Ranger Danger: A Power Rangers Podcast
Ranger Danger: A Power Rangers Podcast
Ranger Danger
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Love it
The hosts are great, the guests are delightful, this podcast makes me laugh more than almost any other. Give it a listen even if you’re just a casual fan of Power Rangers.
As a fan who watched the whole show growing up, it is fun to hear new eyes for the show and what they have to say. I have listened since the end of MMPR2 and the content is only gets better.
JK Grace
Please keep the show going for as long as you can ! 👍
Ive been listening to the show on and off for a couple of years but ive kept up ever since “In Space” and i just love this podcast. You guys are so entertaining i look forward more to the podcast than the actual episode you guys are talking about. My all time favorite season is “SPD” so well get there in about 5 years !
Rodolfo. T
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Fun and love y’all
Love you guys. Stumbled upon you guys during the mmpr season 3 days when you still posted the episodes on YouTube. Love the honest opinions. The guest cohosts are hilarious especially the frequent ones that are Lauren and Tim. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for time force
So many inappropriate words and bad talk.
Love it
Great content from creators who love the material. Didn’t discover this until now but I’m devouring the episodes. Very funny and fun to listen to after viewing an episode. Keep up the great work!
I love this podcast. I have been listening to the podcast for almost three months and listen to 30 episodes/day. -Red ranger.
as the title says amazing. currently playing catch up at episode 80 of mmpr
Ranger Danger: A perfect package
I'm writing this from not even half way through their back catalogue, but Mat and Michael are a blast to listen to, and have the perfect balance of, knowing what they're talking about, and being utterly clueless about what Power Rangers is doing. I look forward to catching up!
Discovered this podcast a couple of months ago. I LOVE it! And so many episodes to enjoy whilst wasting away at my desk in the office.... it’s a great show!
Amazing Power Rangers Review Podcast
Mathew and Michael are a hilarious duo in the podcast where they sometimes have special guests. I love the fake ads that are done on the show. It keeps that nostalgic feeling going of the classic power rangers episodes of my childhood. Keep up the good work!
Boom Room is amazing
I love how open Kyle is in the boom room and all the behind the scenes I’m able to get from this podcast
Cody from Seattle
It’s podcastin time!
This podcast is addictive! I listened to the first 150 episodes in 2 months. I look forward to ever episode, plus the boom rooms are super cool. Keep up the great work.
Excellent, Consistent Podcasting.
These guys are the absolute best. They take something they love, recognize how silly, ridiculous, and often just plain stupid it is, and appreciate the hell out of it. They've spent whole days of their lives just talking about a stupid '90s kids show, and nitpicking it to death in a way that is both hilarious and heartwarming. They always keep the bants on air (by which I mean they have a phenomenal back-and-forth in their banter), and, though they wear their explicit tag on iTunes like a badge, they always remain sensitive and they never cross a line. Mat "cats are people too" Groom and Michael "I don't like dogs; I find them unpredictable" Busuttil bring together a slew of guests over their 3+ year run thus far, including Tim "not the backdoor shenanigans they were expecting" Busuttil, The people's champion Lauren Dundler, Boom! Studios MMPR comic head writer Kyle Higgins, and actual former power rangers Austin St. John, Walter Emmanuel Jones, Nakia Burrise, and Jason Faunt. They analyze the episodes one by one from the very beginning once a week, while also covering currently running episodes from Dino Charge onward as they air, as well as recounting each new Power Rangers comic issue every month or so. In addition, they cover all new power rangers news, such as with the 2017 movie, games such as Legacy Wars and Mega Battle. Also, on rare occasion, they will throw in their own little nonsense and shenanigans just for fun, like that time they took Zyuranger footage and wrote and performed an episode around it before watching the corresponding power rangers episode, or that time they spent a full hour and a half discussing and analyzing in depth a non-existant episode of a non-existant reboot of a previously non-existant television series. Let's not forget those times that they covered episodes of the Sentai, entirely without any context beyond the context of the corresponding power rangers episode. These guys are simply incredible. They are both incredibly engaged with this podcast, and it shows in their enthusiasm for it. They are highly interactive with their fans, and they have created one of the single friendliest communities on the internet. We love them, and they love us. Listen to this podcast. I implore you. I guarantee it will enrich your life, or, at the very least, your Wednesday.
