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Balancing 8 Properties with a Full-Time Career and Family with "Property Pastor" Marsay Winder
52 minutes Posted Sep 8, 2020 at 11:00 pm.
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    We all have the same 24 hours per day... so be like Marsay Winder and make the most of them!
    He calls himself the "Property Pastor," and he owns 8 properties (24 units) in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Marsay juggles his business with his family life and a full-time career in manufacturing, so landlording systems are a must – and he breaks them down for us in this episode.
    You'll also hear about his MVP mentor, how he avoids time-wasting distractions, and the books and resources that helped him build a formidable portfolio in just 3 years.
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    In This Episode We Cover:Working on his properties on nights and weekends while working full-timeGoing big on his first deal: a 4-unit building bought from a wholesalerBuying from tired landlordsHow to frame a rent increase with tenantsUsing Cozy and QuickBooks to manage his rentalsHiring a property management companyHow to successfully approach a real estate mentor Involving his kids in his real estate investing businessWhat happened when his tenant joined his church, then stopped paying rentAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastRobert KiyosakiCozyDeal MachineQuickbooksBiggerPockets CalculatorsRookie Podcast 12: What Works (and Doesn’t) in a Recession & the Untold Story of J Scott’s Messy First FlipGoogle FormsGoogle VoiceCashflow Board GameCheck the full show notes here: