Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being
Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being
Matthias Roberts
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Dianne Anderson + Alyson Stoner
It was eye opening. I consider myself a heterosexual not so girly type of woman. It was so well explained the dichotomy world that we live in that I am interested to pick up a copy of her book and learn more about the bigger world we live in. To learn more to accept others and try to educate myself more so when my newly teenage boys ask me questions, when their time of sexual and gender awareness comes, I can be able to have better formed and more accurate answers. Alyson Stoner was a young idol for me. While I am a decade older than her, it was always impressive this young star. Having listened to Episode#62 mAde me think of my young niece who happily came out to my sister and couldn’t wit to tell her auntie K. Love my sister and brother in law and even more for raising a young brave 15year old lady. Much of Alyson’s beginnings if her is journey sounds like what my sister fears she’ll get from our mother or catholic family. God Bless all souls we are all unique and beautiful.
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Highly recommend!!
Amazing! Great intersection between queerness and faith.
I love this podcast!
Everything I needed
Honestly, this is the queer, faith-based podcast I didn’t know I needed. I am so into every episode and I relate to so many of the topics and stories shared.
My Favorite Queer-Faith Podcast
I love and am immensely grateful for the work Matthias and his guests do through Queerology!
Meaningful Intersections
I would truly give this podcast 10 stars if I could. There are so many poignant, diverse, enlightening, and educational stories told on this podcast. I am so grateful for this podcast as it helped me to understand myself, my relationship with spirituality and religion, as well as the complicated, meaningful, uplifting, and joyful stories of so many others. As a human I feel that this podcast has added so much joy and depth to my understanding of my life. I’m also a therapist and this podcast has helped me learn what some of my clients might be experiencing who are from other religions or denominations. This has helped me to help others as I’ve borrowed some phrases to help my clients reframe some of their concerns and reach a more comfortable accepting place.
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Edifying and encouraging
This podcast is a bright light in dark times. Thank you Matthias; we need it.
Creepy Nikki
Hi. I recently began listening to your podcast. I have grown up in a Christian family, community, gone to Christian school, etc, and I am still struggling through my understanding of faith and its role in my life. I am starting from the beginning, so I am somewhat hopeful what your show can teach me. With that out of the way, I recently listened to the third episode with Robin DiAngelo, and I just have some thoughts. I am white and grew up in a mostly white community, but when this conversation comes around, I do get defensive, and one of my immediate responses is that I don’t like being labeled white. Maybe this is my way out, but for me, it erases the history of my family. my ancestors were mainly German, Swedish, and Scandinavian, and when I just take the title of white, it minimizes all of that history, and I guess I am reluctant to let it go. Maybe I am just trying to play victim, but this thought always comes up, and I am not sure why. That was my main thought anyway.
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Heartfelt stories and rigorous theology
This podcast is so well done. Each episode has a great combination of digging into the scripture with theologians and also hearing real life stories of people who are affected by our conclusions about those scriptures. Highly recommend!
Matthias is the kindest podcast host I’ve ever listened to, and an incredible listener. With every episode he makes a real effort to elevate diverse voices from the LGBTQ+ community. I especially value this podcast for the way in which it engages with Christianity (respectfully and with valid critiques), since that is my faith tradition and primary theological language. This is a must-listen for Christians who love and care about members of the LGBTQ+ community.
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W Tyler Reynolds
Life Changing
And life giving! Never had I felt so affirmed and seen by a podcast - Christian or otherwise. I love how hard Matthias works to centers QTIPOC and recognizes that people can and do have intersecting identities, and that one can be both privileged and marginalized. His opening question of "how do you identify" has really gotten me to think about my myriad identities on my own terms, with lots of self love.
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Chevy Silverado 92
A great perspective
Wow, I love that this podcast shines light on the possibility of being both a Christ follower and LGBTQ. The life stories are relevant to both those who identify as LGBTQ or allies!
Of a quiet nature... empowered.
I love this podcast! I feel comfortable and safe as Matthias vocally guides us through conversations with each person with a spirit of reassuring thoughtfulness, warmth... and even a laugh when things get hard, and there might be tears... I appreciate his vunerability... to be authentic and to share his gentle nature... it’s so good to see someone quiet using their voice... even though they are of a quiet nature. It empowers me a lot. I’ve spoken up more, because of this.
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pondering this...
My new favorite podcast!
Love this! It is life-giving, inspirational, and overwhelmingly sweet. Listening to this, I know my relationship with God and how I view myself is growing and changing for the better. Thank you!