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A great listen!
These guys are funny, critical but not douchey about it, and bring something to the table that other geeky podcasts don't - self awareness. 10/10 will always recommend.
The Perfect Power Ranger Podcast: 'Nuff Said!
After shifting through several other more boring and less organized podcast it's been absoulty awesome to finally find a podcast with two guys who sit and talk about the shows just like me and my friends do. Matt and Mike are true fans of the franchise, and give their all in a high quality, well ran, and maintained podcast experince.
Where has this podcast been all my life!?!
This is the best podcast! The guys are hilarious and as many times as i have watched each episode of power rangers, they always bring a fantastic prospective to each episode. Fan for life! Keep up the great work guys!
It's good
I will admit I have only listened to their Dino Charge seasons. I can't bring myself to go back to MMPR yet so soon after listening through the Morphin Grid doing it as well, but I want to check out Turbo after my Dino Charge listen through. They're amusing, and it's always nice to run across white, hetero males that are genuinely excited about women, people of color, and nonhetero people showing up and having their own stories. Tim is a great back-up host. My gripes would be that the sound quality isn't so good. It echoes a lot and frequently sounds a bit too tinny. The sound levels between the theme song and the rest of the podcast is real bad. I listened to some in rapid succession and would hurt my ears after having it up louder to hear them talking and then suddenly someone is screaming a song at me. They also waver between being silly and being dumb enough that it takes a bit away from the overall experience.
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These guys are great! They are witty and very perceptive! Their banter and discussion throughout the episode is top notch, and they truly make power rangers a more enjoyable experience!
Ranger Danger addicting for any PR fan w/ a commute!
I can't give enough praise to Mat and Michael. Their podcast is thoughtful, engaging, and a must listen for any fan of power rangers!
A wonderful listen to low-budget 90s baby's television
The Power Rangers franchise has never been very good, but it's made more entertaining by listening to Ranger Danger. Matt and Michael cover the long-running kids series with a tenderness for the show of their youth, while never ignoring that the show was made for pennies with the sole level of quality being if it appealed to people whose ages were sub-double digits. It's the only kind of podcast I listen to where one of the hosts can say they hate the show one moment, and in the same episode say they love the show. The hosts are honest and engaging, covering the show with as much respect as it deserves. The only downside to the podcast is that they don't consistently cover the show itself: sometimes they jump ahead to a modern episode of Power Rangers, and sometimes they talk about Power Ranger comics instead. While I appreciate keeping things fresh and interesting, in practice it winds up being a case of thinning out the (proverbial) milk in their podcast.
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Perfect Podcast for Power Geeks
I've listened to 40 episodes in about 2 weeks I can't get enough.
Hilarious, Genuine, Informative and all around amazing
This is the best podcast I've listened to in a long while. I started listening to the Boom Room segments because Kyle Higgins is great but I quickly became addicted to the rest of the show. I have started from the beginning and have listened to 50+ episodes in a week. I'm hoping to catch up as soon as possible. I can't recommend a better Power Rangers podcast. Matt and Michael bring a genuine enjoyment to the show. Yes Power Rangers is terrible but it's nostalgic and so good it's bad. Keep up the great work.
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This podcast is so funny and creative, it’s one of the best ones out there. Their mix of love for the series and hilarious skepticism at it’s many faults will make you laugh with and fall in love with Power Rangers all over again. Their specialty episodes like the 5 part Green With Evil panel and the “Chimp Change” episode make it one of the biggest standouts in fandom podcasting. Not to mention, the Boom Room series is so interesting and fun. I highly recommend this for any Power Rangers fan.
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Absolutely Fantastic
The Ranger Danger podcast is one of the highlights of my week. Much like teenagers from the 90s, they have the right attitude for their mission.
Jive Professor
If you're a grown up fan of the Power Rangers... Listen. You will love it.
Morphinominal Podcast!!
Growing up with the series from the beginning, Mat and Michael along with a multitude of special cast are incredible. Their review of the MMPRs and it's cringe full adaptation of the Sentai series is both hilarious and truthful. I've been bing listening since the beginning of 2016 and finally caught up. Thanks to the entire team for taking me back and reawakening my love for the original series. Keep going and let the power protect you. ( no...seriously...you need massive will power to protect you from the writers inconsistency plots through much of the early years.)
