Random Thoughts From The Road
Random Thoughts From The Road
Ozark Rides
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Almost had a listener
Tuned into these guys this morning, hoping to find a channel. I enjoy listening to about my Harley Davison. I will not be back, these guys curse more than sailors, don’t need to start my day out with 50 F words.
Coolguy yoda123//
Good content
I just found your podcast and it was cool to find a local (I live in Ozark) podcast. Just finished the v-twin one and it answered a lot of my questions as I tied a 2005 fat boy. Keep up the technical stuff it’s very helpful.
Harley Buff
Great podcast, you’ll learn a new ride!
Some of these we’ve frequented, some are new! Great podcast. Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!
Random Thoughts From The Road...A MOTORCYCLE PODCAST, is a GREAT listen. I'm NEW to Motorcycle riding, but NOT new to the Missouri-Arkansas Ozarks, and this podcast is very informative and entertaining. Craig Allen KNOWS his stuff, as far as AllThings Motorcycles, as well as knowing the scenic area of The Ozarks! Thanks for the Podcast gentlemen!!
Just Me
It seems to be a relatively new podcast, but pretty good so far. The conversation keeps me interested.
2 Wheeled Gimp