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Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
I believe the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. Let's discuss multiple ways we can bring our healthiest selves to every experience.
How childhood trauma affects your adult relationships
We’re exploring how our childhood traumas are connected to our adult relationships with trauma and relationship therapist Aja Burks of Transformative Mind Counseling.
Dec 21, 2018
35 min
Nobody wins in situationships so how do we keep finding ourselves in these relationships? In this episode I sit down with Chef Chris McClendon to discuss the dangers of situationships.
Dec 2, 2018
35 min
Letting Go
Let go so you can live your fullest life in every season
Nov 19, 2018
18 min
Reclaiming Our Time
I sat down with Bee Brown, Principal Publicist at the Bee Agency to discuss how we would be reclaiming our time in 2018. We tackled how reclaiming our time is not only a responsibility to our selves but our community as well! How will you reclaim your time in 2018?
Feb 5, 2018
35 min
When Your Plans Don't Match Gods Purpose For Your Life
What do you do when your plans don't match Gods purpose for your life? Trust that He has better plans in store for you!
Jan 29, 2018
18 min
How to avoid the show and tell traps of Instagram
Steps to avoid the comparison game Instagram can suck you into.
Jan 18, 2018
14 min
Conquering Being Uncomfortable
Being uncomfortable is a sign your transitioning into a new season. Lay down these three fundamentals so you can conquer the change each time. 1. Have a supportive tribe. 2. Feed your soul. 3.Ask your self what you need to learn/what the purpose is?
Nov 6, 2017
14 min
It's Important To Cover Your Fellow Brown Girl Bosses
Allow your fellow brown girl bosses an opportunity to grow in their business. If you see a mistake on a website or want to provide suggestions make sure you are doing it in love. Here are some steps to ensure you are covering and not crushing your fellow brown girl bosses when it comes to business. 1. Make sure you contact the brand directly. E-mails and DM's are easy to locate now. 2. Ask yourself if publicly addressing a bad experience will build your fellow brown girl boss up, or will it potentially tear them down? 3. Send encouraging words as often as you can 4. Check your intentions at the door 5. If the shoe were on the other foot, how would you want to be treated?
Jul 28, 2017
13 min
You are greater than fear
Fear is not a stop sign. If you are waiting for your feelings to align up with your decisions your life will always be on hold. You don't have to ask your emotions to give you permission to be who you were created to be! Here are 4 steps to move beyond fear: 1.Go through the emotion 2.Plan your progress 3. Focus on your path,not your obstacles 4.Celebrate every step
Jun 28, 2016
22 min
You have to believe in your dreams before anyone else can!
With every decision, you shape and create your destiny.Make the commitment to choose to believe in yourself, even when no one else will. Make the decision to be your greatest supporter and fan, even when everyone else is not. Remind yourself often to believe in your dreams anything less is NOT AN OPTION!
Jun 1, 2016
16 min
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