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Scott McNulty
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Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.
224: "The Child" (TNG) with Antony Johnston
Antony Johnston, writer, podcaster, and short film maker, joins Scott to discuss “The Child)” (TNGS2E1). Topics include how many firsts happen in this episode, being impregnated by an orb, and what’s the deal with Dr. Pulaski hatin’ on Data? Watch Antony’s short film Crossover Point....
Jul 2
45 min
223: "Parturition" (VOY) with Annette Wierstra
Annette Wierstra, creative dabbler and the Director of Agents of SMOOCH, joins Scott to discuss “Parturition” (S2E7). Topics include Scott struggling to properly pronounce the title of the episode, how Kes is critical to the plot of this episode and yet she doesn’t get to do much, and how cute baby puppets are. Watch Parturition for yourself: Amazon Instant Video Netflix DVDs...
Jun 18
39 min
222: "Amok Time" (TOS) with Jason Snell
Jason Snell, captain of the USS Incomparable, joins Scott to discuss the iconic TOS episode “Amok Time” (S2E1). Topics include how great the music is in this episode, how sexy Spock is, and Vulcan interior design. Be sure to check out Vulcan Hello if you’d like to hear Jason and Scott to talk about new Star Trek. Watch Amok Time for yourself: Amazon Instant Video Netflix Blu-rays...
Jun 11
50 min
221: "Tattoo" (VOY) with Marisa McClellan
Marisa McClellan, canner, podcaster, and spouse to Scott, joins Scott to discuss “Tattoo”. Topics include how tired Scott and Marisa were, the fact that they watched the episode over a week ago and only found time to record the podcast much later, and the major success of recording the whole episode without waking a single sleeping twin. Also Chakotay’s father issues....
May 28
30 min
220: "Sacred Ground" (VOY) with Shelly Brisbin
Shelly Brisbin, writer and Incomparable host, joins Scott to discuss "Sacred Ground" (VOY S3E7). Topics include why Kess is just randomly walking into temples, how this should have been a Neelix episode (but we're glad it wasn't), and the fact that Tom Paris directed this episode. Check out Lions, Towers & Shields episode 4 for some old movie recommendations....
May 21
43 min
219: "Encounter at Farpoint" (TNG) with Dan Moren
Dan Moren, three time novelist and guy who talks on the Internet a lot, joins Scott to discuss "Encounter at Farpoint" (TNG S1E1). Topics include Dan's new book (buy it!), how our beloved TNG friends changed over the course of 7 seasons, and if this episode was as bad as we remember it being, and the fact that Farpoint Station isn't a space station....
May 14
59 min
218: "The Expanse" (ENT) with David J. Loehr
Playwright and Incomparable panelist David J. Loehr joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s The Expanse (S2E26). After David attempts a Random Trek coup, topics include contrasting using the third dimension in space battles, some unconvincing performances, and Faceless Exposition Guy. The word of the day is “Drab” for this Enterprise season finale....
May 7
42 min
217: "Time Squared" (TNG) with Tony Sindelar
Tony Sindelar, podcaster and Total Party Kill DM, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Time Squared (S2E13). Scott and Tony make the most out of a subpar episode of TNG that includes replicator food logistics, a time loop, and a lack of proper corpse management. There’s probably a Dr. Pulaski Fan Club somewhere, but this isn’t it. Tony also watched Star Trek: Discovery recently, so don’t listen past 37:50 if you haven’t seen Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery!...
Apr 30
44 min
216: "Someone to Watch Over Me" (VOY) with Seth Fried
Seth Fried, writer and author of The Municipalists, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s Someone to Watch Over Me (S5E22). Topics of conversation include a guest actor from Kids in the Hall, which character is the Chandler of Voyager, and some plot points that do not age well....
Apr 23
42 min
215: "The Nth Degree" (TNG) with Jen Usellis
Scott is joined by Jen Usellis, the Klingon Pop Warrior, to discuss TNG’s The Nth Degree (S4E19). After revealing their favorite Klingons in Star Trek, Jen and Scott debate the merits of Reginald Barclay, Star Fleet’s Holodeck policies, and marvel at a bizarre ten-day jump in the narrative....
Apr 16
42 min
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