Queering the Guillotine
Queering the Guillotine
Episode 75 - Three D*cks, Two Boo Bah (feat. Bex)
59 minutes Posted May 12, 2022 at 2:01 am.
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Show notes

We deliver on our promise in the previously published BL grab bag by covering our most transgressive manga yet! MADK by Ryo Sumiyoshi has it all; sex with headless bodies, heads blooming into new holes, plant-based demon d*ck, malicious gay f**gotry, tame and vanilla lovemaking, a stabbing, and more! To cover such a transgressive work, we have a very special guest~ 

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Content Warnings: Discussions of nonconsensual sex, blood and gore, transgressive and/or upsetting sexual scenarios, violence, familial violence, suicidal ideation. Use of reclaimed homophobic slurs.