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This podcast is about current events and love life.
How High is your Sex Drive?
On tonight’s episode of Pillow Talk with Queen the topic is “How High is your Sex Drive”? This episode get a little heated especially with the guest we have. I brought alone Mr.  Tavaries and Mr. Nate. You know I had to bring my girl alone with me, Ms....
Nov 16
1 hr 32 min
Is He Worth My Cookies?
This episode focus on when should you give it up while dating? Join us to see what our new guest questions are and of course our very own Queen and Molove have answers. Go listen now!!
Nov 2
1 hr 22 min
The Unsiad Things in a Relationship and The Deal Breakers:Intro
The introduction of “The Unsiad Things in a Relationship and The Deal Breakers”.
Oct 19
1 min
The Unsaid Things in a Relationship and Deal Breakers
This episode is a little different but  interesting. We spice things up with females vs males on how they feel about certain situations in the house hold. You don't want to miss how this conversation get escalates to another level.
Oct 19
51 min
The Challenges of Co-parenting
On this episode we are focusing on the challenges of co-parenting. Listen now and see how it get heated up with Queen and HalfKast. You don’t want to miss it.
Oct 19
1 hr 13 min
Friends with Benefits
Do you prefer to just have a friend instead of being in a relationship? Well on tonight’s episode my guest Molove speaks to us about how she prefer to have a “Friends with Benefits” type of relationship. You don’t want to miss how dirty and interesting...
Oct 5
1 hr 1 min
Single Life pt. 2
This episode is giving a little more heart to heart about dating. I received questions from listeners and you don’t want to miss my answers. I hope you enjoy!!
Sep 19
25 min
The Single Life pt. 1
This episode you don’t want to miss. We are having a discussion about  “The Single Life” and all that comes with it. I have my friend to join me and he is telling us ladies from a guy perspective. So go grab your wine or liquor and get ready for...
Sep 6
1 hr 11 min
Ladies Night
This episode is for the grown and sexy. It’s Ladies Night and you don’t want to miss out on interesting, sexual topics. Take off your shoes and relax, grab your wine and get ready for this show!
Aug 4
58 min
Jazze Journey  - Intro
In this introduction I am giving you a little knowledge on cancer and how to take care of ourself. Stick around to hear how cancer enter in my special guest life and how she was able to survive.
Aug 4
2 min
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