Religion on the Line
Religion on the Line
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Condescension on the line
I’m a long time listener to this show. I’m the first to admit, as an avid consumer of passionate debate, this show can be very compelling when the hosts are challenged by the callers. The Catholic Deacon does the best of the three hosts to present a reasonable and compassionate example of religious tolerance. Deacon Scholl can rarely be heard to lose his composure when confronted with the opposing viewpoint. The Rabbi does make an honest effort to understand the right of center view, although he clearly doesn’t personally hold these positions an is quick to anger despite his efforts. As for Reverend Hill... This man is a living embodiment of what has driven me from the Christian faith (although actually reading the text of the Bible was the final nail). Aside from also being quick to anger and his poor treatment of argumentative callers, he is clearly more passionate about his political views than his religious beliefs. The lefts “long March” to American institutions has taken over the educated clergy and we can see expressed on this show that “progressivism” is the real “religion” being expressed by two thirds of the cast. To sum up, if you want a “crossfire” style show presented as tolerant interfaith dialogue or if you want to listen to “men of god” angrily hanging up on callers as a lark, this show is for you.
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Col. Ironhorse