Realm of the supernatural - Paranormal - Cryptozoology - Ghost stories - Mysteries - Hauntings - UFO
Realm of the supernatural - Paranormal - Cryptozoology - Ghost stories - Mysteries - Hauntings - UFO
Paranormal - Cryptozoology - Ghost stories - Mysteries - Hauntings - UFO's
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Wha??? Wild story. Great reporting
Thanks for telling story. Real life is too bizarre
Happy tot
Love that they can’t transcribe correctly!
Try reading the Details of each episode. They are not even transcribed into English. That REALLY makes me want to listen.
Very boring.
Blowfish and the Hooties
It’s fine if you don’t mind trump
With all the unrest and seeing people beaten in the streets here in the US, the last thing I want to hear is two European dudes talking about American politics and trump. This is not escapism enough for me anymore and I can’t support a podcast that supports him. It is a listenable podcast, but not for me anymore.
Great podcast!
Love to hear your stories and people's experiences.
Edit: oRaNgE mAn BaD!
Unfounded, hateful Trump bashing from guests such as “Cheryl” Costa and nasty liberal callers. Why politicize this topic? Enjoy your soy, beta-Brits. Update: Stars adjusted for hilarious on-show read & not-so-beta Trump opinion.
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Great show! Interesting topics, and wonderful, humorous conversation make this podcast stand out. I recommend subscribing to get all of the latest content.
Freakin’ Incredible Podcast!
This podcast is THE BOMB DOT COM! I have listened to many paranormal podcasts, and this one is my favorite by far. I listen to it at work, in the car, in my bed, mowing the lawn, whilst doing house chores, etc...basically all the time. Being from the States, I do love Lee and Finch’s accents, and they have great senses of humor! I find myself chuckling out loud frequently. As an atheist/agnostic and not believing in a Creator/Higher Power, this broadened my mind to think about how energy moves and the possibilities of things we can’t explain which do exist. The hosts also treat stuff in a critical manner, which lends to the podcast’s authenticity. I have been very impressed with the guests they have had on the show, which cover a huge range of topics. I am an avid podcast listener in general, and this is one of my favorite podcasts of all time! I immerse myself in nature frequently, and now I’m always on the lookout for all things strange/paranormal. Keep up the incredible work, please, because I mourn the day where I’m all caught up on episodes and I have to wait a week or weeks for a new one! Strongly recommend becoming a Patreon member, too, for the added content. It’s totally worth it. Thanks again!!
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Kara Fremmi
Fantastic Podcast
I love the wide variety of topics this podcast touches. Highly recommend!
Jackie Wilkins
Great paranormal podcast.
I consider this to be one of the best paranormal podcasts out there and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the paranormal !
Ryan of Mon Valley
My new favorite
I love this show because the opinions about supernatural events are raw and honest. Creepy content, yes, but our hosts are so funny without even trying to be that I can listen to scary stuff and still sleep afterwards. It’s very entertaining and different. It’s just great.
I love your podcast! Please keep up the great work! But, Where can I listen to episode 1-9? It doesn’t show up on your episode list.
Facebook? Absolutely not.
Why can’t you put pics on a website instead of directing listeners to the dumpster fire that is Facebook? Also, all the Trump cultists can shove it. You spent 8 years bashing Obama, so enjoy your just desserts, crybabies.
Jetta J
It’s getting old
Why? Can we leave politics out of something like this? Could careless how much you hate trump could have been a good podcast but sick of politics in everything.......
Love it
Great podcast. Look forward to every episode that I listen to while on my walks. Unique and varied.
Great show!
Just found the show and catching up! Great, fun hosts and all the awesome weird kinda stuff I wish I had people to talk to about! Would like to see more cryptid episodes and I prefer the episodes with no guests. Keep up the great work guys!
Favorite Paranormal Podcast
I love the supernatural and most things paranormal but found myself to be highly disappointed in every “paranormal” podcast I’ve found until this one. Almost all of them I’ve found sound like they’re only there to scare you or they don’t take the paranormal seriously. I love how these guys share their opinions no matter what side they’re on and even if I share a different opinion I still can’t help but listen to them and think “yeah, they might be on to something.” They look at everything in a realistic way and don’t try to scare you which I hate about “scary paranormal podcasts” because I want to hear about stories and opinions, facts and information. I find myself immersed and entertained in every episode even if I don’t believe what they’re covering or have no interest in it. That’s what I look for in podcasts, hell entertainment itself. I’ll listen and no matter how absurd I’ll think the subject is, they make me start to believe and I’ll start thinking about it myself. I love you guys! Keep up the awesome work! Best podcast by far!
