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Real Life Radio Ep. 007: Matthew Distefano – Heretic!
Welcome to Real Life Radio Episode 007! I’m pleased to share with you my interview of my friend Matthew Distefano. He recently released his fourth book “Heretic!” on April 1st. You can find the book here. In this episode, Matthew discusses: What is theology? Is he a “theologian?” Why does theology matter? What is a […]
Apr 12, 2018
51 min
Real Life Radio – 006: Free To Love – An interview about a controversial new book [Podcast]
Welcome to Real Life Radio: Episode 006. I have my friend Jamal Jivanjee back with me again, but this time for more than just a chat amongst friends. Jamal recently released his first book, Free To Love: How Oneness Transcends Marriage and Singleness, and joined me to talk about it. Jamal’s book has stirred up […]
Feb 28, 2016
Real Life Radio: Episode 005 – Matthew Distefano, author of All Set Free [Podcast]
Well… It’s been a LONG time since you’ve heard from me, here on the blog, on the podcast, or really, on social media for that matter too. Sorry. Kind of unintentionally/intentionally, I have taken an extended hiatus from it all. I’ve had some significant life changes involving work and career (I changed firms – […]
Oct 25, 2015
52 min
Following Jesus out of fear and violence, into Love and Peace – Real Life Radio: Episode 004 with Keith Giles [Podcast]
In Real Life Radio: Episode 004, I have a discussion with my friend Keith Giles. I wanted to host Keith on the program because he was very instrumental (without knowing it) in causing me to seriously re-think my understanding of Jesus’ commands of non-violence for His followers. In light of recent events such as […]
Feb 5, 2015
1 hr 21 min
Real Life Radio – Ep: 003 – Andy Gill: Being a “Done” with church; and on Doing Justice [Podcast]
Welcome to Real Life Radio – Episode: 003! In this episode, I have a discussion with blogger Andy Gill. What you will hear: Andy’s background and ministry Who are the “Dones” as it relates to the Western Evangelical Church? What is “Justice” and what does it look like to be engaged in it, especially […]
Jan 30, 2015
53 min
Real Life Radio: Episode 002 – How to understand the Bible, and exposing the greatest lie about the Cross [Podcast]
In Episode 001 of Real Life Radio, I was interviewed by my friend Jamal Jivanjee. The conversation evolved into a discussion about some wonderful topics, such as Fellowship in the Divine, and inclusion in the Love of God. Jamal and I both received some terrific dialogue from those who listened to the conversation. “I […]
Jan 19, 2015
1 hr 39 min
Real Life Radio Episode: 001 – A Discussion with Jamal Jivanjee [Podcast]
Welcome to Real Life Radio! I am excited to announce that I’ve created a podcast companion to Zōē Perissos, the blog. The podcast will have much of the same themes and content that you are used to seeing here on the blog. Namely, we will be exploring Jesus Christ – His Life, Love and Church […]
Dec 2, 2014
1 hr 3 min