This Podcast is Life Changing
I’ll always be grateful that Matthias created this podcast and has connected me to a world full of people who have deepened my faith and that I’ve found inspiration and encouragement from. I honestly cannot imagine where I would be if I hadn’t found this podcast. It is so enriching and edifying.
Girl named christin
Introducing diverse guests
I’m so thankful this podcast has put me on to some of the best writers and thinkers in queer Christianity
Your interview with Dr Robin DiAngelo
Love the whole series
This podcast is a fantastic resource for persons of any identifiers. As a white, cisgender, straight woman raised in (though no longer in) an evangelical church, I find not only an education and perspectives I am sorely lacking, but also more similarities than I ever imagined.
An actual Godsend
I came across this podcast yesterday, and it was everything I needed. I’ve been struggling with reconciling my faith and my sexuality and just having an overwhelming confirmation of God’s love for me has lifted my spirit so much! I love everything I’ve heard so far, and I can’t wait to get through all the available episodes. Many thanks to Matthias!
chance, not chonce
Encouraging words every week
I LOVE this podcast. It’s so encouraging every week and I am so comforted to hear the stories of Matthias and his guests as I struggle with some of the same things they discuss. Keep up the good work!!
Queerology is one of my favorite podcasts! It is a must-listen for all progressive Christians, whether they are LGBTQ+ themselves of allies!
Thank You! This podcast brings forth calm in my life! Never stop your podcast!
A Steady Voice
Matthias is super chill and interested in his guests in ways that really get them speaking their heart.
Kind, Thoughtful, and Uplifting.
Really, really enjoy hearing Matthias engage his lovely guests about their faith, lives, and sexuality. He lets the guests speak their minds and share their hearts, and I always look forward to the new episodes. It is important for Christians -straight and LGBT- to hear each other's stories and how they are living out of their hopes and a shared faith for both encouragement and sense of community. Also: he features BI CHRISTIANS! Big deal and so affirming to our Christian siblings who are Bi. There are lots of resources about the cost of coming out and living authentically, but not always resources highlighting what the other side of that price looks like lived out as a healthy, faith filled life. What a blessing that this podcast straddles both. Definitely consider financially supporting this work. Thanks Matthias.
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Matthias is a great human. tbh I've never the guy, but trust me I got a sense for these things. I've really enjoyed listening to queerology for the past few months. I've worked my way through most of the epsiodes and I can tell you they are sweet to listen to. Each episode gets me thinking. I really do appreciate the work Matthias is doing through this podcast. To the people on the internet reading this: you should give this a listen it could do wonderful things for you.
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Just discovered this
Just discovered this podcast because I mis-typed the name of a different one. It is so important for LGBTQ people like myself to feel like we are part of the conversation in faith. I spent over 27 years in church, gave up my one shot at post secondary education to the cause of “missions,” sang in the worship team for years and very abruptly felt cut off from the world of faith when I came out. I need this podcast. Thank you for making it.
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Thankful for this podcast!
I just wanted to say I am thaknful I found this podcast. Growing up Christian and gay was difficult for me, and hearing stories of people who have been through similar situations and learning how they overcame trials is inspirational and helpful. This podcast helps me feel centered and not so alone and I am so grateful for it.
Much needed!!
Thank you so much Matthias for doing this. In my journey in coming out this has been a tremendous blessing an encouragement for me to hear what others are talking about and I can relate to. Keep up the good work!!!
Absofrutly Fabjestically Fabtastic
Extremely insightful, intelligent, hilarious and all around a good listen. As a baby queer for Jesus this has helped tremendously in my spiritual growth!
Pansexual panda
Don't sleep on this one!
I look forward to a new episode every week. I can always relate in some way. The caliber of guests has been superb and I can't wait to see what season 2 brings! Thanks, Matthias!
Truly amazing and encouraging.
I heard about Queerology a few months ago, but I just didn’t think to listen to it but recently I decided to pick it up and listen a bit. I couldn’t stop listening. I believe I’ve listened to all of them but I stupidly went out of order so I may have missed one. I’m listening to them again so I’ll figure out if I did. 😂 You WON’T regret listening.
Love the conversations!
Matthias is a host who asks good questions and allows the guests to share their experience and faith journeys. My son identifies as queer and this podcast helps me to know more about others who have similar journeys. Thanks, Matthias!
"The Lord's Work"
I sincerely believe that this podcast is one of the best things happening in American Christianity today. The conversations that are happening are so sincere and are conversations that I hope everyone will take the time to absorb and process. Thank you sharing these conversations with all of us!
