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Questlove Supreme
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Dives So Deep You Need Scuba Gear
Even though Questlove has encyclopedic knowledge of pop music history, he always stays curious. His conversations are wide ranging AND deep, but never laborious. The co-hosts (shoutout Phonte, The Bills, and Laiya and Suga Steve) each bring something unique to the table. Makes listening to music a more fun experience.
The reason I listen to podcasts
I was staunchly against podcasts. I went out of my way and made sure to sleep on all of them. All! But then I heard QLS with Biz. Changed my life and I have seen the light! Thank you Questo!
Incredible !
It’s like an audio music history class, I’m always learning new bit of music history!
This Podcast is FIRE!!!
Y’all doing everything right!!! Just bring back QLS Roll Call
A Must Listen
Great interviews with guests you don’t often hear elsewhere.
Chris Bournea
Great show but…
Congratulations on Oscar win Questlove! Great Hall and Oates interviews! Layia still is the hinderance to this show. Questions are signs of not doing homework on artist coming to the show (i.e. ‘Sarah’s Smile comments) questions and comments very elementary. Minor annoyance to an otherwise informantive format.
Please stop letting every host interrupt every guest constantly. Also, please up the sound quality.
Great podcast
Awesome interview with John Oates, unfortunately the sound quality is poor
Congrats on your Oscar!
Thank you for being the music historian you are and for highlighting African American contributions to the fabric of and influence to American and world music. Your work is very important and appreciated.
Nerd Heaven
Love the show. I really appreciate the thoughtful questions and curated guests. Quest and Phonte’s encyclopedic knowledge of musical history, performances and the music industry is incredible. Stand out episodes: Justin’s Blow /Sophia Chang Alan Leeds / Jimmy Jam Kenny Gamble / Babyface Greg Phillinganes / Ray Parker Booty Collins / Al B Sure Great podcast. Really not feeling Laiya’s questions. Most are not relevant or very juvenile. Keep up the great work.
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Bonnie Raitt
I’m in the office and I’m supposed to be working right now.
Interview A. B. Quintanilla!!
Dear Quest love huge fan of your podcast & the supreme team. I hope this message makes it to you, it would nice to here you & the crew interview A. B. Quintanilla at some point!
Entertaining and informative
One of my favorite episodes was the WILL SMITH interview. It definitely promoted me to get Will’s book.
Julius Wb
Awesome Show, Great Guests!!
Best Music Interview Show.
Martin L W
So much fun!
This podcast is so much fun! I love Questlove and his crew! Shout out to the Roots!! The interviews are real and fun. Their music nerd-ability is top shelf. Kudos and I’m still listening. 💜💜💜💜
Please get him on. I would like to know what he’s been up to and think he’s a noteworthy artist, producer, and MD
Love to listen!
Love love love the Quest Love podcast full of smiles!✌🏽💐🌺🥀🌷🌹
Mendoza Native!
the Will Smith interview …
… was fantastic. Several deep insights into the human condition. Great to hear from the gang again. Bring back the roll call!
Jiggedy Jakester
Laiyah’s Questions Deserve Answers
Supreme Team, I’m a Philly fan of the show, and I love tuning in. But, Quest, please let guests answer Laiyah’s questions! She has her own personality that she brings to the podcast, and her own brand of questions, to which I often want to hear answers. But oftentimes Quest will interject his own question following Laiyah’s, which results in the guest never responding to her question. Other than that, love the podcast!
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Philly Phan 215
2016 holiday episode
Holy shi$&! Soooo funny and so many authentic exchanges, kwanza, “poor Xmas” go-go music. Also I want Fonticalo (sp?) to be my dad!
My Favorite Podcast
I love how Quest & Co. ask questions from a fan’s point of view. This gives us behind the scenes look at our favorite artists and peopel who played a part in the creative world we might not have known about. Bravo!
My favorite Podcast of all time
Questlove and crew ask the questions that I would ask of their guests and probe in a way that only musicians and industry insiders can. My musical tastes are all over the place but these guys have turned me on to so much good music. I find myself stopping down to look up and bookmark songs that are referenced. I wish someone would publish a playlist for songs mentioned in each episode!
I love this podcast they cover all aspects of the music game from the musical side, technical side, and radio side. When they go down the rabbit hole it’s the best because they get the beat stories out this people. The supreme team in my opinion is the best especially when Phonte is not out getting milk at the store 😂.
Great guests… too many hosts.
Great guests, but this show really suffers from too many hosts who often drown each other (and the guests) out with errant, off topic questions and personal curiosities. Too often, guests are cut off mid-sentence, right as they’re about to share something the listening audience is actually eager to hear. Ultimately, there’s just no need for three hosts.
meatball 196
dear goodness this podcast is a beautiful one… add it to your playlist NOW AND START FROM THE BEGINNING!!! 💚💚💚 GOD, THE ROOTSSSSS ARE. JUST. THAT. Quest and Black, the entire squad 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽… *exhales. 🤩🤩🤩
Music Lore
I was never really into podcasts and then my daughter started one and I was like cool. Then I came upon QuestLove Supreme and my mind has been blown. I am soooo hooked on these and I’ve even recruited others to join in. Simply amazing, the stories, the history, the connections! Definitely worth every second - Thank You!!!! :)
Saadiq and Jermaine Dupri
Fun Stuff!
drew's House
QLS never disappoints
Questlove Supreme is my happy place. If you’re a music feign, you will never be disappointed. Feeds my soul and inner geek. Lost my mind during this last episode. Loved Mr. Saadiq’s stories about the Purple One. Hope in addition to part two, there will be a part three… pretty please.
