Regular Joes Podcast
Regular Joes Podcast
Dave Pisani, Barry Kay and Tod Pleasant
Ep 516: Walking Back
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Mar 7, 2024 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes
More than five years ago Barry, Dave and Tod walked away from onetime favorite, The Walking Dead. After enduring eight grueling years, from episode 1 to episode 5 of season 9, they vowed to never return. This week the fifth Walking Dead series, Walking Dead: Those who Live, debuted with the premise of reunite Rick and Michonne after five + years in real time, and who knows how long in nearly unreconcilable Walking Dead time. Can the Joes pick up at this point? Will they want to? Queue up this week’s ep to find out. Also, prompted by their recent pondering on which old films hold up and why, the Regular Joe’s re-watched a franchise launching film from 1986 to see whether it was better in their heads vs. now in the cold light of day. There’s also the usual, Random Topics and a round of What’s in the Box. Thanks for listening!