Remarkable Incidents and Modern Miracles Through Prayer and Faith
Remarkable Incidents and Modern Miracles Through Prayer and Faith
A Christian Holiness Collection presentation. G.C. Bevington was a holiness Methodist itinerant preacher who was based in Kentucky but traveled far and wide across America in the 1920s. His penchant for praying for EVERYTHING made for this series of incredible testimonies. If these testimonies are true (and I can’t think of why a person would make this stuff up), then Christians are not spending enough time praying. The reason Bevington had so many breakthroughs and answered prayers, as found in this book, is because he took the Bible at its word that we are to “knock and keep on knocking, seek and keep on seeking” until God comes through (because, as Bevington’s testimony attests, amazingly God will come through with strong, persistent prayer). Story after story confirms this. Bevington’s many hours (at times, many days) of prayer and fasting, were quite pragmatic and dramatic in obtaining a breakthrough in a problem. Yes, Divine intervention was quite the norm when it came to Bevington and his deep pleadings and petitioning to the Lord. May this book be a blessing to you! Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley. Special thanks to, Northwest Nazarene University, and the Wesley Center online for their invaluable assistance in the production of these audiobooks. Theme music is "Wheels" by Jason Shaw.
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Jun 25, 2011
21 sec
Chapter 8 (continued): Instances of Healing. This concludes this inspired book from the Holiness era experienced by our nation just after the turn of last century. Bevington continues to give us incident after incident and illustration after illustration of God's healing power and supernatural operation.
Jun 25, 2011
43 min
Chapter 8 (continued): Instances of Healing. This episode continues to show the amazing authority and providential inclination toward healing for those who have the faith of a child.
Jun 23, 2011
29 min
Chapter 7 (continued): Children's Chapter. Chapter 8: Instances of Healing. Neuralgia, sprained ankle, consumption (probably TB), and gallstones all come under Jesus' healing miracles in this chapter. 
Jun 19, 2011
34 min
Chapter 7 (continued): Children's Chapter. How a young crippled girl with the sweetest singing voice living in the most deplorable conditions, is brought into the care of Bevington and mightily used by God.
Jun 18, 2011
31 min
Chapter 7: Children's Chapter. Bevington is supernaturally guided to go to someone's house (whom he had known from an earlier ministry situation.) The little girl there is being falsely accused of stealing a ball. Through prayer and faith, God shows them where the missing ball is and how it happened to be there, and brings the child who accused this child of stealing it, to his knees asking the accused little girl for forgiveness. An amazing story!
Jun 17, 2011
28 min
Chapter 6 (continued): Personal Dealings of and from God. Many remarkable incidents when Bevington found that preaching was not appropriate...but just his strong compassion and desire for souls to be saved. Amazingly, when Bevington wept for souls, the people showed up and offered their lives to Him...and no preaching was necessary!
Jun 14, 2011
29 min
Chapter 6 (continued): Personal Dealings of and from God. The remarkable story of how, through intense prayer, the cows changed the time they came in for milking during the week Bevington was holding religious meeting. When word got around about those cows changing their milking time, that brought in many people to the meeting.
Jun 13, 2011
26 min
Chapter 6 (continued): Personal Dealings of and from God. Remarkably, God reveals what happened and where regarding the family affected by that rape by giving Bevington a vision. Then God heals that family. God remarkably heals an ailing baby and also heals grandma from constantly feeling the need to use herbs and remedies, teaching her that Jesus DOES heal. They burn her stash of herbs.
Jun 12, 2011
33 min
Chapter 6 (continued): Personal Dealings of and from God. God's remarkable supernatural healing of a bad burn on Bevington. The remarkable supernatural revelation of what exactly happened to drive a young lady and her family away from church after she was raped and made pregnant. How the church leaders encouraged Bevington to "stay on the trail that God led him on" in the unraveling of this mystery and how they were so angry when God showed him who was at fault. 
Jun 12, 2011
22 min
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