Tim Hagen
Rally is a podcast about resilient people, for resilient people. Hosted by professional flutist, composer, and educator Tim Hagen, each episode of Rally examines the life of a different working professional and the role resilience has played in their journey. Join us. Let's rally!
Allison Loggins-Hull
In Episode 3, Tim talks to genre-defying flutist and composer Allison Loggins-Hull. Topics include her earliest musical influences and training, forging a non-traditional career path, social justice and change through artistry, and as always, where and how to find resilience.This episode's "60 Creative Seconds" segment features a section of Allison's piece Pray for flute and electronics, with Tim performing on flute.For more information about Allison and her musical life, check out allisonloggins.com. For more about Tim, head to timothyhagen.com.
Oct 11, 2020
1 hr 15 min
Patti Adams
For our second episode, Tim chats with flutist and visual artist Patti Adams. Topics include the crossover between music and art, developing imagination, balancing parallel careers and diverse interests, and the resilience gained from discipline, connection, and carving out space for happiness.This episode's "60 Creative Seconds" segment features a video of stills of Patti’s drawings of roses, set to my performance of the traditional Irish tune, “The Last Rose of Summer.” You can find it at timothyhagen.com/podcast.
Sep 25, 2020
51 min
Brian Raphael Nabors
In this episode, Tim talks with composer Brian Raphael Nabors. Topics include Brian's musical beginnings, the many influences in his music, his vision for creating community, and as always, the role resilience has played in his life. This episode's "60 Creative Seconds" segment features Brian reading his poem "Luminance," accompanied by Tim's flute improvisation.
Sep 6, 2020
1 hr 3 min