Real Estate Mega Moms Podcast
Real Estate Mega Moms Podcast
Jessica Hensley
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Episode 395 - Jenn Ghinga - Unleashing Potential with Jenn Gingha!
Hey there, Mega Moms! Welcome to our podcast, hosted by Jessica Hensley, author of 'Micro Team, Mega Results'. We've got an exciting treat for you today, featuring the amazing Jenn Gingha. A powerhouse in the real estate industry and a dear friend, Jenn's been shaking things up and redefining what success looks like. She's here to share her electrifying journey running a flourishing business, now three years strong, and her savvy strategies for making it big in small markets - all the way from Wichita Falls, Texas. ūüŹ°ūüĆü In this episode, we're diving deep into mindset, marketing magic, and the art of finding your niche. This is for all you unstoppable agents hustling hard, no matter the market size. So buckle up for a thrilling ride that will equip you with the insights to harness your unique qualities and the courage to carve out your own piece of the housing market pie. Remember, being different in this business isn't just okay; it's your ticket to the top. So don't just chase your dreams‚ÄĒcatch them, and sell them a house! Tune in, subscribe, and set those reminders for your weekly dose of empowerment. #RealEstateMegaMoms #MegaMomPower #SmallMarketBigDreams ūüéßūüíĖūüĒĎ Find out more at our¬†WEBSITE SOCIALS:¬†Facebook. I¬†¬†Instagram. I¬†Youtube ¬† #realestate¬†#realtor¬†#realtormom¬†#realestatemom
Feb 14
33 min
Episode 394- Malia Gomez - Being an investor/Realtor with 6 kids
On this podcast, we've got a special guest in store for you - the unstoppable Malia Gomez! Malia co-owned an appliance and plumbing business for 16 years, has a background in accounting, is active in real estate investment and agency, AND is a mother of six! Balancing a bustling business with a busy home life might sound like a tall order, but Malia makes it look easy. On each episode, Jessica and guests like Malia dive into the exciting world of real estate and the challenges of balancing family and business. They'll inspire you to reach new heights, whether you're a newbie investor, a seasoned Realtor, or a fellow parent-preneur! Our motto? "We help moms create a life and a business they love." So, are you ready to take that leap and transform your life? Then hit that subscribe button, and let's get started! Find out more at our WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Feb 9
24 min
Episode 393 The power of your environment
Hey there, Mega Moms! Today's episode is all about the power of your environment and how it can truly make or break you. We're diving deep into the impact of our surroundings on our daily lives and mental well-being. Join us as we explore the profound influence of our friends and social circle on our mindset and decisions. We'll share personal anecdotes and expert insights on how the company we keep can shape our journey in real estate and beyond. But that's not all! We'll also uncover the significant role our physical environment plays in our mental health. From the spaces we inhabit to the media we consume, every aspect of our surroundings can leave a lasting impression on our mindset and productivity. Tune in as we discuss how what we watch and listen to can either uplift or hinder our success in the real estate world. Plus, we'll provide actionable tips on curating a supportive and inspiring environment that fuels your growth and ambition. Get ready to be empowered and inspired to take charge of your environment and harness its positive influence on your real estate journey. Don't miss out ‚ÄĒ hit play and let's level up together!¬† Find out more at our¬†WEBSITE SOCIALS:¬†Facebook. I¬†¬†Instagram. I¬†Youtube #realestate¬†#realtor¬†#realtormom¬†#realestatemom
Feb 5
17 min
Episode 392 How to reach your goals while your kids are in school.
We hear you! You want to work while the kids are in school and build a business that you LOVE and generates a consistent income for your family! In this episode I'm explaining how Mega Moms can help. To explore all the ways you can work with us click here. Find out more at our WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Jan 30
10 min
Episode 391 Jamie Falanagan Realtor to Investor and Why Every Realtor Should Become An Investor.
Have you thought about making investors a pillar of your business? If you haven't, you should! Why? Because a solid investor relationship should lead to not just one sale... it should lead to 10X! If you do a good job for them, they will likely list with you and will rinse and repeat the process time and time again. But don't stop there, YOU SHOULD BECOME THE INVESTOR! Today we are talking to Jamie Flanagan. Jamie and her husband Brad have been in the real estate industry for 15+ years and because accidently investors, but today own over 85 homes in multiple states. Their Real Estate careers are thriving as a Realtor and Lender, AND they are reaping the financial benefits of being investors themselves. We are diving into their journey on this podcast and how you can do the same! BTW Jamie has an investor bootcamp coming up. You should enroll in this and learn from someone who is in the trenches! Register for her bootcamp here -> Follow her here -> Find out more at our WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Jan 23
30 min
Episode 390 How to compete as a solo agent.
