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Real Vision Daily Briefing: Finance & Investing
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Another Great Interview 16FEB2024
Maggie Lake has again provided another great interview, this time with Jim Bianco. Mr. Bianco had the most incredibly insightful comment on the political implications of the top 50% versus the bottom 50% in the current macroeconomic landscape. The smartest statement of why this is a meta-stable situation and ultimately unsustainable trajectory.
Tony Greer
Tony Greer is the 🐐
TG Macro enthusiest
Liquidity is everything
Very happy when is saw Michael Howell as the guest. I’ve been a disciple of his liquidity framework for over 17 years. Fills me with satisfaction when I see someone else get understands his work because it’s so powerful.
Florida Fitness Buffs
Kuppy desperate again
I am long oil but not as desperate as this guy when he gets so annoying.
Buy Bonds... No wait, now buy bonds, No Wait...
Sry but Raul use to be a great Marco investor... Now, well better off taking Cramer's opinion =)
Jay Hopkin
Great Hosts and guests. Commercials could be great too if the readers stop sounding like an NPR host
Maggie is the voice of the show so why not have her read the commercials in her conversational voice?
Annoyed also222
My top investing education source
This podcast is a daily ritual, and led me to ultimately become a member of RV. The daily market recaps are insightful and contain meaningful information about the market each day. It’s not a recap of the indices and closing prices. It’s a deep dive into what really matters and the things you need to know to invest for the long haul.
Quad zero!
Podcast is terrible
You can find REAL news right here.
Charlie Sheen Meyer
Amazing Content about Economics
Everyone on this podcast is very informative and I enjoy how the use data to back up their facts! Have learned a lot from these guys. Keep going guys! Would be nice if you guys can bring on George Gammon on the show!
Loosing money? Half podcast shows?
I used to love Real Vision but now they are pushing their “free” website and play these half podcasts. Idk why they are doing this. They used to be a part of my daily routine and now I can’t finish one show with out them saying “if you want to listen to the rest, go somewhere else” nonsense. Too bad, you guys had a following there for a minute.
Honest opinion: I. More Raul 2. More Crypto
I wish I could’ve rated this Pod higher than a 3* however I have a few issues. I love hearing Raul talk and he Loves Ethereum, Crypto, & The MetaVerse… this Pod focus’ on Legacy Markets and oil and traditional stocks. For a show produced by the man and my favorite speaker I was let down by the lack of crypto and lack of Raul.
I can’t believe this is free!
Been in institutional finance for over a third my life and I can confirm you’re not going to get deeper insights for free anywhere else on Global Wall Street. Great team. Great production. Great guests. Definitely subscribe!
Darius Dale, CEO of @42macro
Love this show
Really enjoy the commentators, interviewers, guests. The only issue is that sometimes people have different accents than the listener and right as they are talking about investment suggestions and implementation, there is a word or two that I miss! Might be just me. But if not, would it be possible to please put the trade/investment ideas into the notes of the episode? Or else please have the interviewer repeat it several times to make sure we all get it? I went back and listened and re-listened at different speeds and just missed some of the calls entirely, …. because I couldn’t understand the accent. (Absolutely love the diversity of the team, so certainly I would enjoy if you kept up with that!) Thank you!
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Climate Angel
Stopped Listening
Enjoyed Raul takes on innovation. But RealVision is now a cesspool of fear mongering
Upper Level!
Hands down one of the most trusted names in bitcoin.
Listened for a few months…waste of time in my opinion
I h8 dns
This venue always plugs Ethereum. Decentralized in name only. Dino.
This venue always plugs Ethereum. Decentralized in name only. Dino. Short term Ethereum is OK. Long-term it will have a lot of competition and it passes the Howie test. In other words, Ethereum is a security. In the future, a lot of reporting will be required.
Sadly falling in its value
I’ve been a listener both paid and free of the podcast and the Real Vision service since it’s early inception. The show peaked prior to Covid with quality content, deep interviews and an array of guests and quality interviewers… without fail, every time. The show took a turn a couple years back… shorter form content, no Grant Williams, and now it seems like a walking advertisement, whether for Goldman Sachs or for Real Vision events. I appreciate what these guys built, but it sadly no longer feels like the vision in Real Vision is to “Democratize the world of finance,” like it so clearly was.
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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Wherever you are in your journey as an investor and participant in the market - this is a must-listen resource! Ash and the entire RV team do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics you’ve got to have a handle on to build a cohesive investment thesis - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Great show, could not have picked a worse sponsor
I’ll start by saying this is a high quality show to watch, and I recommend it. But I can’t go higher than one star if these guys actually feel comfortable enough to say they’re sponsored by the Koch empire. Idk if these guys believe in climate change, probably not is my guess since the ceo lives in the caymans and the old host was always anti Biden. The kochs have done more than anyone else to erode the social consensus that climate change actually is a problem that we should maybe try to address. “The free market! Personal responsibility! Fascist government! Don’t hurt the economy!” It’s all part of the discursive war to convince people that’s it’s not about death and greed and more death. it’s about fReEdoM! Check Cato institutes near-weekly article on why climate change isn’t as bad as we think and why planning to address it is actually the government trying to control us. Wrong, they just work for the Koch’s who make money off climate denialism. If the real vision guys are really on team Koch, I’ll keep listening because I like the show but I’m dropping this one star here because you must be held accountable for your choices. It’s a personal responsibility thing.
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Realvision is invaluable!
