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Favorite podcast! But……
I wish Quest would let his guests fully answer questions and allow his cohosts to ask their own query without interrupting and side eyeing the observations that they have. The listeners are also music nerds too, and it’s hard to be all ears when this happens. Yes, the podcast is an organic thing and yes, pure excitement about all things music and art with the best of the best cannot be contained when certain guests come on, but pleassse for the love of whipped cream, stop interrupting. PLEASE. Other than that, I learn something new every time - a certain chord, shady business deals, how an obscure ad lib was created or what gear and instruments were used to make the best music.
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I Need A Cheeseburger ASAP
Great show
Love this show and although its mainly a hip hop show i really appreciate the diversity of the guest. Although this wont get read i think Anderson.Paak would make a great drummer interviewing another.
In response to that “annoying” woman
Her name is Laiya so if you’re going to insult her, at least say her name. For the record, she’s NOT annoying, she’s just too much for you to handle and that’s ok. I’m sure there’s a support group out there for folks like you. Now on to the podcast. This is GOLD. So much knowledge but packaged in a way that’s easily digestible. I never leave a podcast feeling like it was too long or anything like that. EVERYONE adds something special to this show and I’m blessed to have found it. Keep on keepin on!
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Former musician
Music saved my life again
Awesome podcast, perfect timing, but wish I discovered it sooner. Underrated pod, 10/10.
Best out right now
This podcast is a music nerds dream
The Ish!
This is the best podcast ever! If you aren’t learning something new, you’re laughing. Love!
John Roxx
LOVED the President Bill Clinton interview!
He is such a colorful (pardon the pun) person and I was inspired by his storytelling. Obviously only the tip of the iceberg was uncovered! Loved it!
Ugh this was a good time for
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The Pod is top shelf
I’ve listen to all but one show. Now I’m skipping the Dollar Bill President 3 Strikes episode.
Bill Clinton is a really bad human being.
I Learn so much
QuestLove Supreme is awesome. I always learn much. I love the stories of how the music was made. I love this podcast very much.
Music girl4
What a podcast should be on every level
I love it here! Everything about these interviews and interactions and All of the peoples!
Great Podcast But…..
This is a great podcast but the female on the podcast is annoying. She is overly loud and talks over everyone. It’s VERY Annoying and as I read other comments I’m glad I’m not the only person that feels this way. Why is she here again? Please ask her to stop and chill out or remove her from the podcast.
Jimmy Jam is the best episode!
Still looking for an episode to top Jimmy Jam, but overall, it’s a great podcast for music lovers and historians and those who like a great story.
K. Kirk
My 4- star reason
Laiyah has got to go! She will interrupt with nonsense and then be like “oh oops nevermind” so irritating! And Quest, as you interject with your own experiences, sometimes they are so long-winded… I’ve forgotten the original topic!
Give thanks!
This is a specific review for the Taboo episode… Wow, I can’t share how refreshing it is to hear men of color speaking openly about their physical health and relating as HUMAN BEINGS and BROTHERS! Please don’t underestimate the impact of sharing this dialogue. Thank you thank you!
Great podcast!
Love this podcast! Love all the guests and episodes. Laiya genuinely annoys me, but I still listen weekly.
Greatest Pod on earth
Great Podcast
Some of favorite interviews include: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dallas Austin, Jimmy Jam, & Jennifer Lewis
Cousin Bobby
I love this podcast so much! I’m a music nerd and I love all aspects of the show! I actually pattern some of my own podcast on this one. I love the Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Mc Serch and Biz Markie episodes.
Love it
Top 2 Patrice Rushen , Greg Phillinganes
Steve Arrington vocals /drummer of Slave
Interview him too.
CL Jax
jazz lover
That Wayne Shorter episode is a treasure.
Panhandle Mike
Great Podcast and I Am a Consistent Listener
I have a been Roots fan for decades. I was thrilled when Questlove/Amir began this podcast and I thoroughly enjoy the dynamics each of the cohosts bring to the show(Laiya, Phonte, Sugar, Boss Bill, and Unpaid Bill). In addition, I am a huge music fan of all genres so I enjoy learning from the guests while they converse about the various aspects of the business. I would only offer one suggestion for Questlove: Quest, please allow your guests to finish their thoughts before interrupting them to ask another question. The guests will be starting to comment or answer the previous question with an interesting point and you will interrupt them. I’m sure it’s from the excitement of them being on the show but your listeners would like for the guest to finish their thoughts. Sometimes you or the guest will circle back to what they were going to say. But, other times, it doesn’t happen and your listeners will have missed a gem of an opportunity to hear another aspect of their career and/or life. Please consider my humble suggestion. Keep up the great work!! Thank you
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NO Politics!
Please IHeart radio, go away as a company. Or rename all off your podcasts, Oops, Only The Worst Ads! Then condense them into a single podcast feed.
