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Fantasy Baseball Podcast: It Ain’t June, Bud!
You know what's fun? We're already equal to a quarter of the way through the 2020 sprint season here in 2021. But you know what? We're barely scratching the surface here in 2021. There's month of games to go, and the good players haven't gotten good yet. Hell, most of our first round picks are straight booty cheeks. It's okay y'all! Brighter days are coming, it's 4-20 and we're smoking you out with all the bad vibes on this week's show. So don't fret, it ain't June yet! We got time. So relax and tune into the latest episode of the Razzball podcast.
Apr 20
58 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Zombie Dong and The Baddoo Boys
We all thought things would be better in 2021, and if you drafted Just Dong, Zombino Overlord, you might be right. However, for the rest of us, our pets heads are falling off. First Eloy, then Tatis, who's next Old Testament Baseball God? Why must you steal our joy day after day? We turn our weary eyes to you oh Akil Baddoo, can you be our 2021 Chris Shelton savior, or am I mixing up Tyler Naquin and Baddoo? Yeah, I definitely am, but it's okay because Grey and Ralph....errr I mean Geoff are back with more weekly fantasy insights to help you finish a strong third in your league! It's the latest episode of the Razzball Podcast!
Apr 13
1 hr
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Beyond The Grey Sky
The fantasy master lothario himself, Grey Albright, stops by that other Razzball podcast to talk with Donkey Teeth and me. BTW, if you don't care about the non-sense, you can jump to about the 9 minute mark. After the opening, we discuss the Nicholas Castellanos suspension for having fun. Grey brings the clouds over Ohtani and rains on everyone's parade, but DT and B_Don aren't so easily swayed. Grey mocks B_Don as we talk about the first FAAB run and some very early HR numbers. We wrap up the show with some roster, ignore, or somewhere in the Grey about Akil Baddoo, Jared Walsh, Donovan Solano, Jonathan India, Yermin Meredes, and we have to get in a mention for one of the podcast OGs, Chris Owings.   (Warning: this podcast does contain adult language)
Apr 8
1 hr 8 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Is This Berrios Worth The Squeeze?
It was a glorious return to baseball this weekend as all of our teams made us feel awful and you spent three days wondering which Nats would avoid the COVID list. It's a sh*tuation and we haven't even gotten to closers yet. How much did you spend for Julian Merryweather, huh? We won't tell anyone. Then out comes Shohei Ohtani doing all the things, like ALL OF THEM. Only to get hurt, because...Ohtani. Amirite? the dukes are back and orange juice futures are through the roof! 2021 let's go!
Apr 6
57 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: It’s Good To Be Out Of That…
Welcome to the first non-ranking podcast in what seems like two years. Phew, am I glad to be done with that. In celebration Mr. Albright and I cover actual up to date news and hammer home a few points before the season starts. We talk closers, we talk demotions, and we talk some sleepers breaking camp with the big club. It's a bento box of baseball goodness. Get excited the boys are back!
Mar 30
52 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Going To War Room With Rudy Gamble
B_Don and Donkey Teeth welcome back the Projection Master, Rudy Gamble, to the podcast. The War Room is one of Rudy's babies (included as part of the Razzball tools subscription), so we ask Rudy about this phenomenal draft companion tool. We move on talk about some of Rudy's drafts and how he's approaching the different events this year. We talk about Rudy's main event draft, the RazzSlam, and Tout Wars. Why wouldn't you listen to Rudy talk about his drafting strategy? I learn something every time I talk to Rudy. And if that wasn't enough, there's a special announcement early on in the show as well.
Mar 25
1 hr 5 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Top 100 Pitchers for 2021 Fantasy Baseball
Play the uplifting montage music, for we have conquered our off-season rundown of the top players at each position in this crazy thing called fantasy baseball. It's the 2021 season, likely to be three times longer than last season. Don't worry the guy that won your league last year will go back to losing focus in July. Yeah marathon! Speaking of marathon. We did 100 pitchers!!!! Yeaaaah!!! Wooooo!!! Grey and I talk about all the guys to draft and the dudes you should let the other guys take. It's fun, we don't wear pants, and we breakout in song.
Mar 24
1 hr 4 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Live Underdog Draft
B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back for another episode of the Goin' Deep Podcast on the Razzball network. On this episode, Donkey Teeth and I go over our strategy for Underdog Fantasy Baseball best ball drafts. These best ball leagues are quick, no in season management, and limited positions that you have to fill. With multiple price points and a few different contests, Underdog has whatever kind of game you're looking for. Sign up for Underdog using the Razzball Referral Link for a 30-day money back guarantee!
Mar 17
1 hr 7 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Top 50 Pitchers For 2021 Fantasy Baseball
We are back with another two-fer! This time we're running through all the pitchers. Not sure if you know this but Grey Albright is the most decorated pitcher ranker for a 60 game season ever. He's like the Babe Ruth of short season prognosticating. Which is funny because the man hates pitchers. While Tyler Glasnow uses a picture of Martin Shkreli to get pumped up, Grey looks at a picture of Tyler Glasnow. Needless to say we talk a lot of smack about early starters, but eventually we end up in calmer waters. Pitchers Part One, up next.
Mar 16
1 hr 3 min
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Top 100 Outfielders For 2021 Fantasy Baseball
Part two of our dramatic two part series on the Top 100 Outfielders for 2021 Fantasy Baseball comes to it's conclusion this week. Will Grey join the two great kingdoms into one fabulous list? Will we spend 40 minutes discussing Jarred Kelenic? Will we talk about Dylan Carlson? Will the name DJ Stewart be uttered? I'm not telling you're just going to have to listen as Grey and I drop a gem on em' like P-Dolo and Havoc. It's the latest episode of the Razzball Baseball Podcast!
Mar 9
51 min
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