rentals that net him 5k a month after all expenses.We talk about the types of properties he bought, the neighborhoods, and his mortgage and repair expenses.We also talk about the other ways that his rentals are building wealth for him, and how he will be able to retire off his rental income in a few years.
May 4
23 min
Bonus: Buying Rentals With Creative Financing
Will and Veronica talk about how they have been able to grow their rental portfolio by using creative financing.We talk about how they found private lenders that will loan them money to purchase and rehab properties. They share how they found the private lenders and details about how they structure the deals.We also talk about how they recently bought a property where the seller financed the property at 0% interest.
Apr 29
15 min
His Rentals Were A Nightmare Until He Started Doing This....With Brad Spencer (Ep 312)
Brad had no idea what he was doing when he started buying rentals. He didn't know how to screen potential tenants or manage his rentals correctly. After having to evict his first few tenants he figured out that he had to do things differently if he was going to make owning rentals work.On this episode, we talk about what Brad is doing differently today. We talk about how he finds high-quality tenants that are easy to manage and stay for several years.
Apr 27
25 min
Incredible Cash Flow With Cheap Properties With Michelle Cummings (Ep 311)
Michelle has built her portfolio by buying really cheap, run-down properties, in rough neighborhoods that nobody else wants.She fixes the properties up, gets better tenants, and ends up with a great property that produces great monthly cash flow.On this episode, we talk about how she works with the local police department to get squatters out of the properties, and why she doesn't like working with section 8 tenants.
Apr 20
22 min
Bonus: Are College Rentals A Good Investment?
On this bonus episode of the Rental Income Podcast, Jay Redding shares his experience owning college rentals.We talk about how he has teamed up with the university sports teams, to rent rooms to student-athletes.When the current students graduate they pass their room down to younger students on the team. This makes his property management easier and eliminates the need for him to market the property.We also talk about how he screens his tenants with no rental history or credit score, and other issues he faces renting to students.
Apr 15
15 min
How He Retired Off Rental Income With Jay Redding (Ep 310)
Jay got downsized from his corporate job and decided that he wasn't going to be happy finding another job. He figured out that if he bought enough rental properties he could earn enough money to replace his W-2 income.On this episode, we talk about how many rentals he needed to buy, how he financed his properties, and how he self-manages his rentals.
Apr 13
27 min
From No Money To An (Almost) Paid Off Rental Portfolio With Mike Bryant (Ep 309)
Mike didn't have any money to invest when he got started buying rentals. He built his rental portfolio using a lot of debt. After paying the mortgages, repairs, and other expenses he wasn't making much money.After building up equity for 9 years, he figured out that if he sold some of his rentals, he would end up with a portfolio of free and clear rentals.Today he has very little leverage on his portfolio, and all of his rentals generate really great cash flow.On this episode, we talk about how he built his portfolio and talk about his strategy to pay off his remaining rentals.
Apr 6
25 min
Our Rentals Are Buying Us More Rentals With Will & Veronica Pritchett (Ep 308)
Will and Veronica share how they have been using the equity that they have created in their rental properties to buy more properties.They talk about the strategies that they have used to access the equity and how doing this has helped them double the size of their rental portfolio and increased their cash flow.
Mar 30
23 min
His Blueprint To Net $10k A Month With Rentals With John Morgan (Ep 307)
John talks about how he built his rental portfolio by buying base hits. Not many of his deals were all that incredible. But, when you look at his entire portfolio it's a home run.On this episode, we talk about the types of properties he's been buying, how he manages them while working full-time, and his plan to net $10K a month from his rental portfolio.
Mar 23
22 min
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