Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Rental Income Podcast
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Inspiring interviews with landlords who are generating passive income by investing in real estate. In each episode, we talk to guests about how they generate cash flow with their rentals, and issues they face with property management, and managing tenants.
Why He Sold His Rentals With Ken Brown (Ep 285)
Four years ago on this podcast, Ken talked about his strategy of buying individual rentals and building a rental portfolio with the goal of selling his portfolio to Wall Street.On this episode, we check-in with Ken and find out that he has actually sold his portfolio for way above market value to a Wall Street bank.We talk about how Ken didn't need as many rentals as he thought he would, how he sold his portfolio, and how much extra profit he made by finding the right buyer.
Oct 20
23 min
4 Ways He Makes Extra Money To Buy Rentals With Zack Bobo (Ep 284)
After Zack paid all of his bills every month, he didn't have any money left over to save for down payments. He decided that he was going to have to figure out other ways to make more money if he wanted to buy rental properties.On this episiode Zack shares 4 ways he is earning extra money, and how much he makes from each of his side hustles.
Oct 13
19 min
From No Money To Financial Independence From Rentals With David Grabiner (Ep 283)
David wanted to buy rental properties for financial independence. But, he didn't make a lot of money.On this episode, he shares how he saved the money to get started, how he built his rental portfolio and the unique way that he pays himself.
Oct 6
24 min
Here's What He Learned Buying His First 2 Rentals With Jeremy Airello (Ep 282)
Jeremy talks about how he got started buying rentals. We talk about researching markets and how he decided where to invest. We also talk about a big challenge he's had with one of his properties, and how he's dealing with it, and how everything has been working out so far.
Sep 29
18 min
How To Make Your Rentals More Passive With Ron Faraci (Ep 281)
Ron's goal is to make his rentals as passive as possible. He does this by minimizing his touches with his tenants.On this episode, he shares how he sets expectations during the lease signing and some of the clauses he has added to his lease.We also talk about how he quickly gets rid of bad tenants, and how he takes himself out of repair issues.
Sep 22
24 min
The 1% Rule Doesn't Exist In His Area - Here's How He's Making Money With His Rentals With Matthew Crawford (Ep 280)
Matthew's rentals do not meet the 1% rule, but his properties still cash flow. On this episode, we talk about what he's looking for in a rental instead.We also look at one of his rentals and figure out what he paid for it, how much it's renting for, and how much cash flow it's generating.Matthew also shares tips on how he is winning property bidding wars in a competitive market.
Sep 15
20 min
How A Small Rental Portfolio Paid For Her To Travel The World With Tiffany Green (Ep 279)
Tiffany shares how she went from being brand new to investing in real estate to building a small rental portfolio that paid for her to travel the world.She shares how she managed her properties while she was out of the country, and how not giving up during a really tough time ended up giving her the freedom to live life on her terms.
Sep 8
25 min
Bonus: Update On Mortgage Rates & New Mortgage Tax
Caeli Ridge gives a live look at the current investment mortgage rates for a rental purchase, refi, and cash-out refi.She also updates us on the latest with the new mortgage tax.
Sep 3
8 min
Managing Your Own Rentals Is A Really Bad Idea With Jennings Smith (Ep 278)
Jennings thinks that it is a really bad idea for real estate investors to manage their own rentals. He thinks that investors are actually creating a second job when they self-manage when the entire reason they started investing in rentals is for passive income and freedom.On this episode, we talk about mistakes that landlords make when they self-manage and how a good property manager can actually make an investor more money.
Sep 1
19 min
The Old School Get Rich Slow With Rentals Program With Joel Miller (Ep 277)
Joel shares how rentals made him rich by following a simple old school plan of buying rentals over time, and not selling them. He bought his first rental property over 40 years ago and as he had the money he would add to his portfolio. Doing this consistently over a long period of time allowed him to build up enough monthly rental income that he was able to retire from his day job.On this episode we talk about how he did it, and he gives advice on how you can do it too.
Aug 25
22 min
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