Reality LA Video Podcast: Bible Teaching
Reality LA Video Podcast: Bible Teaching
Reality LA
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5 stars from one Church to another!
It's always refreshing to hear the timeless truths of Gods Word brought to life for our current generation with such a dedication to doctrinal purity. Reality LA is a cutting edge church that clearly preaches the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, and seeks to teach the fulness of the Bible to lead people into a personal relationship with Christ and then help then grow in that relationship. These messages will change your life, and if you are able to attend a Reality LA service better yet! Don't wait, these messages are 5 stars all the way!
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Chris Karma
The scriptures in clarity
Praise God for what He is doing in Los Angeles. With the help of Tim Chaddick and all those who serve in the Reality LA ministry, He is bring His Holy and precious Word to the people of LA with clarity and power. Amen!! -Abide in the true vine, John 15:1-8
Speechless, God is the head!
I haven't been going very long, I must say, I've learned more, been called higher & heart checked in my faith in ways in the last month than I have ever in my 3 yr pursuit of Christ!