Listen to this again. How can a solo agent not only survive but thrive in a market dominated by mega teams and micro teams? We've got the insights, strategies, and success stories to inspire and empower you! Here's a sneak peek of what's in store: - Let's explore the pros and cons of mega teams and the Micro team approach in today's real estate market. - Get ready for a game-changing concept: the solo agent with a twist! It offers the low overhead of a solo agent and the leverage of a team. - We'll share real-life examples of our own businesses and the agents we're coaching with this model. - Plus, we've got actionable tips and strategies to help you level up your game or kickstart your real estate journey. We've poured our hearts and souls into this episode, determined to provide you with valuable knowledge and inspiration to take your real estate career to new heights. Trust us, you don't want to miss it, especially if you're looking to navigate the competitive landscape while juggling the demands of motherhood. Let's do this! ūüĎäūüŹľ Find out more at our WEBSITE SOCIALS:¬†Facebook. I¬†¬†Instagram. I¬†Youtube #realestate¬†#realtor¬†#realtormom¬†#realestatemom
Jan 19
20 min
Episode 389 Starting the Year with 5 million in our pipeline.  What's working now.
What's working now in 2024 in our businesses! We are both top producers, achieving icon status year after year. Stefanie was even out for over 6 months in 2023 and still made ICON! We are sharing what's working in our businesses right now and some things you can start doing today to generate business.   LEARNMORE   WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Jan 5
29 min
Episode 388 From 50+ hours a week to 30 using the Micro Team Formula Mary Hale and Jessica Hensley
This is our FAVORITE type of episode for our podcast. We LOVE featuring our students who successfully go through our programs and seeing RESULTS! In Mary's case, she was overwhelmed, feeling a little burned out and concerned about what having another baby would look like. Meet Mary Hale. She's the daughter of Vance Nordine with Nordine Real Estate in La Mirada, CA. Mary is actually a 4th generation Realtor and will one day be taking over the business from her Dad. She came to me concerned about her schedule and really wanted to get systems in place that would help her off load some of her responsibilities so she could be fully present with her daughter and soon to be new baby. But it was very important that the hire they made was a compliment to their existing business and not remove Mary or her Dad from being the face of the business. That's where the Micro Team method came in. She joined this summer and go to work right away implementing our program in their business. I'll let Mary share the rest of her story, but it's pretty amazing what can be accomplished with this model! Tune in to hear more. If you're thinking of building a Micro Team we would LOVE to help! Grab our quick start course to jumpstart your micro team TODAY!    LEARNMORE   WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Jan 4
36 min
Episode 387 Setting and keeping your New Years Resolutions
It's that time of year again. We are all in the New Years Resolution mode. While it can be a complete waste of time, it can also be a time for a fresh start... a clean slate.. and an opportunity to start over! I want to encourage you to follow a few steps that will help you set the right resolutions this year but also KEEP them!  WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Jan 2
22 min
Episode386 Mom of 2 Broker Micro Team Leader Haliegh Bowers
In today's podcast, we delve into the captivating journey of Haliegh Bowers and the transformative impact that a few strategic investments had on her personal and professional life in 2023. Haliegh is not only the Broker/Owner of Reveille Realty but also the proud proprietor of the esteemed Haleigh Bower Collection. Having completed her education at Texas A&M in 2014, she decided to make Aggieland her cherished home. Her primary focus lies in serving Brazos, Burleson, and Washington counties. Recently, Haliegh decided to leverage her decade-long expertise in real estate by launching her own coaching business. As a devoted wife to a police officer and a loving mother to her son, her plate is full. Nevertheless, she also finds solace and joy in her passion for horseback riding, truly embodying the spirit of a true equestrian. Join us as we explore the captivating narrative of Haliegh's life, where determination, resilience, and a commitment to personal growth have paved the way for remarkable achievements.  WEBSITE SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube #realestate #realtor #realtormom #realestatemom
Dec 20, 2023
21 min
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