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Too much sales
The purpose of the show seems to be signing up people for coaching and getting people to join exp. definitely some good nuggets but the sales pitches are too much for me. I’m out ✌🏻
My favorite, practical and useful podcast. This is the #1 reason I'm successful in my market.
Jeanne Barbara
Some good nuggets!
If they stay in their lane (to avoid those cringeworthy rants into unqualified areas) - the content is amazing! Could be half the length without opinionated irrelevant rants. The nuggets are worth listening for.
Monica Lee Paige
Was value based
At one point this was my favorite RE podcast however, once they switched to EXP it’s very obvious they are more worried about their “revenue” share then actually helping agents. I completely understand promoting your own coaching business but with the EXP talk to this podcast is all infomercial now. So if you’re looking for the value listen to the first few episodes after that don’t waste your time and just go lead generate!
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Best Coaches out there!
I am a premier coaching client and I love the practicality they bring to the table! Listening to them keeps me motivated!
Kelly Durbin
Love that my favorite daily real estate podcast is now on Clubhouse.
Matthew A Weber
They are great
In the process of just getting my license. My first class starts in a week. I’ve been listening to Tim and Julie for 2 months now and got the Harris rules book and they have me ready and motivated to crush my area once I start selling. Thanks guys
Ran. W
Good Free Value
I appreciate the daily, bite-size, value-packed episodes with the most up to date residential real estate topics.
Pumped Every day
You both get me pumped everyday to grow my real estate business! Great information and tips on what is going on in the real estate market for agents.
Find better
There are better ones that concentrate more on useful information than selfless self promotion. Check out the podcast real estate rockstars instead
Inspiring and challenging
I love listening because I always feel inspired afterwards. I have so much trust and respect for their advice because not only does it just make sense, but I know they have been through it and speaking from experience.
A great start to my morning!
Always great to hear positivity with my morning cup of Joe!
New agents need this
I’m a new agent and I love that you guys are so raw and to the point. Your podcast has really just changed my entire mindset! So grateful for you guys, keep it up.
CJ The Real Estate Girl
Amazing Coaches
I have just begun my real estate career and Tim and Julie have already helped me to have a plan of action and overcome my own insecurities. Thank you guys so much.
Show is getting a little less informative
Show sounds like a commercial for EXP and their attempt to grow “downline”. Good content but getting lost in the noise of self-promotion and their team.
It’s just an infomercial
90% of the podcasts is just advertising for their coaching, not much actual information given. Don’t waste your time
Good people
Love these 2 and the information they give us. Truly a blessed time in history to obtain knowledge and I am fully taking advantage of that. Thanks guys!
Randy Broker
Wow, I found your input valuable. Thank you for all your efforts ! RANDY
Randy the Investor
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to Tim and Julie for at least 2 years. I find their insights to be spot on. Their information is objective supported by facts and it’s not always what one wants to hear but always what one needs to hear!
CB loves real estate
Priceless information
I am just getting into Real Estate, and this podcast has already steered me clear of dozens of mistakes I probably would have made if I had gone at it blindly and followed the advice of my peers alone! I can’t imagine the years and money I would have thrown away if I had simply let my ego take the lead. I’ve only been listening for two weeks, and I feel a whole new level of motivation to go forth and crush it! Also, I had my guard up about eXp but after further research, and real talks with people in my area who worked for other brokerages and made the switch; it’s a no brainer for me! Regardless of your brokerage, this show contains super valuable information. Thank you Tim and Julie!!
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I wanted to hate it...
But ended up loving it. I look forward to hearing every show and taking that info and making it work.
I really liked this show BC (Before Covid). I get it! Most of us are perfectly capable of reading news on our own. BTW being an optimist does not make you an idiot with rose colored glasses. I am not 100% in agreement with all your doom & gloom foretelling, but I am absolutely learning, growing, & working! Please take a breath & regroup.
Fres Co
If only you had a coaching program...
Seriously... we get it. You have a coaching program. Just stick to sharing useful, factual information. Quit trying to scare newer/ lower producing agents with your doom and gloom headline sharing and repeated “coaching sales pitches.” The world is not ending in real estate. Homes are selling. Good agents will be just fine. Each episode could be cut in half if you’d relax with your pitches. If your content is great, and your coaching is valuable, mention the website at the front end back end of each episode - once. Sorry for the rant. Carry on. It’s probably time to pitch us again. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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Finally some DIRECTION!!!