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Where nostalgia meets sarcastic reason
I love this podcast, two guys sarcastically dig into a show that has more plot devices then plot.
A 5 Star Show
Can you believe that some jerk gave this show a one star review? That's crazy. The reviewer didn't even seem to dislike the show, they just wanted it to be longer! That's a bananas reason to leave a one star review. Anyhow, they deserve five times as many stars. If you're of a mind to listen to a couple of funny guys talk about Power Rangers, then you should listen to this show. You won't regret it (unless you have terrible taste). - Matt Jay
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Gabriel Rhys
Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of a show you watched as a kid? Are you overbearing and emotional? Then this is the show for you. I'm only the first year into it but this is the best Power Rangers Podcast in the galaxy
Shiny Jr.
Best Power Rangers Podcast
If you love power rangers you will love this podcast!
High Quality Podcast from the Beginning
I started listening to these guys for the Dino Charge episodes and was surprised by their high quality in both audio and content. After a while I listened back to their first episode and was pleasantly surprised that it was just as high quality as their latest episode. My only negative to the show is that the special episodes are very far between where they watch episodes that are not part of Mighty Morphin and Dino Charge. Their special Sentai episodes are a blast and I really enjoy the behind the scenes topics. I never knew this stuff as a kid so hearing it now that I'm 25 puts those nostalgic memories in a new light. Keep up the good work guys and I hope you manage to get through all 20+ seasons of Power Rangers.
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Great Podcast
I Just discovered this podcast and i am really enjoying it. The host poke gentle fun at the show while not being mean spirited. Although i'm only on episode 10 so we'll see if that holds up. I'm trying to catch up as quickly as possible. If this review is read on the Podcast I probably won't hear it for while. Keep up the morphinominal Job!
Jamill Payne
Entertaining and Interesting
I honestly really like this podcast, and the two of them are great hosts. Their opinions on Power Rangers are refreshing and very unique. They add elements such as ranking swords and weapons and Fantasy Zordon that make their podcast special. I actually found their podcast through another called the Morphin Grid, and both of them are perfect for Power Ranger fans.
A fun show in which two hosts watch each episode of Power Rangers.
This is a great podcast! Matt and Michael go through the episodes, adding their hilarious commentary. They're able to bring the listeners back to childhood nostalgia while also acknowledging the ridiculous plot holes and inconsistencies. A must-listen for anyone who grew up watching Power Rangers!
Brian in MN
So Much Fun!
Ranger Danger is my new go-to podcast when I'm writing, walking the dog, or driving back and forth to work. Matt and Michael, as well as their fantastic guests, provide hilarious commentary on a show that's a huge part of popular culture and geekdom. Keep going, guys!
Give it a listen. That is all
I've been waiting for a podcast like this for years: an episode by episode recap of Power Rangers. The hosts are great and the theme song is incredible.
From a hardcore ranger fan, your reviews discussions is awesome. Hopefully more folks notice it and give more good reviews
Great PR Podcast
A great podcast for anyone who is a fan of PR while still having a sense of humor about its cheesiness/lack of quality. The show does a great job of dissecting details you probably wouldn't really think about as a kid (Bulk + goo?) and if you want to have an informal and humorous discussion about PR this is the podcast for you.
It's Morphtastic
This is a great podcast. It has super fun hosts who take the bullet for us and watch the Power Rangers. If you have some nostalgia for Power Rangers but can't actually sit threw an episode this is a podcast for you.
Perfect podcast for any old or current power ranger fan
I honestly wish each episode was longer. a half an hour with these guys goes so fast because your laughing and intrigued by everything these guys are saying. I love how they point out certain elements and themes of each episode and make me realize how funny/ridiculous the show is 20 years later. Hope you guys keep them coming every week cause I will definitely still be listening
A Fantastic Podcast
This is a very fun and refreshing podcast to listen to. Mat and Michael are very funny and natural doing a podcast which is something that is being lost more and more with the growing number of pods coming out. I would highly recommend this podcast to people who love or even just remembers Power Rangers. I would also recommend this podcast to just anyone who wants something new to listen to. Great, great work.
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