John Raines and Dan Koch
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Love the engaging, intellectual discussion. It’s tough being a thinking believer without resources like this. Thanks and keep this program going.
Asks the Right Questions
The guys ask the right questions. They ask hermeneutical/interpretive questions assessing how we get to a particular understanding of Scripture rather skipping this step and demanding the text to tell us something. I see this as the new wave of evangelical intellectualism (not sure if the guys would agree with that). I think American evangelicalism is late to this game- a presupposition of modernist inerrancy is not debated in most of the rest of the evangelical world. But this podcast is an excellent grappling with the right questions to place American theology back on track. Great guests, great ideas. Two setbacks however: 1. Many of the guys’ notions of authority are humanist and individualistic. While inerrancy is bad, authority is not, yet it often seems that the guys place Scripture’s attributes as subservient to reason and philosophy. I suppose this is a legitimate approach to theology, but it undermines Scripture’s authority to some degree. 2. It often sounds like it’s being shared from a script- But it’s also too informal to be a lecture. You can’t passively listen. Bottom line- listen to this podcast if you’re an American evangelical because it will ask the question you never knew needed to be asked.
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Luke Heberle
Nice content
Nice and balanced discussion, the only thing is the audio is a bit harsh in certain higher frequencies. It would help if someone helped EQ the frequency levels. I’m listening on new AirPods and listen to pods all day but this one I had to turn wayyy down because something in the higher range is harsh on the ears.
Very thoughtful and engaging
Love this podcast. Very nice intellectually stimulating
Accessable yet detailed!
This podcast is awesome.
If Jesus were on earth today...
...I think he'd give this five stars. And be a frequent guest. Though the grace, authenticity and insight here make me suspect he's already the Executive Producer.
Religion Made Relatable
John and Dan, along with their incredible guests have accomplished what very few people can; accurately depicting issues within the church and religion while still honoring their faith AND being true to themselves. It’s a fine line, but they walk it to perfection. Thanks for putting out such a great show guys - keep up the great work!
A beautiful little treasure of a podcast
I have been so challenged by this podcast - it’s not easy listening by any stretch, but it has made me think deeply. I hope there will be more episodes.
Incredibly clear. No pandering. Not a wasted word in any podcast.
I am in the midst of Deconstructing my Christian faith. After listening to the first episode, I am confident these guys will lead me to Truth, whatever that may be. If you are about to listen to this podcast, start with episode 1! It really helps frame it all. And although it is heady, it is completely worth it to reverse every time I was confused. Contrary to some reviewers, I think they are hilarious. Their humor are the light sprinkles on the cake.
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C.R. Wallace
Just What My Soul Needed
Thank you so much for this thoughtful and sensitive podcast. It has been such a gift to me as I have navigated an unexpected deconstruction of my faith. You are intellectually honest and unafraid to be open minded. These are character traits which have been hard for me to experience in my faith communities. I am so grateful for you for creating Reconstruct, and I hope you continue to produce more podcasts. They are so valuable!!
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Insightful and balanced
I love the balance of the two point of view that are always presented. The hosts assume the best of each other and they engage in good faith and not hostility toward straw-men arguments.
An Honest, Refreshing Dialogue
This podcast manages to approach an enormous spectrum of opinions in Christian thought with a tact, grace, and nuance that is becoming all too rare in modern culture. Thank you both for your wisdom and honesty!
Best Theology/Christianity podcast
Equally challenging yet affirming, Reconstruct is far and away the most heady Christian podcast I’ve stumbled upon. Not backing down from tough topics, John and Dan are great, intelligent hosts, and I am so stoked for Season 2. Thank you for all your work guys!
Fantastically thoughtful
This podcast is what Christian dialogue should be. It’s so great to have multiple viewpoints represented through healthy discussions. I can’t wait for the second season!
Perfect podcast for anyone who's deconstructing
There are quite a few podcasts about deconstruction, but the goal of Reconstruct definitely comes across as Dan and John break down important theological topics and offer paths forward.
Very Liberal
This is very liberal Christian podcast. I like being open to other points of view, because I think it’s good to challenge our beliefs. This show does that, but sometimes they are over-the-top liberal. There is definitely an attempt here to adapt Christianity to the world, rather than relying on the truth and inerrancy of the Bible.
Helpful for all stages
I am so thankful for this podcast. It has opened my eyes to the many different views and stances you can take on issues in Christianity, and taken away the tension of this need to have everything completely right. That it comes down to the basics and Jesus delights in our process of deconstruction and reconstruction. Thank you for this podcast.
I have been deconstructing my faith over the course of the past year, and had no clue where to start in the reconstruction process. This podcast has helped me immensely in processing questions I have and is helping me enter into a positive reconstruction.
The dialogue and conversations on this podcast are giving language to the process I’ve been going through but didn’t have words for it. I find I can only relate my deconstruction process to those who have lost their faith and those who continue to have the faith I have, don’t understand the questions I’ve gone through. This has been so encouraging and is helping me process through my own reconstruction. Your respectful dialogue when differing is also wonderful. Thanks guys!
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Stefanie R G.
Thanks guys!
Such a helpful tool to help with reconciling truths after deconstruction and crisis of faith
Bearded fury
Great Podcast
I never have much to say. Just leaving a review to help the ranking.
A very open exploration of Christianity. I love it, honestly.