I’m a brand new agent and was basically just winging it before I found Tim and Julie. I started listening to this podcast and picked up a few techniques, tried them out, of course they work, and decided to go all in on their coaching. This podcast is great on its own, but paired with their coaching I’m now UNSTOPPABLE. Do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, at the highest level. Thanks T&J
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Yeah Boyee!
Grateful for this! 🙏
Been listening to this for the past 3 years. By far, the best podcast out. Tim and Julie define integrity. Extremely grateful for the knowledge, truthfulness, and advice Tim and Julie provide. Thank you! 🙏
Hard core wisdom
You know when you’re hearing truth. They speak it. So grateful for their wisdom and direction.
Thank you for the Survival Podcasts
Thanks Tim and Julie for your recent podcasts on actions we can take now to protect our financial health, and our businesses. Because of you I have put all of your suggestions in place and can breathe!
not an exp agent
Sound business practice to get to profit
When I'm looking for training in real estate on the go- this is my go to podcast. I enjoy the personalities and the philosophy of success through doing what you don't want to when you don't want to do it- and still do it to the highest level. This has changed my thinking about prospecting. To profit- I don't need a big team and brokerage choice must be business/strategic and not relational. Profit is the goal, and you can get there w/out buying leads. Thanks for great training...telling it like it is...and moving us forward in this shift.. To the feedback in ratings below about EXP- you do have to wade through that if you aren't w/ EXP. But if you're confident in your brokerage decision- it shouldn't matter. There is too much wise counsel and great coaching here to pass up because you can't sit through the EXP promotion. Thanks Harris'!
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Like the info don’t like all the plugs
A lot of knowledge to be consumed. No feeling self pity but problem solving. Sound is not ideal.
I want to hear Julie’s whole sentence, please
Good info, but the interruption of Julie when she tries to talk drives me crazy.
They are real and back to basics
They don’t want us to slack or be complacent as realtors. I appreciate that because we all need to be challenged——that’s what coaches do!!!!!
Forget you saw the pic, heard the intro- you’ll love it!
Intro is really rough and sounds like you’re entering an old school way of thinking, business and people. Their picture looks like typical 80’s tech and not evergreen agents. However, KEEP LISTENING!... they have a lot of great theories and true business acumen v. the showy “I’ve got it figured out and you can just do my way” mentality that you find on you tube and other podcasts. They’re tried and true and marathoners not sprinters. They’re not on a get rich or real estate trend train but actually about creating a real business. They impacted me as a mid career professional and was pleasantly surprised at how versed they are with being up to date but steady in today’s world. If you’re new or just don’t know all the press that comes with these two, seriously, keep listening- they’re impactful!
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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re already deep into your journey as a real estate investor, or just getting started organizing your lifestyle around real estate and financial freedom - this is a must-listen podcast! Tim and Julie do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving real estate business - and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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No nonsense approach that works
Tim and Julie have mastered the art of conveying their no frills approach to being a successful agent (and a better human being) while keeping the podcast inspiring and entertaining. It’s a 30 minute dose of accountability that sometimes hits close to home and that’s the point.
Aaron Higginbotham
Excellent Coaches
Tim and Julie provide excellent service.  They are extremely knowledgeable and keep me abreast of market changes and have vastly improved my life through their commitment to education.  No matter where you are in your career their content is applicable and implementable.  Thank you!
Nikkia Hill Real Estate Broker
Some topics are more ad focused than helpful
Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve listened to 4 or 5 episodes and they seem pretty light on actionable items. Many of the 30 minute episodes seem to have 10-15 minutes of EXP Realty promotion and random bits. These guys have put out a lot of episodes so I want to keep giving them a try but so far I’m disappointed with what feels like more time spent advertising their brokerage/coaching than actionable items.
