RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real
RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real
Heather Caplan
Dietitians have a lot to say about nutrition, food, and health. Join host Heather Caplan and her registered dietitian (RD) peers as they talk shop, share their philosophies, and keep it real with you. Discussion topics include weight-inclusive nutrition and dietetics, intuitive eating, sports nutrition, career paths, and more.
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New listener, now forever....
I just listened to Episodes 160 & 161 back to back. I am so appreciative of the guests Heather invited, and the down to earth and “let’s get real” mood of the conversations. Thank you for the wonderful feeling of being seen, understood, respected and included in the world as a woman in a larger body. You are changing this pervasive and harmful diet culture one podcast at a time. ❤️
RD Real Talk is my go to podcast
There’s a lot I could say about this podcast and the best way I know to sum it up is this: If I could only listen to one podcast for life, this would be it. I’ve been listening to the RD Real Talk podcast since it’s beginning. I’ve loved learning and growing along with Heather, the guests, and the community of listeners she’s built. Thanks for all you do Heather!
Sara Palmer RD
Love you Heather!!!
Really enjoyed your most recent episode and all of the behind the scenes of your podcast. So excited about the future of RD real talk. Btw you have a great interviewing style and the perfect podcast personality. You can tell you out a lot of prep into the episodes. Keep it up, fellow RD! Jessica Jones
Jess, Food Heaven Podcast
As a fairly new RD, this podcast presents the intuitive eating, anti-diet approach to nutrition care in a way that is understandable and SO interesting! This concept mixes my interest of self-help with my interest of nutrition in a professional sense, and Heather along with the guest hosts provide such a great platform to learn and dive into this space! So glad I found this podcast!
If you are even remotely interested in anything non-diet, intuitive eating, or health at every size, you need to listen to this podcast!! I like that Heather is real (ha just like the podcast says), and she does a great job interviewing guests. I appreciate that she is really open about her background & knowledge and that she is working on interviewing a more diverse group of people (which selfishly is helpful for me to learn from them). Also, she is compassionate, yet not fake or annoying. Major bonus: she explains things and doesn’t make you feel bad for not knowing. HIGHLY recommend! Thanks Heather!! You rock!
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Love this podcast!!
Incredible resource for all things HAES and weight inclusive care 💕
Haley the Dietitian
My favorite RD podcast
I feel like this is the best podcast for practicing RD’s because it provides insight on research, others professional insight, and truly feels like professional development. I love that it’s accessible to the lay person interested in intuitive eating and health at every size AND an amazing resource for RD’s.
Real, fun, informative
I learn so much from Heather’s (and her interviewees!) refreshing takes on navigating weight inclusive practice. I’ve been an RD for 11 years and have longed to find relevant, accessible, and welcoming learning spaces like this podcast. Thanks for helping me grow in my practice!
Melissa Landry
Love This!
As an eating disorder RD, I find this podcast super helpful! It’s like being part of a community from afar. It gives me confidence to keep doing what I’m doing in this field and tips to continue improving my practice. Thanks, Heather!! ❤️
Keeping it real
Heather has such a cool, down to earth demeanor on her show. It’s a real pleasure to listen to; anyone, not just dietitians, would get a lot out of listening to this show!
Enjoy this podcast
Thank you for the HAES series! I’m a dietetics student and this podcast is my go to
ms shannon sunshine 123
Love this podcast!
I love Heather’s real conversations with fellow RDs. It’s refreshing to hear the BTS with RDs working in the IE space and entrepreneurship. These are topics not well discussed in DI programs (although that’s changing), and so needed in our field! Keep up the great work!
Melissa Macher
One of my favorites!
I am not an RD or aspiring to be one, but am super interested in how to navigate a diet-saturated culture through an IE & HAES perspective. It’s super informative and fun to listen to!
Listen up future RD’s!
A GREAT podcast for RD’s to be that are interested in learning more about HAES, Intuitive Eating and hearing perspectives of RDs and health professionals who practice from this stand point. Makes me really excited to practice this way when I’m finally an RD! Thank you for this podcast!!
Melissa Yeaman
Awesome HAES-aligned content!!!
La Eathority
Very helpful info and loving the HAES series :)
Great show!
This show is awesome!
So refreshing!
Love hearing intelligent, well-informed, weight inclusive talk that applies to everyone, but specifically to athletes. That’s hard to find. [I will say though, I laughed out loud listening to today’s episode on Allostatic load, when Robyn said in reference to her bucket being full that maybe it won’t be full by the time she’s 40. I thought that too, when I had one kid, but now I’m 41, have three wonderful kids, and let me tell you, my bucket spilleth over 😉].