Very Thoughtful!
Such a great show. Very thoughtful, challenging and wonderfully human. Such a great resource to help dial-in what one thinks about their faith and how to live it faithfully.
Roscoe James
I love this podcast. They approach theology in a respectful, intelligent way but also walk a weird balance of being able to simplify theology in to a relatable and understandable perspective. Love it love it love it!
Thank you
Really enjoying this show. Very thoughtful.
Got Questions?
Great podcast if you have questions and are afraid to ask. They discuss topics thoroughly and understandably. I love this podcast. Helps with my growth and maturity.
Important and insightful!
This podcast can do wonders for the Christian skeptic. What a great way to analyze and discover what it means to be a Christian in today's day and age.
Uncharitable and Technically Shallow
If you are looking for a podcast that presents the podcaster's positions against the best of their opponents this is not for you. If you want a self affirming, unargued, presentation of what is called progressive Christianity of several variaties this is a pleasurable place to hear that. This is basically show and tell for thirty year old theology buffs. Very nice, but CSLewis warned us all about the nice. Bill the Blizzard would not be comfortable listening in.
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An Agrarian
Thought provoking, down to earth, and very insightful
Chad M M
Incredibly thought-provoking!
I've been on a journey to dig deeper for about a year now, so when these podcasts came to my attention the timing seemed perfect. I admit sometimes they are a little above my intellectual pay grade, but I never fail to come away with some truths that are transformative. I look forward to my morning walks and listening to Dan and John and whoever they're interviewing. Thank you so much for addressing these difficult topics.
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Love and miss this!!
It's just like water for me in a desert. Hearing these guys speak, brilliantly- as dispel the myth that I need to see scripture the same exact way my parents did, in order to be a Christ follower- soothes me.
One of those unique moments...
...where the Lord launches me into a new period of discovery, challenge, growth, of turning the prism to let an old light reflect in new ways, of genuinely deepening my love for God! Through deconstruction of all things! And now onto the reconstruction. Thank you both.
I love this podcast
This is bringing me back to a deeper relationship with God. I found it as a regular BCpod listener. It's thoughtful, articulate, and makes me think. It really helps me see God in a more mature and complex way. Thx guys.
Awesome content!
This is what I've been looking for in a podcast. Dan and John both have ideas that don't always mesh well, but they present them in ways where the listener can decide what makes more sense to them! Also, they have amazing guests.
My Current Favorite Theology Podcast
Dan and John are very thoughtful, fair, and entertaining in this wonderful podcast discussing God and Theology. The quality, production, and conversation make this one of my favorite podcasts.
Very Impressed
There are other podcasts, and media for that matter, that delve into the hard work of critical thinking through religion, spirituality, relationship with God, and all the other things that go with that. John and Dan are EASILY the most learned and articulate hosts out there for this type of query. I learn something every time I listen. I may not always agree, but it's so refreshing to hear the inner workings of someone "working out" their faith and belief. Keep going, gentlemen!!
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Michael E in Austin
Great podcast!
Well done guys!
The theological discussions I've always wanted from church
Interesting regardless of your faith background.
I enjoy the openness to the ideas of others that stays a safe distance away from blind acceptance. This podcast is super helpful for where I am at spiritually.
Godfrey R
i am loving this thought provoking, question permitting, journey propelling adventure podcast! thank you john & dan for tuning into this pocket of your calling and faithfully gathering this material & content that i might better understand the intricacies of my own excruciating transformation & reconstruction process.
The Hazy's
For thoughtful, thrown-off Christians
If you're someone who has church in your blood but has also been thrown off kilter in your faith, this podcast is for you. Dan and John's personal stories of deconstruction and and reconstruction as well as their guests' stories will strengthen and inspire the soul. Hearing where our journeys have corresponded greatly encourages me to keep moving forward in whatever this faith thing is. If you're strong on the church scene and haven't or aren't facing a period of faith deconstruction, this will still give you some food for thought. So listen with a strong and non-judgmental stomach! John sounds like Wikipedia Incarnate for theology and philosophy. His ideas and responses drip with clarity and logic. Dan's humor makes the discussions that much more enjoyable alongside his intelligent and challenging arguments. Many thanks for doing this guys!!
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Great perspective
Lots of good insight from these guys and the guests - definitely worth the listen.
Insightful and refreshing
I have been in the constant process of deconstruction and rebuilding for 3 years and have come to the realization that it will always be that way for me. This podcast really is helpful and insightful in so many ways and it's easy to hear what is being said because of the care that is taken to be non-combative and use language carefully and precisely.
Good for post-Christians
Fantastic podcast for people who have left the church, and considering coming back to the church! Love it!
Great podcast
Just what someone coming out of massive deconstruction needs
So needed. After McClaren, Rollins, Bell, Enns, etc I feel like I am in a post apocalyptic theological wasteland. This podcast has helped me move from a critical negative perspective to come back to God again.
Mr Dalebout
Easily to the top of my favorite podcasts since episode 1. Thanks for all the esoteric vocabulary John! Makin me sound smart n stuff.
Fabulous, intellectually stimulating, & challenging!
These two are taking this critical conversation to an entirely new, yet absolutely necessary level. Eagerly anticipating this podcast.
So dope
Simon Cunningham
Just what I needed
These guys are exactly the voices I needed to hear during this period of my life.
Jud Neer
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