My God, stop endlessly talking, Amir. Please, please learn how to interview properly. One can almost feel your guests’ discomfort when they are not allowed to speak as they should or could. Also, the sound engineering is bad: while listening today I actually had to keep my hand on the volume to adjust it up for the guest and down for everyone else. This podcast has a haphazard nature to it. If Questlove played his music at the same level he podcasts, he just might be able to play weddings.
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Good Podcast…Meanders at Times
Great podcast overall. Lots of great, inside knowledge about the guests. Interviewees are often interrupted by interviewers (too many in cast). Too much crosstalk and inside jokes. Laiya should be allowed to speak more without sexist heckling and interruptions.
Oakland Stroke???
Could it be TOP’s Oakland Stroke that Bobby McFerrin referenced on his episode??
Backstories Galore
Didn’t realize just how much of a music nerd I am until I started listening to this podcast! Y’all got me googling the name drops and pausing the podcast only to go to YouTube or my music library to play songs that influenced the singers y’all talking about! I miss reading liner notes and these backstories are interesting and wild!
I’ll keep listening AND…
ONE voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Otherwise it would get five stars. Thank you Questlove or being a music nerd and creating this podcast!
Muzic Nurd
A great podcast!
Hearing the behind the scene stories, hearing the connections to other artists is great. The podcast is so casual- it is reminiscent of listening to family members sitting around the kitchen table talking about the old days. It feels so familial. Great job Supreme fam!
“That’s what’s up.”
Quest has the best laugh ever, and even better friends. Learning a ton about soul, the roots of hip-hop, and just music in general while hearing funny and moving anecdotes from the amazing artists responsible for such incredible music. This podcast is a real gift: Fills my heart. Nourishes my soul. Word.
Great Music Nerd Show.
Not sure how I feel about listening to an episode with some guy who unsuccessfully pulled off a hoax…
Irv Davis' Wingman
A true music nerd’s wet dream come true
This is life. Seriously. Y’all fan out the exact way I would. Y’all ask all the questions that I think of that I think no one would think to ask. I swear Phonte and I have the exact same favorite songs and know a lot of the same random trivia about the artists. I’m a little late finding this pod but everything happens for a reason. This pod is truly in my top 2 favorite podcasts point blank. I love everything about it even the rabbit holes, long winded answers and Suga Steve’s much needed quick witted answers at times. Please keep up the good work. Much love and respect.
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NO Politics!!!
How dare you waste endless taxpayer dollars on podcast ads. Please slice off your toes is what I say to every scammer get your voice off ads! Advertising is the biggest sure fire way to ensure that I want everything associated with any ad to die ASAP! The best way to market is free word of mouth, if you are that bad that you can’t do that, change professions!!! SLICE OFF YOUR TOES!!!
Blueberry Fathead
The best podcast for hip hop heads & music aficionados!
I have listened to 75% min of these episodes & it 100% kept me sane during COVID lockdown. From Biz (RIP), Marley Marl, & Just Blaze to James Taylor, Michael McDonald, & Huey Lewis all these episodes are CLASSICS!!!
Interview Bilal Oliver
Very overdue interview guys!
Ant MillY
Great Podcast!!!
Great Podcast Group. Where’s Boss Bill, tho’???
smokehouse brown
I’m glad I’m not the only one…
Who finds Laiya annoying. I also get the vibe that Phonte and Steve find her annoying as well. Unlike other reviewers I have not really noticed the hosts talking over the guests but I have noticed awkwardness between the hosts when Laiya comments, jokes, etc. I have enjoyed most of the episodes and have tried to listen to the episodes where I did not recognize the guest or wasn’t initially interested in the guests but learned something anyway. Keep working out the kinks please.
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Show is dope.Fun, informative and entertaining. Great relief during the pandemic. Good work people !
Muso nerd
Brilliant, great minds.The misogyny is painful.
This is a rough one. QLS is A resource for lovers of art, music, thought, storytelling & people. There is a disconnect from the outrage with race-based violence committed by cops dehumanizing us and how casually women are disregarded and belittled on this program. Waiting for this platform to care about and treat women with humanity with some of the heart, urgency, courage, concern and accountability demanded for racism and classism.
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I think the American flag is fine
But then again I think about things other than myself
Still love El
OMG thank You for the interview with El Debarge I stayed up until 1:30am listening. I loved it! So real so down to earth made me love and appreciate even more. Great show you guys are the best Quest! I am going to bed now. 🥱😵‍💫😊
just listened to mc serch episode. what ever happened to that adue app. cant find anything online
To say that they are undervalued as one of the best music makers of the last 30 years is an understatement. So happy to hear someone give them the respect they deserve. Can’t think of a better person to extol the greatness of the Avalanches like QuestLove does here. Thank you!
citruis bacon
Almost Perfect…
This show is so informative and enlightening for a music history nerd like me. But more often than not, the guests are interrupted by the hosts, and it messes up the flow. Additionally, Laiya often asks elementary questions that are very irritating; the show would be so much better without her.
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