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Definitely recommend, especially for RD’s
I’ve been listening for quite a while, finally writing a review. Great podcast- lots of relevant topics to RD’s! Although revolving around the same basic themes, there is a lot of variety of topics and format of the episodes which is nice.
49 minutes waiting for the definition
I just listened to “But wait what IS intuitive eating?” And I can’t believe that a clear definition of “intuitive eating” wasn’t given, beyond to point out that the statement that “it is model... with 10 principles. Thanks for the references though
This podcast is amazing!
I don’t normally write reviews, but I think this one deserved a glowing review! This podcast is great and so very encouraging! I have learned so much and am using it! Thank you for all of your work on this!
Thank you so much for keeping it real!
As a full-time mom and three-quarter to full-time student navigating the waters of food and nutrition education has been super daunting for me. It has been such a comfort to listen to your podcast on the way to and From the school. It’s so nice to know that there are other people that think this deeply about what they are eating what everybody else is eating. I could go on but just know that your podcast has shone a magnificent light into my life. Please please keep it up!
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House of the Hansons, Junior
One of the best podcasts for ED recovery
Long time listener! Absolutely love the podcast! You rock Heather!
Love this podcast!
Listening to Heather and her guests has been a huge help as I struggled with some career choices as a RD. If you feel out of place as a dietitian in such a “diet” focused culture, are interested in intuitive eating/haes, or are looking at making a big move in your career, you will not regret tuning in week after week! Thank you so much Heather for putting out such entertaining and thought-provoking sessions, several of which I have listened to more than once!
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Great podcast
Great resource for dietitians and non-dietitians alike! Interesting, easy to listen to and approachable!
Anne Mauney
As a future RD and a liver of all things healthy, active and fun.. you have really made podcasts understandable, inviting, and educational.. after listening to your podcast I’m starting to approach my personal views of food and how I should consume them in a different way.. your practice is something I aspire to have one day but first like you said we have to work out our on kinks and our reasoning for becoming dietitian.. Love your podcast and I look forward to future one’s to come 😀
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Change your perspective on food forever
Heather really delivers on her promise, she keeps it real with you about food, nutrition, and just life in general. Listening to her enlighten me about Intuitive Eating (it's WAY more than eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full!) has completely flipped my perspective of food on my head. Heather hosts guests who keep things fresh, interesting, open, and honest. I always look forward to new episodes each Friday!
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Life Changer
I’ve been struggling with disordered eating / eating disorder for a few years and I didn’t even know about it. This whole series has really changed the whole panorama I had in front of me. Now a I see possibilities, a realistic alternative to live with the rest of my life and best of all a real path of freedom in my everyday. Now I know that it is possible to live in a relaxed and joyful environment when it comes to food, health and exercise. THANKS a lot for putting all this out there, it has changed my life.
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Informative and Fun!
I just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying it! I’m not an RD, nutritionist or food professional of any sort. But, That’s ok because it’s really suited to anyone interested in this topic. Heather does a great job relating to us all by explaining concepts well, collaborating with colleagues, and keeping the dialogue light and laid back. She covers a variety of topics from learning to ditch diets, sports nutrition and the RD career to disorded eating and personal experiences. I look forward to each new episode that pops up and scrolling through those that have passed. Definitely five stars for me!
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Wonderful podcast!
I have been listening to Nutrition Matters for about a month and have gained so much insight, encouragement, and wisdom from the way Paige runs her show, the topics she chooses, and the guests she has on. Thank you for speaking into this area in such a thoughtful way!
Great and very accessible information!
I came to this podcast for the IE series and stayed because the information was invaluable. I love that not only does this podcast educate but it also gives you more exposure to other RDN’s (and other IE/HAES advocates) and their stories. I’m not a podcast person but I love that there is support for educating more people in the RD community in the IE movement.
Loan Survivor
I’m a believer! RDN, new to IE and HAED
Thank you for this podcast. I’m making my way through other podcasts of non-diet, HAED RDNs, and IE. I listened to your most recent episode with Monica Milonovich. I loved your questions. I was moved and inspired by Monica’s honesty and story of transition. I’ve started the certification process to become an IE Practioner. I can’t wait to listen to your episodes about each IE principles.
