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Dedicated to Reggae Lovers - Reggae Lover pulls back the curtain on the issues, backstories, and adventures of the global reggae music phenomena, emphasizing sound system culture. The reggae lover podcast features quality discussions relatable to reggae lovers, from dubplates to current reggae to Studio One Lover's rock.
Wicked Sound Clashes With New Sounds on the Battlefield
We revisited Wicked Sound Clashes With New Sounds on the Battlefield, including the 12-sound Battle Royal competition, Yung Gunz versus Notorius in Brooklyn, and Innocent Sound versus Emperor Sound in the DMV.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Dec 12, 2022
48 min
Does Dancehall Have A Devastating Love Affair With Violence?
Reactions to the recent ban on violent content over Jamaican airwaves and TV. In addition, some alternatives for reducing crime are offered, and a short list of quality new music releases. Does Dancehall Have A Devastating Love Affair With Violence?Jamaica’s broadcasting regulator has banned all music and television broadcasts it perceives as glorifying criminal activity, drug use, weapons, or scamming. According to the Jamaican government, the goal is to reduce material that “could give the wrong impression that criminality is an accepted feature of Jamaican culture and society.” The ban comes after Jamaican authorities have battled rising gun violence rates, pushing the country’s murder rate to the highest of any nation in the Caribbean and Latin America in 2021. The ban also avoids “urban slang” related to lavish lifestyles, acquiring money, or making wire transfers.In Jamaica, the Broadcasting Commission is the regulatory body established to control media in the country. The Commission outlines its primary purpose as to serve as a regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communication sector for the benefit of Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Broadcast laws are established, and media entities are expected to follow the regulations outlined. Not following them could lead to sanctions and penalties.Resources: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Nov 29, 2022
23 min
Expert Analysis - Who Really Wins in the Clash At Sea?
Anticipation builds for the Welcome to Jamrock Sound Clash at Sea featuring World Clash champions Code Red versus Warrior Sound, Notorius with Little Shabba and Badgyal Marie, and Dynamq, a.k.a the "River Nile Crocodile." Who will win?We dissect recent and upcoming sound clash events, including:2022 Lawless Soundclash in California between Jah Mikey One, King Shine, and Blunt Posse.Mention of Destination Badda Dan 123 Canada.Emperor versus Innocent in DMV.King Addies vs. King Waggy T in South Florida.Irish and Chin 2023 Sound System Summit.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Oct 24, 2022
36 min
Innocent Defeats Addies In A New World Order Clash
We bring an analysis of the New World Order sound clash, which put Innocent Sound up against King Addies in Atlanta on September 17, 2022. Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment and The Fresh Station promoted the contest, and Dynamq held down hosting duties.In this episode:Recent clash record of both sounds.Recapping rounds 1 through 4 and tune fi tune.Where King Pin went wrong.What's next for each sound?"When it gets to the 3rd and 4th rounds, you better have something special to play." - Kahlil Wonda.Recommended Resources:(South Florida Caribbean News 2022) Sound Clash and Innocent Sound Win Big in Atlanta.(Youtube 2022) New World Order - King Addies vs. Innocent Sound - Atlanta GA - 9-17-2022.Facebook: King Addies Music Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Sep 27, 2022
35 min
Remarkable Murder of 5 Sound Guy by Diamond Sunshine
Breaking down the 123 Badda Dan Sound Clash held on August 13, 2022, in South Florida. Welcome to Season 10 of Reggae Lover!Last year's winner, Prodigy Movements (FL), competed against Super Tremor (Queens, NY), Redi Roc (Connecticut / FL), King Trendsetta (FL), Shockwave Sound (Brooklyn, New York), and King AP (Atlanta) in the 123 Badda Dan USA 🇺🇸 Sound Clash 2022.The winner of the Clash was Super Tremor with solo female selector, Diamond Sunshine at the controls. She exploited the other selectors in a remarkable fashion taking home the trophy and prize money along with 2 plane tickets to Europe to compete in the finals!The clash was hosted by Jimmy Spliff from King Shine and streamed live by Team Torment.Resources:(AUDIO) USA BADDA DAN SOUND CLASH 2022 (REDI ROC, KING AP, SHOCKWAVE, SUPER TREMOR, PRODIGY, TRENDSETTA).Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Sep 4, 2022
40 min
Top 5 Big Reggae Songs of the Year 2022
We present the Top 5 Big Reggae Songs of the Year 2022 so far. This is the Season 9 finale of the Reggae Lover.Also, check out Kahlil Wonda and AGARD on Pandora New Reggae Radio's "Best Reggae+Dancehall '22" program, a special mid-year feature to commemorate International Reggae Day. Here’s a direct link to the program: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Jul 24, 2022
24 min
The Truth About Mental Health in the Reggae World
This is a light touch on a heavy topic. More conversations like these need to be had.Resources:Heal and Grow Journey Podcast.Reggae Lover Episode 185 - Music Therapy featuring Jay Blessed.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Jul 3, 2022
39 min
Downbeat Falls to LP In A Monumental Sound Clash
We discuss how Downbeat and Firgo Digital Fell to LP In the "No Long Talking" Sound Clash.AGARD and Kahlil Wonda breakdown many aspects of this clash including:Downbeat's next-generation finally debuts as Tony Screw watches from the crowd.The competition between the 3 sound systems that strung up (audio quality).LP International's strategy and preparation for this dance.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Jun 5, 2022
56 min
What Happened At World Clash The End: Full Review
Hosts Kahlil Wonda and AGARD review and discuss the results of World Clash featuring Code Red, Dynamq, Mystic, Stereo 5, Observer, Empire, Warrior, Klymaxx, and Rodem Cyclone, plus other recent sound clashes in New York and Atlanta.Topics Covered:What Happened At World Clash The End: Full ReviewStereo 5 versus King AddiesKing Animosity versus Blunt PosseKing AP versus King EternityDownbeat versus Firgo Digital versus LP InternationalResources:Irish and ChinWorld Clash The End (audio)Prestige Cup - Blunt Posse vs. King AnimosityKing of the Ring - King AP vs. King EternityAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
May 14, 2022
1 hr 34 min
Poor Album Sales Revisited and Reactions to Best Comments
Processing the dismal first-week sales performance of recent albums from Koffee, Shensea, Spice, Skillibeng, Vybz Kartel, and Alkaline. Reading the "mailbag" and reacting to comments from listeners live.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Apr 24, 2022
41 min
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