Blueberry Fathead
Alan Leeds is Legendary!
This Alan Leeds trilogy is everything! The man is a walking, talking music history book and the JB stories are classic. Note- People attending shows at the Apollo (where JB recorded his live albums) during mid-day, mid-week hours might be those who worked on the weekends and had a weekday off. Some had to catch a show while the children were in school. Mondays, for example, were for service workers like beauticians, waiters, theatre ushers, etc. These workers provided the services that most people sought on the weekends. For their benefit, places like the Apollo had a variety of hours. Not the best business model after a while but that’s how it was up until the mid-late 1960s.
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Absolutely fantastic and in depth show but…
Too many ads during the show. I feel like I’m eating TV.
John McClain
Love the show. Okayplayer since ‘98. Quest keeps asking for an interview with John Mclain. I believe he suffered a debilitating stroke and is unable to speak. But he is somehow still the co-executor of the Michael Jackson estate…
Dives So Deep You Need Scuba Gear
Even though Questlove has encyclopedic knowledge of pop music history, he always stays curious. His conversations are wide ranging AND deep, but never laborious. The co-hosts (shoutout Phonte, The Bills, and Laiya and Suga Steve) each bring something unique to the table. Makes listening to music a more fun experience.
The reason I listen to podcasts
I was staunchly against podcasts. I went out of my way and made sure to sleep on all of them. All! But then I heard QLS with Biz. Changed my life and I have seen the light! Thank you Questo!
Incredible !
It’s like an audio music history class, I’m always learning new bit of music history!
This Podcast is FIRE!!!
Y’all doing everything right!!! Just bring back QLS Roll Call
A Must Listen
Great interviews with guests you don’t often hear elsewhere.
Chris Bournea
Great show but…
Congratulations on Oscar win Questlove! Great Hall and Oates interviews! Layia still is the hinderance to this show. Questions are signs of not doing homework on artist coming to the show (i.e. ‘Sarah’s Smile comments) questions and comments very elementary. Minor annoyance to an otherwise informantive format.
Please stop letting every host interrupt every guest constantly. Also, please up the sound quality.
Great podcast
Awesome interview with John Oates, unfortunately the sound quality is poor
Congrats on your Oscar!
Thank you for being the music historian you are and for highlighting African American contributions to the fabric of and influence to American and world music. Your work is very important and appreciated.
Nerd Heaven
Love the show. I really appreciate the thoughtful questions and curated guests. Quest and Phonte’s encyclopedic knowledge of musical history, performances and the music industry is incredible. Stand out episodes: Justin’s Blow /Sophia Chang Alan Leeds / Jimmy Jam Kenny Gamble / Babyface Greg Phillinganes / Ray Parker Booty Collins / Al B Sure Great podcast. Really not feeling Laiya’s questions. Most are not relevant or very juvenile. Keep up the great work.
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Bonnie Raitt
I’m in the office and I’m supposed to be working right now.
Interview A. B. Quintanilla!!
Dear Quest love huge fan of your podcast & the supreme team. I hope this message makes it to you, it would nice to here you & the crew interview A. B. Quintanilla at some point!
Entertaining and informative
One of my favorite episodes was the WILL SMITH interview. It definitely promoted me to get Will’s book.
Julius Wb
Awesome Show, Great Guests!!
Best Music Interview Show.
Martin L W
So much fun!
This podcast is so much fun! I love Questlove and his crew! Shout out to the Roots!! The interviews are real and fun. Their music nerd-ability is top shelf. Kudos and I’m still listening. 💜💜💜💜
Please get him on. I would like to know what he’s been up to and think he’s a noteworthy artist, producer, and MD
Love to listen!
Love love love the Quest Love podcast full of smiles!✌🏽💐🌺🥀🌷🌹
Mendoza Native!
the Will Smith interview …
… was fantastic. Several deep insights into the human condition. Great to hear from the gang again. Bring back the roll call!
Jiggedy Jakester
Laiyah’s Questions Deserve Answers
Supreme Team, I’m a Philly fan of the show, and I love tuning in. But, Quest, please let guests answer Laiyah’s questions! She has her own personality that she brings to the podcast, and her own brand of questions, to which I often want to hear answers. But oftentimes Quest will interject his own question following Laiyah’s, which results in the guest never responding to her question. Other than that, love the podcast!
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Philly Phan 215
2016 holiday episode
Holy shi$&! Soooo funny and so many authentic exchanges, kwanza, “poor Xmas” go-go music. Also I want Fonticalo (sp?) to be my dad!
My Favorite Podcast
I love how Quest & Co. ask questions from a fan’s point of view. This gives us behind the scenes look at our favorite artists and peopel who played a part in the creative world we might not have known about. Bravo!
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