Rekindled Love My Journey With ABBA Father
Rekindled Love My Journey With ABBA Father
Margaret Christine Mullings
From under the cover of darkness to experiencing strange encounters, walking through the valley of the shadow of death to experiencing the stairway of visions. Praying without power . Encountering ABBA Father’s rekindled love to uncover the darkness which threatened to invade my life.
His Transformed Vessel
He had awakened her hunger for His Word and imparted a deeper thirsting for His presence. She was talking to Him about everything, her prayers were increasing with a passion for hurting souls. The cloak of darkness had been cast off along with every lustful desire of familiarity and irritation were burnt away. Her soul was being revived....
Oct 7, 2020
10 min
Soaring Above The Storm
Nothing could have prepared her for this storm....
Oct 5, 2020
8 min
My Forgotten Baby
A significant part of her journey was hidden because of her denial of the baby she had birthed, which happened many years ago. She had given birth to a bouncing baby boy. He looked like a fierce warrior and he kept on growing by leaps abs bounds but she did not know what to do with him...
Oct 1, 2020
7 min
Rekindled Love
While God is true to His Word, she soon discovered that He fulfills His Word in His timing. For a few years, she became almost a recluse. To the point of not going outside to enjoy the beautiful creation of her Abba Father but she never stopped going to the secret place of God.
Sep 29, 2020
9 min
Praying Without Power
Arising from the pit of despair to level ground was met with opposition and greater challenges. The passion for pursuing after her Abba Father was diminishing...
Aug 27, 2020
5 min
The Adversary Crept In
Confused, becoming angry and borderline bitter at times, it seemed that she was falling into a deep, dark bottomless pit. God was using these experiences to sharpen and refine her. The adversary began to throw dirt on her until she was buried alive...
Aug 27, 2020
5 min
Looking Back and Disobedience
Without realizing it, she became comfortable and had gotten stuck in a dangerous place...
Aug 25, 2020
6 min
Running With The Book
She sat reeling from the vision on the stairway and soon discovered a change...The Word of God would flow...
Aug 24, 2020
7 min
The Stairway of Visions
A large muscular white horse made its grand entrance. The white horse knelt beside her. It seemed as if the horse was protecting her from something....What was the meaning of the white horse and why did he seem to be protecting her?
Jul 31, 2020
11 min
Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
The Tour Guide made the announcement, "We about to go through the valley of the shadow of death! Anyone, who does not want to go, exit the bus now!" God was preparing her to walk through manly deathly experiences but she failed to learn what He was teaching her.
Jul 26, 2020
12 min
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