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In-depth conversations on the paranormal alternating with weird music. Occasionally live on Sundays 6-8 or 8-10 PM Pacific.
Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner – Paranormal Bigfoot
Josh Cutchin and Tim Renner have just released a book that is designed (and sure) to goose the Bigfoot research community out of its “flesh-and-blood-hypothesis” stupor (the theory that the creature is an undiscovered primate.) In Where the Footprints End, they have gathered case after documented case of paranormal events associated with Bigfoot sightings, beginning with a dramatic incident  from 1973 where the creatures (TWO of them) were observed in close proximity to a large, lighted object that left a glowing circle on the ground and apparently gave one witness a vision of the end of the world. We spoke on this case and many others where the idea of the phenomenon as simply an elusive animal is called into serious question. Based on their research, Renner and Cutchin believe parallels with hauntings and poltergeists are inescapable, as well as connections to the world of the dead. We also discussed the strange explanations given for cases of Bigfoot tracks that apparently stop suddenly in mid-stride (hence the name of the book.) Fascinating conversation that is sure to make you excited, upset, or both. The end theme is by Tim Renner’s band Stone Breath. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
May 21
2 hr 6 min
Stephen Finley – The Nation Of Islam as a UFO Religion
Religious studies scholar Dr. Stephen Finley (Louisiana State University) is almost singular in his academic study of the UFO origins of the belief system of the Nation of Islam (NOI.) In the late 1980s, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the most popular offshoot of the group, announced that he had an encounter with space people on a mountaintop in Mexico, and was taken aboard what he referred to as the ”Mother Wheel,” where he claimed to have met with the deceased leaders of the religion and given the blessing and authority to lead the group into the future. Dr. Finley joined me to discuss this episode and the tributaries of personalities and events that led to it, and how it has affected the history of the Nation of Islam ever since. We traced the origins of the African American experience that led to this belief system, and his claim that “you cannot make sense of the NOI without looking at it as a UFO religion.” Finley believes that his study “says something about who we are as a people” and that the very act of marginalizing the subject (especially among his fellow academicians) was what drew him to it in the first place. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
May 16
1 hr 28 min
Kevin Day – Nimitz UFOs and Beyond
Kevin Day has been interviewed and scrutinized endlessly by the UFO community. He was the Aerial Defense Matter expert and radar operator on the guided missile cruiser Princeton in early November of 2004, when the so-called “Nimitz UFO encounters” occurred. In this interview, Day first describes the events of that day, and how they affected those involved. As a radar and detection expert, his opinion is that “the Navy tech allowed us to see something that had been there for a long long time.” He describes his impressions and feelings during the main incident and more importantly, how they have affected his life and outlook in the years following his retirement from the Navy. Day says that unnamed officials later visited him on his property and declared that he was “incredibly important in what’s about to happen,” implying some sort of scenario where UFOs and whatever operates them would become more well-known and accepted. Day makes no comment as to what these might be. He also reports some possible psychic effects from the incident. We ended with an extended discussion of his UAP Expedition project, where Day and others such as physicist Kevin Knuth, entrepreneur Deep Prasad, and MIT scientist Rizwan Virk will attempt to attract and record any UFO activity they are able to capture in the area of the original sightings. We had a lot of tech problems for the first 1/3rd of the interview. I have inserted tones inserted at these points in the recording. Thanks to Dave Altman for arranging this interview. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
May 5
1 hr 19 min
Shannon Taggart – Séance
Shannon Taggart is an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Her images have been exhibited and featured internationally, including in TIME, the New York Times Magazine, Discover, and Newsweek. We talked about the release of her photography book Séance, which examines the history, issues, and impact of the Spiritualist movement, birthed in the 19th century and which survives to this day. There are literate and informative essays throughout, illustrated with rare and sometimes quite beautiful images and photographs from the history of Spiritualism and related areas of parapsychology, as well as her own stunning images of séances, psychic readings, and the objects associated with them. We discussed her introduction to the world of the séance, and her eventual evolution into what she calls a “diplomat of spiritualism.” She also mentioned that some people (particularly urban sophisticates and some in the art world) seem to be interested in the paranormal, “but if you make it too real for them, they turn off.” She also gave us a fascinating insight into the phenomenon known as “ectoplasm,” and reports of the substance smelling like bodily fluids. One of Shannon’s most interesting insights were her comparisons of photography and Spiritualism: “Through their dance with each other, [they] exposed each other’s limitations. We learned about photography’s complicated relationship with truth, and we learned about Spiritualism’s subjective truth.” Purchase from the publisher. Purchase from the U.S. distributor. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Apr 10
1 hr 49 min
Michael Masters – Neoteny and Time Travel and UFOs
Michael Masters earned his doctorate in Anthropology in 2009 and is on the faculty of Montana Technological University. His specialty is in biological anthropology and evolutionary biology, specifically the study of fossil hominid skulls to trace trends in evolution as well as studies of the eye socket to determine the causes and solutions to visual disorders. In 2018, he released “Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon,” a study of evolutionary trends which may lead humans to eventually appear like what we now describe as the popular concept of “aliens,” which is known as neoteny (“the slowing or delaying of body development, compared to non-human primates, resulting in features such as a large head, a flat face, and relatively short arms.”) The other main premise of his book is that if we eventually begin to look like aliens, there is the possibility that we may be returning from our own evolutionary future and appear as what we know as UFOs and their occupants. We discussed the theoretical possibility that backwards time travel is possible. Masters maintained that the events of the past half century may be very interesting to anyone traveling from the future because of all the rapid changes which have occurred. Masters also believes that the embargo on UFO discussion may be “just about to pop” and that academics will “be their own disclosure.” LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Apr 6