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This podcast does a amazing job of covering every corner of every topic it touches, THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME THROUGH WORK EVERY DAY!
Can’t deal with the negativity anymore
I listen to a LOT of paranormal podcasts and I have never left anything then a 5 star rating to help out the podcast because I know how hard it is to make a podcast successful. The paranormal field is a difficult one to get people to rationalize. I have a great deal of respect for People who are will to go on record(and on line)and publicly stand by what some(most) would laugh at. I have listened to 99% of you podcast and today I had to unsubscribe because I am tired of: -YOU GUYS NEVER EVER ARE ON THE SAME PAGE -YOUR BELIEVES AREWHAT YOU EACH BELIEVE BUT OUTSIDE THAT,”WELL THEN YOUR A NUTTER!!!” -The quantity vs quality is horrible(amount of content,ACTUAL STORIES as compared to you guys disagreeing)have you guys been friends long? I would think EVENTUALLY you guys would hopefully know each other and if you don’t agree with the other persons opinion(hollow earth, religion, souls, what ghosts are and where they come from, etc)at least respect each other’s thoughts. IT GET TIRING QUICKLY AND ITS TOUGH ENOUGH TO ARGUE WITH NONBELIEVERS WHO DON’T AGREE WITH US, I don’t wanna hear it on a paranormal show. -As far as your guest are concerned If I want a bio I’ll read the inside of the book cover......CONTENT! STORIES, I don’t care about the author tell me about the book! If you guys wanna have a little podcast and quips then knock yourselves out, but if you guys wanna grow an audience and gain credibility for the paranormal then treat ALL AREA OF PARANORMAL SUBJECTS WITH AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT OF RESPECT! How in the heck do you expect to gain credibility when you don’t treat each other respectfully(and yes, sometimes silence speaks louder then words)or each other’s beliefs respectfully you will never get us to buy in, change our minds,or believe in what you say. -If one of you don’t Agee with what the other said in a story then back it up with proof(there is sooooo much content out there that you can pretty much prove or disprove a story with FACTS! Would it kill you to do a pre-show meeting and take notes and pull up facts and stories that back up what you are saying? A little fact checking on your stories would not hurt either. Here is what I’m talking about: “Person 1:..........and so the ghost cause his car to crash.” Person 2: “was that in England?” Person 1: I don’t know.” Person 2: When did it happen?” Person 1: I don’t know. The article is dated last year I think” Person 2: “Did he die?” Person 1: “It doesn’t say” Person 2: “So what happened after that?” Person 1: “ I don’t know.” Person 2: “Well I don’t believe that could happen.” KILL ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Still I wish you guys well on your journey and in the end I guess we will find out who was right and who was wrong............ Person 2:
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I have been binge listening since I found your podcast. I love the variety of subjects and the intelligent discussions between yourselves and the guests you have. Keep up the great work!
Way too blokey for me
Not much info. Lots of rambling without following any thread. Couldn’t bear it.
Definitely worth a listen
Great variety of topics covered. Non-biased commentary, and they give a detailed account of all the events. Love how these topics provide fuel for the imagination.
Get to the point.
Made it half way through an hour long episode and only heard 1 story. I don’t care about what’s going on in 2 random guys lives. I guess I’ll have to keep searching for a good straight to the point paranormal podcast
Terrible quality sound!
Wow! The sound mix is horrid! The main guy doesn’t mute himself while guests are speaking, so we can hear him breathing into the mic! The sound levels are terrible. Very distracting.
Mac from USA
It's awesome to hear about cryptos, ghosts and UFO sightings on another continent and how they are delt with by the government as well as the paranormal community. Great subjects and information. Thank you for your time with this podcast!
Could be better.
Great concept but two English guys with heavy accent mucking around with ideas in slap happy way is very entertaining. Sounds like I’m in a pub
bongo bill
Cheers from Wisconsin!
I really enjoy the podcast. Informal atmosphere like you are talking with your brothers or close friends. Love the subjects discussed. Getting better and better!
Llaura Llea
Really good stories and topics but it’s impossible to listen to because the guy can’t read! Takes forever to get sentences out!
I tried
Holy over done batman. Not an easygoing podcast for the listener. Kind of forced. I’ll try? For a bit longer.
The only pj
Need to prep more
Okay stories but the way the stories are read makes it sound like nobody read them prior. A simple preread would make you sound much better.
Great listen!
Just discovered your podcast - really enjoying your style and chat. Not a lot of fluff from music or otherwise. Excited to hear more - of your shows (plus those sexy accents 😂😉) - love from America
Big Nono after update
Love you!! from DoxieGal
I can't wait each week until your next show comes out. I re-listen to many of the shows--always hear something a little different and more entertaining each time. Couldn't be more pleased!!
