Pure Trance Radio Podcast with Solarstone
Pure Trance Radio Podcast with Solarstone
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The auditory present
You, sir, bring great joy to so many by sharing your love of music and your time. Thank you🙏 We are silent to your ears, but only because we are paying attention. May you and all of us have a glorious 2021 and continue to share and connect. Too many of our community and friends are without our simple gestures of kindness and connections, ie a smile (now concealed behind a mask), a simple touch (2 meters/yards apart) or a platonic embrace, Your efforts are a splendid part of maintaining that very needed element of life, the very nectar of humanity’s connectivity in a very parched world.
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Languna driver
Amazing Trance Music
I’ve loved trance music for 20 years. Glad to hear this amazing music.
Eat. Pure Trance Radio. Sleep. Repeat.
I’ve listened to a ton of EDM podcasts and I always come back to this one. It has awesome music and it has heart, both of which are at the core of Trance Music. The variety and selection of music is outstanding! I love how he picks selections from different sub generes in the show. Especially the “it’s not what we usually play” section. I come away from almost every session adding a new song to my permanent playlist. At first I had mixed feelings about the more traditional DJ speaking with introductions vs a continuous mix. But I ended up loving this most of all. Solarstone’s background on the artists and songs give the sessions life. It’s especially welcome these days when we’re all craving more human contact. Thank you Solarstone for doing these and keep up the great work! I hope I can see you live someday soon when the world gets back to normal. Trance on!
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So Good!!!!
So amazing!!!
love to
Great tune!!!
I love it very very much and I hope you’re forever around!!! Never got bored or tired of this amazing sounds!👍👍👍😊😊😊
seems like a music show but when host is 455% louder you know it’s about something else
The tunes they play between show segments are usually amazing. But they’re low volume and you have to turn them up which sorta makes for a knife in the ear every time the real show is back on. The host has a great voice, but I don’t want to hear even the sexiest voice on earth at a deafening volume. I will just be getting in the mood and BOOM I get RIPPED away from the vibe
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You’re the best. !! -thank you for bringing us these amazing beats!
Excellent music selection.
Evgeny Yu65
We Like It Pure 😉
We Like It Pure 🤘 We Like It Pure 🤘 We Like It Pure 🤘
James Ziam Him
Forward forever
Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never Forward forever backward never forward forever backward never. Kinda annoying right? Solar stone doesn’t think so because he puts it in every mix....
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Great music, but...
The music selected is great, but is ruined by solarstone talking after every song played. A few messages here and there would be fine, but having to hear 1-2 minute long comments after every song gets annoying very quick.
Love when Solarstone says, “Ladies and gents!”
Great Podcast !
Thanks for the good tracks! I enjoy your music!
Really nice music!!!
Great job, thank you very much for your efforts to make the music the way it is for us, listeners. Love it!!!
One of the best trance podcasts
I look forward to new installments every week. Love the “cheeky bootlegs” :) On occasion, Solarstone will drop a full OTC set on here with several hours of beautiful, continuously-mixed trance. Not to be missed!
This podcast brings the most pure, progressive, and calming vibes. Highly recommend for vetted trance lovers and newbies, alike!
shandreezy :)
Simply pure, and addictive trance..
I started listening to this podcast every Christmas after I came across solarstone by accident,(I also listen to anjunabeats worldwide and a state of trance,) but this guy has some amazing taste in pure trance.. give a episode a spin I promise you won’t be disappointed!
great show
nathan is about it
Keep doing what you're doing...
...and talk all you want! I love the backstories and insight to the different tracks! You are a wonderful producer, DJ and radio host! You needn't change a thing!
Viva La Trance!!!
Solarstone’s podcast is an excellent listen. His commentary provides some insight to his love of the music (would live to hear more as to why he thinks a track is lovely however). I look forward to this show every week!
Wayne-o rama
I Love It
The sound of his voice is relaxing and he plays a wide ranging of great Progressive tracks. And the majority of these tracks you will not hear on every other music Podcast for that month. So refreshing. Thank you.
