Put A Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast
Put A Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast
Danielle Pasternak and Daniel Moyer: Wedding Professionals
Wedding pros, Daniel Moyer and Danielle Pasternak, come together to share their wedding industry and wedding planning knowledge through stories, interviews, tips and practical advice. In the wedding world, there is a great deal of dated information prancing through the interwebs and the Put A Ring On It podcast was created to help couples navigate the modern world of weddings by knowing which rules are ok to break and why certain traditions have stood the test of time. The show is created for anyone planning a wedding and wants insider knowledge and downright sensible wedding planning advice.
End of Season: Q&A
It’s our last episode of Season 8! While it’s been anything but a traditional year, we still wanted to wrap up this season with our favorite Q&A episode. Patreon supporters and Instagram listeners submitted their (excellent) questions and we answered them. We’ll be on a short break to recharge our batteries and plan out Season 9. During that time, feel free to go back and enjoy over 90 episodes of wedding planning advice. And you can always hit us up on Instagram (@putaringonitpodcast) and Patreon (www.patreon.com/paroi).
Nov 30
35 min
Five Steps To Start Planning Your Wedding
Getting engaged is so exciting! But it can also be insanely overwhelming as you start Googling what to do next. In this episode, we take you step-by-step through the first five steps you should take after you get engaged and you’re ready to dive into wedding planning.
Nov 16
32 min
The Importance of Making Time For You On Your Wedding Day
We always talk about how your wedding is your party for everyone else and the guest experience is SUPER important. But this episode is all about YOU. We dive into ways you can set yourself up, both individually and as a couple, for a day where you feel and act your best.
Nov 2
41 min
Including Your Family In Your Wedding Day
Whether you love them to bits or they drive you a bit crazy, there are some traditional and untraditional ways of including family in your wedding day. In this episode, we break down what it could look like to include them in your wedding party. We also dive into some creative alternatives if you opt not to have them in your wedding party (which is TOTALLY ok and allowed). Finally, we talked about what you can do if YOU have kiddos and want to include them in your way.
Oct 19
36 min
Our Favorite Tips for a Healthy Marriage
We stuck our toes slightly outside of our lane in this episode. But, here’s the thing: Our goal is to give you the tools to plan a wedding that feels really good to you. But in all reality, we want to set you up for a happy, healthy marriage. This episode includes some of our favorite bits of “marriage advice” we’ve heard and why it matters. Grab your partner, snuggle up, and give this one a listen.
Oct 5
38 min
How To Be A Great Groom
Throughout the entire wedding industry, there is a LOT of talk about bride, bride, bride. But this episode is specifically for the grooms (though there are great tips for ALL MARRIERS and partners). We share some tips and tricks for navigating the wedding planning process. We also dive into some things you can plan for the wedding day itself. This is a great episode to share or listen to together with your partner.
Sep 21
40 min
Mid-Season Q&A
You asked and we answered! This is a grab bag episode of questions submitted by YOU! We cover wedding favor alternatives, some tough COVID questions, creative ways to still have fun, New Years Eve weddings, and more! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions via Instagram (@putaringonitpodcast) and, of course, our fantastic Ringer Club members! (P.S. Have you joined yet??)
Sep 7
32 min
Find A Balance with Work, Life, and Wedding Planning
Finding a good work life balance is essential to everyone’s mental health. Planning a wedding can throw that balance out of whack. This can easily add stress to anyone — especially during a global pandemic. In this episode, we have some real talk about trying to balance all the things and why it’s so important right now.
Aug 25
37 min
Questions to ask when hiring your DJ or Wedding Band
If you still need to book your wedding entertainment (specifically your DJ or Band), be sure to listen to this episode first. We share some questions to ask and WHY it’s important to ask them. If you’ve already hired your DJ or band, give this episode a listen and make sure you’ve got everything covered.
Aug 10
41 min
Food Truck Weddings: Pros, Cons, and What You Need To Know
Having a food truck at your wedding can be such a GREAT guest experience. But in order to do it successfully, there are some MAJOR things you need to prepare and plan for. This wedding planning podcast episode covers some reasons why it's so much fun to have a Food Truck wedding, but also some "very important things to consider". Join us as we discuss this trendy style of wedding and learn a ton of info to plan a unique wedding your guests are going to RAVE about.
Jul 27
42 min
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