1 hr 54 min
Miguel Romero – A Visit To Mexico City
From March 10th to the 17th, I visited my friend Miguel Romero in Mexico City. At the suggestion of our friend David Metcalfe, we decided to conduct a live show from the condo where we were staying. Most of the program was a travelogue of the city and surrounding areas, Mexican history, comparative religions, and food. We spoke on our visit to the massive basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico and a true goddess figure in her own right. We discussed the ease with which Mexicans accept both their Catholic/ Spanish history as well as harboring an infinite amount of pride in their indigenous heritage. We also attended a wrestling match (aka Lucha Libre) which is very different from the American version. We recalled a possible near robbery which we experienced while on a canal touring the infamous “Island of the Dolls,” and the ignorant bliss that was present in the country at the time with regard to the growing pandemic. Miguel suggested that we should “embrace living in a state of eternal surrealism.” He summed up his country as “a place where the fantastic goes hand in hand with daily life.” LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Apr 4
1 hr 35 min
Whitley Strieber – A New World
I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Whitley Strieber for the second time in as many months. The occasion was the release of his new book, entitled A New World. The work may be the most important in Strieber’s “visitors” saga to date: It outlines exactly who and what he has come to believe these entities are, as well as how they interact with us and their reasons for doing so, and how some people may be able to open their own lines of communication with them. A couple of years ago, Whitley said he asked the Visitors to show themselves to more people, and that this book was their eventual answer. He said that they “communicate completely differently than us” without “an evolved language.” Strieber’s experiences led him to conclude that they lead an existence that is nearly unfathomable to us, but is frighteningly described as “like being in an empty house where nothing important or significant can ever happen, and you can’t get out,” and that this is why they need our thoughts and sensations of living in a physical world. This, he concludes, is why they seek the “Communion” described in his very first book on the subject. He also recounted his experience of an apparent implanted object in his ear and how he receives communication through it. We ended with his wish that more scientific and academic people become aware of and engaged with the subject and the Visitors, and how this may already be happening. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Dec 10, 2019
1 hr 30 min
Susan Demeter St. Clair and Dr. Massimo Teodorani – Science Weds Spirit
Susan and Massimo are amazing people. Both have been on the program before; Susan talking about her private research in parapsychological and UFO topics, and Dr. Massimo on his theories of possible sentient plasmas, which he has studied worldwide, including the famous Hessdalen lights . Earlier this year, Susan moved to Italy and she and Massimo were married. They are now involved in projects combining spiritual and traditional modes of knowledge with the methods of science. This literal marriage of science and the humanities and arts is close to the ideals of a recurring theme on this show. I believe that both of them have a rare combination and balance of analytical and creative faculties which are important to an understanding of (presently) fringe subjects. Both have had experiences with the paranormal and it has shaped their methodologies. My two favorite quotes from the interview will give some idea of why it was so enjoyable and interesting: Massimo: “Humanity doesn’t need priests; it needs quantum leaps.” Susan: “I want to provoke, invoke, and eventually measure the phenomena.” Image: Susan doodled this figure during the interview. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Dec 8, 2019
2 hr 1 min
Deep Prasad – Contact and UAP Expeditions
Prasad and Michio Kaku I’ll admit that I was not impressed with Deep Prasad when he burst on the UFO scene earlier this year. On Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) he tweeted a narrative about a very strange, vivid daytime experience he had with apparent non-human entities on February 1st. At that point, I realized his quick conversion from a quantum computing entrepreneur to UFO player was due to this dramatic life-changing experience. Deep had already agreed to an interview over a week before this tweet was posted. Prasad’s drawing of his experience. Our talk ranged from an explanation of the theories and applications of quantum computing (which are being pioneered by his company ReactiveQ), his feeling that the so-called “meta-materials” being touted around the internet as pieces of crashed UFOs may not be provable or useful, at least two other strange apparent “contact” episodes he has experienced, and the ideas behind the upcoming UAP Pattern Detection Expedition, which will attempt to attract and record evidence of UFO activity off the coast of Southern California in the same area as the famous Nimitz naval encounters of 2004. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Dec 4, 2019
1 hr 34 min
Christopher White – A History of Alternate Dimensions
Vassar College Religious Studies professor Christopher White’s book Other Worlds is a history of the western world’s search for extra dimensions and how it affected science, the arts, literature, and spirituality. Beginning with the relatively well-known 1884 book Flatland by Edwin Abbott, Chris describes the rise of science in Victorian England and attempts by some thinkers of the period to reconcile these discoveries with traditional and entrenched religious ideas. We moved on to Charles Edward Hinton and his elaborate system of cubes which he said would help anyone realize hidden truths about higher dimensions. We examined the late 19th century astrophysicist Karl Fredrich Zollner and his clash with other scientists regarding his belief that he had found a system of laws that reconciled science and spirituality and who also enthusiastically conducted seances. Chris also delved into the visual arts with Russian avant-garde painter and philosopher Kasmir Malevich as well as iconic author JRR Tolkien, who belived his dreams contained hidden truths regarding his Christian faith. We ended with the advent of television and how it was regarded as an almost magical device when it was introduced and the observation that many scientists and science writers still use mystical ideas and language when writing for a popular audience, and conversely, how those involved in matters of spirit and faith routinely borrow from the language of science. LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD
Nov 21, 2019
1 hr 28 min
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