My Favorite Radioshow
I don’t agree with those who complain about too much talking. Apart from great music, I prefer this radio show because Rich is such a talented host. I like his sense of humor and British accent. The talking is not "too much", but just perfectly appropriate.
Solarstone gets it right!
Been a huge Solarstone fan since first heard seven cities back in 2000 - he’s still producing and supporting quality trance music - and that’s what this show is all about. Decent selection always covering broad spectrum of trance music. Happy Listening!
The best quality trance podcast I have ever heard especially with the progressive tunes showing his deep side. Great music with the great artwork a step above everything else on here trance wise.
Love it when it's pure
I've been a big trance fan since late 90s. I keep coming back to this music style. Now I can't stop listening to this show since I discovered it. THIS. IS. PURE. TRANCE.
Kurst Ursan
Nice radio show!
Love the show but my iphone keeps crashing everytime i play the podcast
Something good every week
If you love trance - not "EDM" - Solarstone's weekly podcast does it all in one hour, including a progressive selection, an uplifting selection, a left field track, and finishing on a chillout track. He profiles a lot of material from his own labels of course but is always including selections from other labels also, the balance being about 50/50 - if he likes it, you'll hear it. In my search for a trance podcast to keep me current on the music I love, Solaris International is the one I look forward and return to every week.
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Matt Schantz
Better then all
PLEASE less talking!
Let me start by saying that solarstone is one of the best trance dj's out there. I love his continuous Dj mixes. Pure trance at Beachclub fuel is by far one of most favorite trance mixes! Having said that... I absolutely HATE the talking on the show. Wayyyyyyy too much. Saying the name of the artist and the song sometimes twice. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just list the artist/song names like other shows so we can enjoy a beautiful trance mix without ANY interruptions. Maybe 30 sec of talking in the beginning and 30 sec at the end to close the show. I'll come back in a month and listen again. I would love to give 5 stars.
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Absolutely brilliant
'Nuff said
Great radio show!
A great podcast for those of us who appreciate real trance music. He sticks to the roots of the genre and he likes it PURE
Filled with that beautiful uplifting trance that can cause goosebumps to appear on the skin and tears to well up in the eyes. Perfect. Pure. Trance.
Always the best...
Solaris was one of the first podcasts I began listening to back in 2009 and it's seem a part of my rotation. Awesome music, great vibe and more importantly...consistent. I appreciate the hard work given each week to this podcast. Never any drop-off. LOVE IT. Thank you Solarstone!
great but...
really good selection, i love it. the bad / ugly = the songs do not have markers, like armin's a state of trance. i wish solarstone would do that. it will def help in keeping track of where i was. really hard to skip through
Great podcast, excellent music!
Love Solarstone! And the chitchat too! That's what makes it so fun and different. Better then some streamed anonymous trance thump thump thump with no character Keep up the good work, a big fan!
I have spent hours listening all podcasts of trance music, it is great, love UK accent, very nice, great musik, is a non-stop party. love it. now i have over 10-hours party. Thanks to solaris international.
Good but too much talking
I know it's a radio show and not a mix but rich goes beyond just Iding songs. Sometimes I get so angry when he interupts a song to tell me about what he can see outside his window and other silly things I enjoy his progressive selections and guest mixes. I have to say I don't enjoy Robbie s as much, plus his accent is horrible. So overall, good show but too much pointless yapping
One of the best ways to hear great new trance
I know there is a lot of talking, but after listening to lots of other radio shows and mixes every week I kind of find it refreshing. I like being informed what I am listening to and don't mind some of the random chatter. Anyways, it is definitely a great track selection and great respect to Solarstone, Agnelli and Nelson, and the Solaris & Insatiable labels. :) Good stuff. Keep it coming. Check out Electronic Architechture as well, stellar
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Great way to discover new tracks
I'm normally very put off by chatting in trance sets, but Robbie is funny and to the point (I've never heard the mythical Agnelli though). His taste is spot on, digging out some gems I would never have found otherwise, like Poison Pro/Empty Inside, and you can tell he's enjoying himself. It does sound like he's been forced to do the "It's not what we usually play, but we like it anyway" feature at gunpoint by Solarstone, but the chillout track at the end is always a nice surprise!