Love it
I enjoy listening to this podcast when I work. Always been a paranormal fan. I grew up in a haunted house and my uncle was a leading Bigfoot expert in the Pacific Northwest, so lots of stories. It’s great to listen to you guys!
These guys do great work on the full gamut of paranormal/supernatural topics. No “Stonehenge” unturned. A terrific blend of research, storytelling, and humor. They try to give equal time to both the believer and skeptical sides of every topic and are willing to pose some tough questions to their guests. An all around great show. Highly recommended!
Fantastic show!
So glad I found this program! It combines the best of scholarly, the informational, the humorous, and the entertainment aspects in an accessible format for the listener. The delightful Yorkshire accents are simply an additional positive element to each episode, and make hearing this program a bright spot in my day. Keep up the good work gentlemen!
One of my very favorites! ❤️
I’ve listened to this podcast for a while and previously wrote a review that somehow disappeared, but I’ll write another! Great guys and so “down to earth.” They each have their own opinions, and can respectfully agree to disagree. I’m very glad for open-mindedness and how you both respect the people you interview, even if you don’t share their beliefs. I love you guys, and keep up the great work! (P.s. plsss do another episode on mermaids!)
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It’s a fine show. They seem like decent fellas in most aspects. The drawbacks are they are not very objective. It’s fine to believe but this often takes it too far. Also very pointed opinions on people of any religion. Not being religious is all good but not being respectful is not the best thing.
Love listening to this podcast insightful love their opinions and questions on certain subjects...buuuuut what the hell is that drum noise? Hahaha it’s random and distracting and annoying but I wonder if they have a drum next to them that they randomly bang on to wake themselves or the audience up?? Or like to scare the person listening if they are focused and listening and into these creepy stories?! I hope it stops cuz I listen so closely and every time it startles me Hahahah LOVE THE SHOW!
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Great podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Facts and humor in a single podcast. Bullocks to the haters. Cheers!
Great stuff
Would love to come to Great Britain just to share a pint with these guys and talk about weird stuff. Very intelligent and though provoking ideas presented on this podcast and the humour is spot on. Love it.
Love the accents!
I listen to these guys nearly 10 hours a day while at work! I love paranormal podcasts and I love that these guys explore further than the regular ghost stories! My favorites are the alien abduction stories. These guys have truly opened my eyes up to a whole new world and I love it! Keep it up!
Can't turn them off
New favorite podcast. Lee and Andy cover a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. They strike a great balance: not shouty and chaotic but not a dreary monotone either. Both have nice voices and accents, and some nice banter without straying far off topic for very long. I listen at work so I love that they have long and comprehensive episodes. I'm a lifelong paraphile but I always learn a few new facts from their research. They seem like the sort of blokes you could buy a pint and spent hours talking about ghosts and cryptids.. As you do.
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Best Paranormal Podcast in the UK
Love the show guys, great variety of topics, interesting and captivating interviews plus some paranormal news! The show is fun and Andy and Lee are quite entertaining. Definitely worth the listen. Keep up the great work guys!!
This show has quickly become one of favorites!Keep up the great work guys.I look forward to every new episode.
Great podcast
Great podcast I would strongly recommend them. Have listened to about 3 4 episodes these guys deserve 5 stars hands down. Thanks guys
Source material?
The guys use the movie Troll Hunter (great flick) as “information” on giants and government coverup. Ridiculous
Great podcast
I like these guys they’re very open minded as well as their guests.
My favorite podcast
Ever since I came across this podcast I never miss an episode. Lots of podcasts in this genre talk about the same things over and over but, this podcast does an amazing job of providing diverse and fascinating content (from interviews, paranormal experiences , weird history, cryptozoology, UFO’s, strange crime stories and more). Even if the hosts don’t agree with the topic at hand they’re so respectful to their guests and provide great information. Keep up the great work and as always, I’m looking forward to the next new episode. Sending love from America (Texas).
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Love the podcast
I love this podcast. The topics are great. The accents are perfect. :) Great job, guys! My family in Idaho <3s you!
Smile it’s you!
Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene! It’s my family thinks about, you know what I mean or you wouldn’t be here either. Floss twice a day sounds different when it’s from a certified dental hygienist and not dad. Wash your hands before every meal. Duh right? I thought I was alone until I found this podcast but these guys know how to pound the simple things into our domes with class and the slyness of a date rapist. Thanks guys! It’s jus... wrong podcast your cool though.
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