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A joke
Double A trash
KT da Bigga Figga
I have downgrade it to a 4 stars
I needed to give a 4 Stars now because TalkBrunch is missing on here but it's all good
Josh E2000
One of the Best podcasts!
wish i would have ound this sooner!
Everything ... and More !!!
This has to be one of the best Podcast's mixed up all in one place . A great mix of wrestling . WWE , ROH , TNA , and NXT . Along with some Comic-Book stuff . RAGE's show is funny , as they try to teach him something new or correct . Keep them coming guys !
The rant is amazing
The rant has a contrast of calm and ecstasy crazy. With double A being calm, cool, and collected. And the problem child screams with passion and purpose to get his point across. Appreciate the passion. And then you have everyone else who occasionally comes on the show. From Zues to hardcore smart girl. They all bring a different perspective to the show. Thank you, Omar Kamal
Never know what to expect
When Double A, Da Problem Child and their crew get on, you never know whats going to happen. Always a wild ride.
Great Show
Double A always makes the news of the week fun and he is isnt one of those guys who thinks he is a know it all either.I love the banter with his callers too.Its like we are one big family as he makes everyone feel welcomed and he will always listen to your opinions and thoughts.
William "the ladies man"Morgan
AA has the best wrestling coverage around
Not much of a rant, to much rambling
Steve Credo
A Wrestling Zoo
Not only will you get in-depth wrestling talk on The Rant, but the cast of characters are always entertaining. Definitely a highlight of my week.
Don't Let the Smooth Taste Fool Ya...
This is THE Show to hear people make pro wrestling sense AND make complete fools of themselves. Double A, Lexicon and EddaDrama are the stable ones, or the warden and guards. The inmates are something else too... meaning pretty much, don't start none, won't be none. Every episode has the chance to become an INSTANT CLASSIC
Stephen Thibeaux
Good show!
One of the best wrestling podcasts on the 'Net. Double A is a great host and runs the show amazingly. However, there needs to be not so many callers at once on the show. It's kinda hard to hear a point, when it's being attempted to be made.
Marc Jones
Here Comes the Pain...fully good show
I once went to a live taping of Smackdown in 2002 and made a sign for Albert, he was under the moniker of A-Train then. He seemed generally happy to have a fan. This show is not like Albert. It is like Brock Lesnar, not UFC Lesnar but Paul Heyman Lesnar. They should have a whole audience of signs promoting them. Very funny show with actual good wrestling opinions. Keep up good work....A++++ Rey
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Ron Mysterio
One of the best
A fitting member of the outstanding TWR Network. Very informative and opinionated show for all wrestling fans.
Great Podcast
This podcast is amazing. I love listening to everyone on that show since they're intelligent & humble (unlike many other podcasts where the hosts are incoherent, nonsensical & egotistical). I love taking part in the craziness since I have too much fun there. Search "Rant Classic" if you want previous episodes from the BTR era. I do recommend this to any wrestling fan because as it's network tagline suggests "All the wrestling talk with none of the ego"
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How am I the 3rd reviewer?
How am I only the third? This show is so great it should have 20+ already. If you like informative and funny in the same package then give it a listen.
the Rant delivers
A knowlegable host in Double A, and an entertaining way to spend your Tuesday nights.
Good show
DoubleA is a good host. I enjoy listening to the show on downloads while I'm working. However I think the show would be better if he didn't have too many callers involved on the show at once, because they start talking over eachother and interupting DoubleA.
Best Wrestling Talk Ever....Period!!!
This is the Best wrestling talk show I've heard. It's not corny or cheesy, it's just REAL Talk by REAL Peeps about everyday life and wrestling. I look forward to this show every week. A very FUN 2+ hours, every Tuesday night at 8PM!!! Glad I can get the replays on iTunes....Search 'Rant Classic' for previous shows.
Lee Champion