Real Talk For Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey
Real Talk For Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey
Dr. Becky Bailey
Creating Optimal Relationships for Optimal Learning
15 minutes Posted Mar 13, 2020 at 4:35 pm.
What is Conscious Discipline?
Introduction of guest J.C. Commander
Responding to truancy with relationship-building and Conscious Discipline
Building relationships through athletics
J.C.’s introduction to Conscious Discipline
Favorite success story
Success story with younger children
What’s Becky up to?
What’s Becky celebrating?
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Show notes
At its core, Conscious Discipline is a relationship program. Our brain is a social brain that develops
through relationships. To change the brain for optimal learning, we must create optimal relationships.
No matter how you choose to weave Conscious Discipline into your classroom, school or district,
remember: As we improve relationships, we improve learning.
In this podcast, you’ll hear from J.C. Commander, a dean of students for South Euclid-Lyndhurst City
School District in Ohio. As the dean of students in a small district, J.C. wears many hats. Whether he’s working with students who are truant and their families, coaching basketball, or teaching breathing strategies to young children, J.C. puts relationships at the forefront. Listen in to learn how Conscious Discipline has helped J.C. and his district prioritize relationships in order to optimize learning.
Essential Takeaways
• Often, the reason children miss school is relationship-based. They may have social issues or lack
relationships with their teachers. In other cases, it’s helpful to work with parents to establish a
routine that helps children successfully get up and get to school in the morning.
• Athletics are a great way to build relationships with students through common interests.
• With older children, a Friends and Family Board can serve as motivation. Students revisit photos
of their parents or other family members as a reminder of their “why.”
• In your first year implementing Conscious Discipline, it’s OK to choose a few key areas of focus
and a few structures you’d like to implement. J.C. initially focused on routines and relationships,
and he implemented the Wish Well, Greetings and Friends and Family Board. He also helped
students learn Conscious Discipline deep breathing techniques, with great results.
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