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A show about the movements, moments, and monsters of the reactionary right.
The Centralia Tragedy Part III - Over the Chehalis River
Centralia was a powder keg, the union hall a fuse, and the Armistice Day Parade a lit match. An attorney’s advice and the resolve of a few loggers to not back down leads to spectacular violence that sends shock waves throughout the region. Support Reaction on Patreon
Nov 30, 2022
27 min
The Centralia Tragedy Part II - Are You an American?
Hostilities between the working class and business class of Centralia have been brewing for years. Wobblies have been run out of town several times, but they are nothing if not persistent. The establishment of a new union hall in the summer of 1919 has the elites of Centralia determined to stomp out IWWism once and for all.  Support Reaction on Patreon
Nov 18, 2022
27 min
The Centralia Tragedy Part I: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
The Pacific Northwest is a lumber magnate’s dream: high-quality wood in quantities one can only imagine and cheap, easily exploited labor to harvest it. But a pesky bunch calling themselves Wobblies has taken root in the region, and their presence is creating a disobedient and un-American workforce.
Nov 10, 2022
27 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part VI: Make America Great Again… Again
After Reagan, Phyllis had a tough time finding the right leader to champion the conservative cause. The Republican establishment handed them loser after loser, elites who were totally out of touch with the grassroots of the party. After eight years of Obama, during which atheistic socialism threatened the American way of life, Phyllis Schlafly knew it was time to bring real change to the presidency—and she paid a heavy price for it.
Apr 5, 2022
44 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part V: Morning in America
The election of Ronald Reagan may have been a huge victory for conservatives, but that doesn’t mean Phyllis got comfortable. She continued to push for an increasingly conservative agenda on everything from prayer in schools to judicial activism to abortion. All the while, her Eagle Forum grew and her activist network widened its purview from the ERA to all things family values. Reagan broke the mold and set a new standard for conservatism, one that Schlafly would use to judge all future Republican leaders.  Support the show on Patreon
Mar 17, 2022
22 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part IV: More Than Equal
The battle Phyllis Schlafly is most famous for has finally arrived. The Equal Rights Amendment was considered as good as law once it neared ratification. And while it seemed that nothing could drag Phyllis away from bombs and communism, when she found out that women’s libbers wanted to turn us all gay and give our kids to government, she stepped into the ring. Here is Schlafly at her peak performance. Support the show on Patreon!
Mar 1, 2022
34 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part III: Tricky Dick
Richard Nixon seemed poised to heal the divisions in the Republican Party after the landslide defeat of Goldwater. He said all the right things to win his party’s nomination, but once in office he proved himself to be a snake in more ways than one. Support the show on Patreon for episode scripts and supplementary content!
Feb 16, 2022
22 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part II: I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again
Perhaps it was inevitable that Phyllis Schlafly got into Republican Party politics, but her earliest forays were rough going. Nevertheless, she takes the hits like a champ, dusting herself off and setting her sights on new conservative horizons. And with every defeat, she gathers a few more devoted followers. Nobody was able to turn a loss into a win quite like Phyllis, much to the future chagrin of the political establishment.
Feb 8, 2022
33 min
Phyllis Schlafly Part I: A Curious Woman
A child of the Depression Era, Phyllis Stewart grew up believing that anyone could accomplish anything, so long as they put their mind to it. Intelligent, charming, and determined, it was clear from a young age that she would go far. When she met Fred Schlafly, she was ready to settle down and make a big family she could spend her days taking care of. But would her political ambitions get in the way?
Feb 1, 2022
30 min
The Business Plot Part IV: Credulity Unlimited
In the conclusion to the Business Plot, the McCormack Dickstein Committee hears testimony from Butler and MacGuire, but some fish appear to be too big to fry. The newspapers paint Butler as a publicity hound and a fool, but what are the true motivations at play? And what did the committee chairs make of the plot? Get the full scripts to every episode and bonus audio content by supporting the show at
Apr 30, 2021
32 min
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