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Motivating Advice, but heavily advertises EXP
The Good: Just discovered this podcast 2.5 weeks ago. I appreciated Tim and Julie’s enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach to providing advice. There are definitely some major takeaways that I plan on implementing into my new career as an agent. The Not So Good: My main complaints that might cause me to unsubscribe soon are that 1) Tim consistently interrupts Julie. I want to hear what she has to say, but Tim always says, “let me stop you here...,” or “Julie you’ve gotta get going to your coaching calls.” Why are you scheduling a cohosted podcast when your cohost (and wife!) needs to leave 10 minutes into the recording?! Very odd. 2) eXp is basically their main priority now. It’s obvious that they want to make a profit from their listeners joining in their down line, which is understandable, but every episode is beginning to sound like an eXp infomercial. TBD if I keep listening. I find myself searching for old episodes before they became eXp fiends to avoid getting pitched to for an hour.
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NAR bans pocket listing
“More exposure does not increase the price” What??? You lost me there- You ask for people to review you “5 stars” - why? For more exposure, right?
Poor audio
The quality of the audio is very poor. I’ll check back to see if it has improved and will try listening again then.
I tried listening to this podcast and they were really bashing on doing all the new things that I think are very important in real estate in 2019. This isn’t 1996 anymore, content creation IS important and can drastically change your business. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media’s are EXTREMELY valuable and I think you’re crazy to be telling people not to be doing it.
Now It's All About EXP
I listened to this podcast regularly for awhile and the content was generally good. Now it's shifted and it seems like 75% pitch for EXP Realty and joining under them. It's a bummer, it seems like they've sold out and focus more on growing their EXP businsess than giving valuable content.
Bobby Loblsw
Too much self promotion
I wish they would stop with the "sign up with our coaches" type of pitches every 30 seconds to one minute. In addition, Tim interrupts Julie and gets off track and never gets back on track. For example, on a recent podcast, Julie said she would now talk about her four top niches and then Tim would mention his. Julie mentioned one, Tim then interrupted to talk about something else, and the other seven were never mentioned. This is one of the worst podcasts for real estate agents.
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Got tired of the ego.
Was listening to it for a while but they are very conceded and talk way to much about there orange theory workouts. Complain about huge teams and buying leads. I’m on a huge team that provides great online leads. Just wanted useful information but got a bunch of smoke blown at me. Wish they would get off there high horse we are trying to learn and get a real work out not Orange Theory.
Great, honest talk- Don’t love all the ExP push
I want to give this podcast a 5 star rating because I really enjoy it. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting in a podcast but for some reason they push ExP really hard and sometimes it takes up 1/4 or 1/3 of the podcast I feel. Not sure if those are exact ratios but it’s just a lot of ExP push. Speaking directly to Tim & Julie I think if you guys pushed ExP 1/20 of the time instead, or dangled a little fruit to make listeners want to explore ExP more that might be better strategy than going full bore ExP is the savior of real estate type talk...imo. I enjoy their book (audio version from a couple years ago) and think it has great content! Even with this feedback I tune in daily to get nuggets of knowledge and then stop listening or fast forward through the ExP push.
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DTW Utah
Tim & Julie Harris’s work has singlehandedly changed my business and perspective. It’s about the hard work... no fluff. Their competition (other coaching organizations) isn’t even playing the same game they’re playing. I’m eternally grateful for their work.
WAS first
The podcast rose to the top of my daily podcast list for real estate marketing, but WOW they now are obviously in bed with EXP and it totally doesn’t make sense to listen anymore. Keep hoping they get a clue but they haven’t. Unsubscribed. ✔️
SE Michigan Realtor
Good Podcast
I think this podcast has some great information. Although there is way too much promotion for EXP Realty. Tim Harris really loses a lot of credibility by constantly promoting a brokerage that wouldn’t be a good fit for most realtors.
Sad to hear about eXp all the time. Too bad you sold out.
Nothing more than an infomercial
This podcast would be much more effective if it was Julie alone. Tim’s consistent bloviating and rants take up 70% of the podcast and takes away from the opportunity to provide strategies and advice. Additionally this podcast has devolved into a infomercial about exp. No thanks
Schumi 7X
Awesome Stuff
Started listening a few weeks ago and I find the topics discussed quite useful. Tim and Julie God Bless you are both doing an AMAZING job....And I know I am going to have a great 2019 and beyond if I apply the things you have been imaparting
Jamaican Realtor
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