The team at RealVision has been a great go-to source for economic information in my journey to learn Macroeconomics and finance. Raoul Pal’s insights are spot on, and everyone else provides so much great input from their point of view. Things that I see and they provide confirmation, and things I don’t see, that I’m glad THEY saw. Highly recommend listening. You won’t be disappointed.
Great interviews! Ed has got to be one of the hardest working podcast hosts out there.
Great show!
The hosts of the Real Vision podcast, highlight all aspects of finance and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Fourth Turning Update Guest
Murders are going up because people are buying more guns??? Seriously? How about giving data driven people a platform instead of someone who shoots (pun unintended) from the hip with emotionally based thoughts that do zero to actually address the real problems?
Ed Harrison is a silly goose
There’s a few really good episodes. Followed these guys for a while and Ed is really not super bright. His understanding and analysis are almost always one sided which is amazing considering the people interviewed on here are really well rounded
Raoul is ...
“Bitcoin is big not because it is a bubble, it is because it is a network effect”... Well Ponzi schemes are also network effects. Stop asking him to come on this channel, even if he owns it
jayesh ametha
They could do better than having regulars like Tony Greer on. Poor takes, not worth your time.
Frustrated customer #58204763
Lazy analysis
This analysis is really lazy and very much on the surface. Not much depth here. Hard to discern if there is any investment process underpinning their “take” on market movements.
Dan Octane
Max is doing a great Job!
With Max at the helm, your briefings haven’t missed a beat. Gaining a lot of insight from his perspectives; He and Ed have just as good a quality and rapport when disseminating info as with Ash. Nice Job!!
Naima Disa
Well played Mike Green!
Mike’s interview with Jeremy Grantham was great - Jeremy & Mike were both fantastic
Derivatives Trader
RV has lost its way
RV use to provide ok content but now they are pushing get rich quick “crypto”. They lure people in with the promise of bitcoin info then use the platform to pitch “alt coins” they make money on.
Does EH and RP and the others trade their own accounts or manage/advise others? Honest question, just curious...
Erik Zbik
Narratives, not news
Was initially impressed with RV, but lately it has become obvious they are just pushing RP’s investment narratives.
Truth Aficianado
Buy Bitcoin. World is Ending
Not much else to add. Rinse and repeat.
The Veran
Charter schools
Would’ve been nice to ask Moscowitz about reconciling her support of Biden with the Democrats platform of destroying charters!
Great new format; new intern not so much
Excellent content, but the new intern is not nearly as good as the last guy who did the openings. Please reassign her and bring him back!
finger on the pulse financial expertise
Real Vision knocks it out of the park as always! Unbiased coverage from the real heavy hitters you want to hear and learn from. Thank you RV!!
Best market review out there
I’ve been listening to Real Vision for a while and seen the podcast go through various format structures. The recent change to the Daily Briefing structure now provides the best daily market recap available. This is now a part of my daily routine to keep up to date on market news. Thank you Real Vision for providing something far superior to the likes of CNBC, CNN, and all the other major news outlets.
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Making sense of the current economy
In such uncertain and unchartered territory, I love listening to the Real Vision Daily Briefing. Their in depth analysis of what’s happening, why it’s happening and what to think about in the coming months is invaluable. Highly recommend this podcast if you want to learn and make better financial decisions.
Best Financial Postcast out there!!
Unbiased, invaluable information during the recession and Covid! An absolute must-listen.
The Best Podcast Ever
There is no better podcast if you are interested in finance, investing, or economics. I particularly like the combination of the long form interviews with the timely updates of the Daily Briefing. I’ve been listening for years and although a lot has changed over the years I’m always happy when I see a new episode.
Best finance insights
Loving the Daily Briefing as the best recap about everything going on in markets. Real Vision continues to deliver the best in-depth analysis on the market & economy
No other financial content comes close
Hands down this is the best finance, and business podcast out there. If you invest and follow the global economy, no other outlet has this type of in-depth analysis, with more invaluable information during the recession and covid-19 and frankly at any time than Real Vision’s podcast. If you don’t already listen—you need it.
FANG's All Day
Transforming Technical into Practical
For a non-financial industry employee with a new found, child-like curiosity in understanding the larger forces at work within the domestic & global economy, I have found RV’s daily briefings and weekend interviews to be single most valuable use of my time in my journey to self educate myself on such a broad swath of economic and financial topics. Raoul Pal is clearly a thought leader in the industry and provides compelling data to support all of his positions. Ed Harrison and Ash Bennington deliver daily segments that are information rich and engaging. Ed possess the unique ability to boil complex theories down through anecdotal storytelling which adds a practical, human element to otherwise dense material. I highly recommend for anyone from institutional investors to non-industry individuals looking to broaden their understanding of the global economy.
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The Best Stock Market Analysis Around
So much better than any of the ratings-driven analysis on CNBC. These guys know their stuff and, whether I agree with them or not, they’re actually providing real insights and ideas that make me think. Real Vision is the Real Deal.
Best Recap Out There
I love the format and wide range of subject matter. This has replaced all other financial/business podcasts that i have subscribed to in the past. Great job Gents.
Great Team of Economic Thinkers
I love the podcast and always look forward to the latest release. Great job, folks!!
Jon Turek
Taking quotes out of context
When a finance/business podcast host quotes a company’s Executive out of context (e.g. Ford Motor Co. CEO, Jim Hackett, as saying “there is no future” from FMC Q1 2020 Earnings Call), it makes me wonder how biased and warped the other information is on this show. I read the transcript of that conversation. Maybe the host should’ve also done that. I expect good, honest information in order to make better financial decisions. Guess I’ll move on and find more reliable podcast.
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