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A podcast of three friends (Max, Chelsea and Chris) who love all things nostalgic. They're READY 2 RETRO....are you?
Episode 28: 25th Anniversary of "Billy Madison" (1995) with Joey from Ninjatoitles ("Nineties November")
The conclusion of "Nineties November" is here! This week we have our buddy Joey from "Ninjatoitles" join Ready 2 Retro to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Billy Madison! This episode is filled with the most iconic Billy Madison lines, appreciation for Adam Sandler, and lots of laughs. But unfortunately not with the Mistress of Horror, Chelsea. Where is she? Find out on Episode 28! It's Quacktastic!  Ready 2 Retro Instagram: @Ready2retro Joey's Instagram: @ninjatoitles 
Nov 27
1 hr 5 min
Episode 27: "All That" & "Kenan & Kel" with Prime Nostalgia Podcast ("Nineties November")
It is week 3 of “Nineties November” and the orange fever continues as Prime and Leeboy TV from the “Prime Nostalgia Podcast” join Ready 2 Retro to give us their top 3 favorite “All That” skits and top 3 “Kenan & Kel” episodes. If you’re a fan of the 90’s Nickelodeon, be sure to not miss this episode! We’re Ready 2 Retro....Are You?
Nov 21
1 hr 8 min
Episode 26: With David Martel ("Nineties November")
"Nineties November" continues as Ready 2 Retro is joined by the talented David Martel who played "Teddy" in Nickelodeon's "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". Journey back to early 1990's Wellsville as David shares about his time on Pete and Pete, his passion to collaborate and create and as usual for any R2R guest, sits in the Hot Seat. You can count on one thing from this episode....It's Excellente! Follow us on Instagram: @ready2reto @davidjmartel
Nov 13
40 min
Episode 25: "The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story" with Directors Scott Barber & Adam Sweeney (Nineties November)
There is only one way to kickoff Nineties November, and that's with a deepdive into the story of Nickelodeon! Directors Scott Barber & Adam Sweeney join Ready 2 Retro as they share about their upcoming documentary that goes into the Nickelodeon story titled: "The Orange Years". In this episode you'll hear a bit why Scott and Adam decided to make the film, how the movie was made, the impact that the "golden years" of Nickelodeon had on a specific generation and along with R2R, Scott and Adam give their Top 5 favorite Nickelodeon characters. Be sure to pre-order "The Orange Years" that will be released on November 17th, 2020.  Details below:  Trailer- Pre-Order Physical Copy- Pre-Order Digital Copy-
Nov 6
1 hr 14 min
Ready 2 Retro's "Halloween Special" with Joe Ferrara Owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld
Happy Halloween! To celebrate the best holiday of the year, @ready2retro’s gift to you is a conversation about “The Lost Boys” with Joe Ferrara, the owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld. Atlantis Fantasyworld is the comic book store that was the original film location for the Frog Brothers’ parents comic shop in 1987’s “The Lost Boys”. In this special conversation Joe shares about his interactions with the cast, his onscreen cameo in the film and how he influenced an iconic line in the movie. Joe is an incredibly genuine human who has a warm heart for people. If you are ever in the Northern California/ Bay Area you definitely want to give Joe and his awesome shop, Atlantis Fantasyworld, a visit! Get your Lost Boys merch here: Location: 1020 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Follow Us on Instagram: @ready2retro
Oct 31
56 min
Episode 24: "The Lost Boys" (1987) with Adam from "Below the Boardwalk" (A Very 80's Vampire October)
It is the 5th and FINAL week of our "A Very 80's Vampire October"! All month long we've been giving you movies centered around the bloodsucking creatures of the night filmed in the best decade for horror movies, the 1980's. To end this epic month, we have to end it with one of the most iconic vampire movies of all time, "The Lost Boys" (1987)! Joining us for this review, all the way "across the pond", is Adam from the Instagram page @belowtheboardwalk. Adam is a Lost Boys SUPER FAN and his IG page is all about his love for this rad movie. But the sun is starting to set now, it's time to wake up and fly out of our broken down hotel which serves as cave, it's time to get "Lost in the Shadows" and get "READY 2 Retro"! Instagram: @ready2retro
Oct 30
1 hr 13 min
Episode 23: "Vamp" (1986) (Part of "A Very 80's Vampire October")
We continue week 4 of Ready 2 Retro's "A Very 80's Vampire October", with the most obscure movie of the bunch, 1986's "Vamp". Join Max and Chelsea as they discuss this unique comedy/horror film that gives you all the best elements of "80's B-Movie Trash" movie. We're Ready 2 Retro....Are You? Follow us on Instagram @ready2retro
Oct 23
1 hr 7 min
Episode 22: "Near Dark"(1987) with Kat and Jasmine from "Girl That's Scary Podcast" (Part of "A Very 80's Vampire October")
It is week 3 "A Very 80's Vampire October" and Ready 2 Retro is joined by Kat and Jasmine from "Girl That's Scary Podcast", and together we review Kathryn Bigelow's horror/western vampire flick, "Near Dark". Follow Kat and Jasmine on Instagram @girlthatsscary and be sure to sign up for their exclusive Patreon at! 
Oct 16
1 hr 13 min
Episode 21: "Fight Night Part 2" (1989) with Jesse from Heartgod Media Podcast (A Very 80's Vampire October)
Week 2 of "A Very 80's Vampire October" continues with our buddy Jesse from Heartgod Media Podcast as he shares with us one of his favorite horror movies, "Fright Night Part 2". That's right we talk about the return of Charley Brewster, Peter Vincent and a new group of wacky vampires who seek revenge for the death of Jerry Dandridge. Jesse is the punk rocker of the podcast game, so expect this episode to be raw, gutsy and 100% unfiltered. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @ready2retro We're Ready 2 Retro.....Are You?
Oct 9
1 hr 21 min
Episode 20: "Fright Night" (1985) Part of "A Very 80's Vampire October"
October is here and all month long Ready 2 Retro is bringing you five vampire films from the 1980's. With Episode 20, Max, Chelsea and Chris review and discuss all things "Fright Night...For Real" from 1985. Join the crew as they first share their mourning hearts of the news of Taco Bell retiring the Mexican Pizza, Max gives a brief history of vampires and the origins of their spooky existence throughout the centuries, and then they end the episode with Fright Night talk and include the important questions like, "Why did Evil Ed turn full vampire but Amy didn't?". Find out their theories by listening to Week 1 of "A Very 80's Vampire October"! WE'RE READY 2 RETRO....ARE YOU? Follow us on Instagram: @ready2retro
Oct 3
1 hr 23 min
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