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Catina Smith Says Just Call Her Chef
32 minutes Posted Jul 3, 2020 at 12:36 pm.
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Show notes

Catina Smith was looking to create a sisterhood of Black chefs in Baltimore when she had the idea to launch a calendar to raise money and awareness. The photographer came up with the name and a movement was born. Today, Just Call Me Chef is a close-knit group that highlights and uplifts Black women chefs through professional networking, mentorship, and more. We sat down with JCMC founder Cat to hear about her plans for expanding nationally, her vision for a “historic” Just Call Me Chef conference in 2021, and what’s next for her life and career. Cat’s worked in “every crevice of culinary,” as she describes it, and she’s about to give birth to her third child! Listen for ways that you can help Just Call Me Chef achieve its goals and mission. Visit for merch and donation options and to be notified of the upcoming membership enrollment.

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