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Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Top 20 For 2021 Fantasy Baseball
January Grey is back and in full effect, he's taken the Flo-bie to the lettuce, shaved his Tom Hanks Castaway beard down to a meticulously manicured mustache and he's chockful of rankings for the good people of the Fantasy Baseball Republic. Who's number one? Tildaddy, Fun The Jewels, Mike Trout? Who is it? You already know the answer, but let Grey explain why. Rankings season is upon us and we're kicking it off right with the most anticipated Top 20 list in the industry.
Jan 19
1 hr 9 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: The Slam Diego Winter Meetings Episode
Thank god for the Padres huh? Just when we thought the baseball off-season couldn't get worse A.J. Preller shows up on a new scooter ready to get us to Aspen. Is it the Shaggin' Wagon? No, but it'll do. So Grey and I return to talk Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, Lance Lynn, Ha-Seong Kim, and all the other baseball players good enough to squeeze blood from a stone. The Razzball podcast is back!
Dec 31, 2020
48 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: The Grey-der-Rator Awards For 2020 Fantasy Baseball
After a long two months the season is finally over. Maybe it's me but this season seems like it just got started. Oh wait, that's right this season is 60 games and about as filling as a Big Mac 20 minutes after you eat it. Don't worry Grey and yours truly are back for one more week as we run through the player awards for 2020 Fantasy Baseball based off of the Razzball Player Rater. So don't yell at us if you don't like it, blame our robot overlords. We talk the good, the bad, the odd, and the Luke Voit. It's a cornucopia of takes! It's the final Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast of 2020!
Sep 29, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Way Too Early Top 25 For 2021 Fantasy Baseball
It's an annual tradition unlike any other, it's the Razzball Way Too Early Top 25 For 2021 Fantasy Baseball. That's right, Grey Albright, FML, and yours truly, work our way through the top 25. There's some surprises and I try and make a silly case for Michael Conforto. Hey, what can I say I'm out of touch with reality. Another riveting conversation with plenty of Grey "cackles" for the masses. It's the latest episode of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Sep 23, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Tell ‘Em Cactus Jack Sent You!
We're back for another week of fantasy baseball with the Cactus Jacks of the baseball world. We may not have a burger at McDonald's yet, but we do have insight in the final weeks of the season to help you win your league. We talk a lot of end of season tactics (STACK CARDINALS) and the dive into some 2021 would you rathers. It's a full episode of love, laughter, and light. You might just move to India after this podcast is finished. Just remember to tell them "Cactus Jack Sent You".
Sep 16, 2020
59 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Are These Guys Still Good?
"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today". Wise words for us fantasy baseballers (sup Ms. Albright) these days. Whether that be cutting bait with dead weight or moving on from a star who is under-performing. This season is a sprint and you gotta do what cha gotta do. This week we dig a little deeper and look under the hood of a handful of under-performing stars to determine whether this downturn in production is a blip or signs of larger concerns to come. Who do we discuss? Well, you're just going to have to listen. We then follow that discussion up with quick hitters on some of the top rookies in 2020, top wavier wire ads, and players who got the call over the last week. It's an action packed episode of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast.
Sep 8, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: The Trade Deadline And Grey Tells His Ron Jeremy Story
Yes, we are back for another week. Yes, we have a Grey Albright "True Hollywood Story". BUT... You're going to have to make it to the end to hear it. We did not spend the pod this week discussing the disgraced and disgusting former Porn Actor. No, instead we talked about baseball. Boring? Perhaps, but far more family friendly. Grey and yours truly take a look at all the players swapping teams during yesterday's deadline and the days leading up to it. We talk Mike Clevinger, Starling Marte, Jonathan Villar, and all the other big names moving zips over the last week. It's a quick and dirty run down before Grey launches into the quickest and dirtiest story in the history of this podcast. That includes asking Jose Canseco if "Madonna wanted his sperm." Tune in from end to end to fully appreciate the randomness of this historical event.
Sep 1, 2020
48 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Do You Trust These Dudes?
Welcome back to another week of the Razzball Podcast, this week we play everyone's favorite new game "Do You Trust These Dudes?" First up are Anthony Santander, Brandon Lowe, Trent Grisham, and Teoscar Hernandez! Do we trust these guys? Welp, you're going to have to listen to find out. We then dive into prospect callups from the last week, before talking trades and potential waiver targets in RazzSlam. It's almost like a normal week of fantasy baseball! Anything is possible!!!!
Aug 25, 2020
56 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Jayce Tingler Sounds Like A Sex Toy
In the aftermath of 3-0-gate, Grey and yours truly jump into the fray, and give our on the whole silly Tatis granny. As if you needed another opinion on this. Don't you worry we quickly get it out of our systems and move onto the good stuff. No, not the 30 year old scotch in your desk drawer, we're talking oodles of fantasy baseball jewels for your noodles. We talk Reds postponement, Oscar Mercado's demotion, Mookie's continued success in Hollywood, and Grey finally admits Corey Seager is good at hitting baseballs. It was like group therapy with less trust falls! After we run through all that we jump into the trio of Tigers promotions before rounding it out with injuries and hot schmotato talk. It's another week of the Razzball podcast but with 20% less fat!
Aug 19, 2020
51 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Do The Cardinals Still Exist?
Another week of Major League Baseball and another week of COVID-19 related stories. We recorded this yesterday evening about an hour before the Mike Clevinger news drops so we just focus on Zach Plesac and the cancellation of the Cardinals games in the early part of the week. We then spend some time discussing wavier wire adds of note over the last few days and what our long term perspective is on them. It's a packed show of 2020 shart season analysis. Yes, you read that right, it's a shart season because it's a mess and has no shape other than brown water.
Aug 11, 2020
1 hr 3 min
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