An amazing, life giving podcast
I’ve recently come out to friends and family but was finding that I was still struggling and feeling loads of anxiety about my sexual orientation. I was raised in a progressive Catholic family but still feel immense shame about being gay. I stumbled across this podcast on Twitter, and it’s helped me immensely. Words can’t describe how beneficial this has been to my life, quite literally being so powerful that it’s helped me fight against thoughts of self-harm. Each time I listen, I find a nugget of info that helps me accept myself and appreciate God’s plan for my life. The broad topics are helpful for LGBTQ folks, but also for our straight friends and family as well. If you’re struggling and are gay and Christian, this podcast is a must. Thank you Matthias!
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this is an amazing podcast with voices I feel like I rarely hear in either mainstream religious communities or mainstream progressive communities and a social justice theology that feels very grounded, modern, and challenging. that said, the affirming noises and listening sounds that I think we generally appreciate when conversing with each other are distracting and give me a weird kind of anxiety that I can't explain.
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Thank you for existing
This podcast has brought me so much comfort and hope, as well as opened my eyes to topics and conversations I didn't know were happening. Thank you for existing :)
Yellow Bluebird
So incredibly good!
This podcast is one of the highlights of my Tuesday every week. I really do get excited to download it when I get to work every Tuesday. It's a refreshing and honest dialogue with a diverse array of voices that is helping me learn and start to heal a lot of the damage my experience growing up in the Bible Belt had left me with.
Great Conversations on Faith and Sexuality
I love this podcast, because its Conversations are exclusively between people in the LGTBQIA community. I've heard queer people as guests on all kinds of progressive Christian podcasts, but this one is 100% queer and I love it. Queer people of faith (or on the fringes of faith) have become my greatest teachers and role models. I listen to over 30 podcasts regularly, and this is definitely in my top 5. The conversations are deep, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and inspiring. Highly recommend!
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Doug Rice in Cleveland
I just started listening to this podcast and I love it. Thank you for creating the space for these conversations and inviting us into it.
Paige 2
So blessed
I was recently outed by a close "friend" of the family. She told me that I was going to hell if I kept choosing to be a lesbian and a lot of other unloving things in the name of Jesus and felt the need to expose my "sin" to several people. It is so refreshing to hear from LGBT brothers and sisters that despite being hurt by the church they are followers of Jesus still. This podcast has been a haven in my storm.
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Ethel Ann
Great podcast
This podcast is so beautifully produced and insightfully moderated. Matthias' calm curiosity and eloquent way of interacting with his guests is a true delight to experience.
Engaging Content
Every interview has been a refreshing dialogue of new and old topics that provide clarity for LGBTQ people and Allies. This is a much needed podcast on everyones playlist.
I've been needing this
Thank you Matthias for putting together such a thoughtful lineup of queer Christians for your podcast. It is beyond refreshing to hear sincere theology and Christianity from the LGBT perspective!
Voice that needs to be heard
Matthias does an awesome job bringing conversations to the table related to queer Christians. The conversations are fresh, authentic and packed full of current information and perspectives. This is definately one voice that needs to be heard by many.
Authentic Life Care
Wanted to be thrilled
I wanted to be thrilled but the pace is very slow. Good content but I kept losing concentration.
Very important
This is a highly needed message for this day and age. Not only for those of faith and LGBTQ+, but also those of faith that are CIS to understand their brothers and sisters.
Life-giving, much needed, woke, Spirit-filled. Thank you!
Beautiful, encouraging, and necessary
I am on Episode 3 of the podcast and am so grateful for the work that is being done. Matthias, the host, does an incredible job of giving us an example of what it means to do and embody theology on the margins of our society and how to view ourselves as co-liberators with our fellow people. It's made me laugh, cry (no joke I cried in public during episode 2), and check myself. I highly recommend this to any person interested in the intersection of practical theology, human relationship, community, and culture. Such a hopeful podcast!!
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Insightful - must listen!
As a bi Christian femme this podcast has been a breath of fresh air! It feels like I'm not wrestling on these issues alone anymore. I appreciate Matthias's depth of insight and abilities to get the most out of everyone he interviews -- and the guests so far have been BRILLIANT. A must listen for all people of faith and anyone who enjoys psychology/theology/philosophy/biology/queerology.
Totally relatable
I've been hoping and searching for a podcast like this one. I think all gay Christians want to hear from other gay Christians about topics that matter. I really enjoyed listening Lauren's episode especially, and related with her experience with the church, identity, and expecting disappointment from people. I wish this podcast included more discussions about God himself and weaved in scripture but I'm hopeful for the future episodes to do just that! Excited to keep listening and thankful this podcast exists!!
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