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The music is good, but you talk way too much during each song. Just let the music play. I find the podcast to be very annoying!
Bradley Paris
Very Good Radio Show, see my review for other recommendations!
I do prefer the title of the current track to be displayed during the current song like many others. But it's not too hard to find the name of the song I've heard during one of these podcasts. I prefer more uplifting trance and this podcast usually foot's the bill. Other favorites are Gareth Emery, Galen Behr, Store N Forward, Above and Beyond, and would be Armin Van Burin if the whole episode was available as a podcast.
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Best EDM Podcast
Best eclectic mix of trance, progressive and house music. In addition, there are many new genres of music that are blended seamlessly by Solarstone. Alternate episodes hosted by Rich are my favorite =) I liked the old name (Deep Blue Radio Show) better..
I have heard a bunch of different podcast and online radio.... I have never heard anything quite as amazing like the solarstone podcast. Nice progressive,trancy,techno beats. The music is good the lenght it good, everything is good.
Great show
All around good podcast.
Great show!!!
Yeah so it's not ASOT ... but it's a great 2 hour show each week to put your feet up and chillax. What more could you ask for!?! Top notch stuff.
Introduces a lot of good, new tracks
I've been listening to Deep Blue for a long time and when they talk it is not overshadowing the music. I appreciate Solarstone informign me what the last three tracks were or who they were by. I used to listen to the show on etn.fm and have since downloaded the podcast becasue I cannot get streaming radio at work now. This show introduces a lot of artists I might not otherwise get to hear. The shows are typically filled with really good tracks. I keep the best of their shows on my iPod outside of the podcasts and do not have any of their shows rated any less than 3 stars. I do prefer Solarstone over Agnelli & Nelson.
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Marshal Dillon
Good, give it a shot... 3.5 Stars
The reason there's a lot of talking is because it's not a MIX show... It's a Radio Show built around informing the listener as to what they just played (or what will be played). Hence they do things like "Deepblue Exclusive" and "3 in a Row" then talk for a minute. They switch off every week, but I noticed I like to listen to Rich's (of SolarStone) podcast more than Agnelli & Nelson. Solarstone does the ODD number, while Agnelli & Nelson does the EVEN podcast. I like to listen to this as a change of pace now, I used to listen to them all the time, but for a quality podcast, I listen to Tiesto's Club Life. Club Life is an "Enhanced Podcast" that actually displays the tune being played at the current moment and cover art with the song ID. There's a lot of good Exclusive tunes on the Deep Blue Radio Show (they were the first play Aly & Fila's "Why"), so take a few listens to the radioshow before you pass on it...
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V Man27
to much talking
I agree way to much talking. Shut up and just play the music. This would be a good show if the guys would just keep there mouths shut and play the music. Needless to say i will not waste my time again downloading there podcast.
Annoying show
I would consider myself an avid trance music listener. I like tuning into a good Internet radio station on a regular basis. When I saw that Solarstone and Agnelli & Nelson had their own podcast I was excited cause these artists produce and mix some great songs and sets. In the first 5 min. of listening to their podcast I was growing increasingly annoyed due to the EXCESIVE audio inserts and show ID's such as: This is the deep blue radio show, 3 in a row, solarstone, agnelli & nelson, and some more I’m sure. This continued during each and every song that they played. Call me picky but when I listen to music I want to listen to the music and not have any interruptions. Needless to say I don’t listen to them anymore. I’ve found that Andy Moor's Podcast doesn’t have any of those annoying interruptions. Maybe if the deep blue radio show stops interrupting the songs so much I'll listen again.
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