Personal Trainer gaining insight
I found this podcast a few weeks ago and I have pretty much gone through each episode and loved every minute. The wealth of information and knowledge that Heather and her guests provide are invaluable. As a personal trainer on my own journey through intuitive eating, I feel more confident going through this journey after listening. I also want to incorporate intuitive eating with my own training clients and this podcast has helped me understand how I can do that within my scope of practice.
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Heather’s pod has been a breath of fresh air in the nutrition world. As an aspiring RD, her series on IE was super helpful. I love the conversational feel. 💯
Love it!!
Love listening to your podcast. Very informative. It’s always so hard to know what and how to eat with all the fad diet plans. I love the Intuitive Eating practices and have been trying to incorporate them in my life. Thanks a lot for all the great info!!
New listener
I’m a new RD and just started listening. I love this podcast. Thanks so much for hosting this!
Intuitive eating series
The intutive eating series (10 podcast episodes) were great. If you have heard of intuitive eating but wanted to learn more, this will be so valuable. I have taken courses before, but this helped solidify all the principles so much more. Such great knowledgable guests.
All podcasts
love this podcast!
As a fellow RD, I love everything about this podcast! I'm a fairly new RD, and it has been interesting to learn about the various jobs that are out there. I also love learning about many of the RDs journies into private practice. Heather & the guests do a great job of dispelling nutrition myths & discussing relevant topics that are "in thew news." Everyone, not only RDs, could benefit from listening to this podcast!
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RD Bri
Let's get real...
Heather really does boil things down to real life--I love her abililty to keep things positive and authentic. Her recent series on intuitive eating has been excellent!
So helpful
I’m relatively new to Intuitive Eating and I am loving this series on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating! I am also a runner and like the perspective that Heather can give in that department.
Excellent cast!
Thank you for the education.
Interesting to hear an RD perspective!
I love this podcast. Heather is always keeping it real and has opened my eyes to A perspective that intuitive eating is an important way for us to understand nutrition and weight loss in our culture today. Many of her guests have very interesting perspectives when speaking about the dieting culture and what are these feel about it. Thank you for all your interesting podcasts, I look forward to your intuitive eating series!
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Podcast Gold!
RD Real Talk is podcast gold! I have been a listener for the better part of 2017 and it just keeps getting better! Whether you are considering a career as a dietitian or just want some sound advice, RDRT has much to offer. Episodes cover "real talk" moments, recent dietary-related news/media, and education/career advice. Both Heather Caplan (the host) and her guests provide fantastic content :)
Sarah VP
Interesting and Insightful for both non RD and RDs!!
Love tuning in every week and listening to your podcast and all the latest nutrition information. I'm a new RD (hiiii!), and I love love love listening to the different career paths of RDs!! Keep it up :-)
Becca Stib
The Title Calls It Like It Is
I really appreciate this podcast's stripped down, straight-forward approach to dietetic issues. I'm able to listen and connect right away to Heather and her guest. Practical, helpful info delivered straight to my ears!
Mary Purdy RD
Loved by this non-RD!
Her topics and guests are always SO interesting! I'm not an RD but yet love listening each week.
JZ in Cali
A gateway to Intuitive eating
RD real talk is a great podcast for those interested in intuitive eating, health at every everysize, general nutrition, and potential/current/future RDs. I love that this podcast is a gentle introduction to intuitive eating, some other podcasts can be really intense for people new to the idea(I like to think of this one as a gateway (: ) Keep up the great work Heather! I would love to chat soon and possibly be a guest.
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Healthy Hanny
Just keeps getting better
Love this podcast. As an MS candidate in a coordinated dietetics program, this podcast is great. Current events, internship information, etc. is so helpful. I am new to intuitive eating concepts and this is so approachable and real for learning about it. Thank you !!!
Best podcast for new RDs and interns!
I'm a *relatively* new RD and I love all the interviews with dietitians working in different areas of nutrition. I'm currently in clinical looking for ways to branch out and eventually get to private practice. I look forward to this podcast every week for everything else too - the article discussions, "real talk" moments and hearing about other people's internship experiences. An intuitive eating focus doesn't hurt either :) Thank you Heather!
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Cynthia Miranda, RD
Fun and Helpful!
I love this podcast! I am a nutrition student entering my masters in sports nutrition and hoping to complete an internship after my masters program. Listening to RD Real Talk has been very helpful especially learing about all the different career paths and advice on how to get into those careers. Nutrition can be an overwhelming field, so I enjoy listening to Heather and her guest RD's be Real!
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